And Though We Fade Away by Cameron Gray Here We Divide by Cameron Gray photo fade building by crumpy06 Getsuga Tenshou by AlexKramer You've Got a Big Heart by cooljules You faded my Heart.... © by JUSTART Her solid fade by LjMaxx Elk Song by Zeke Tucker Our Fingerprints Never Fade From The Lives We Touch! - Tiger Butterfly NZ by AndreaEL Immerse Your Soul In Love by Jamie Harrington Our Fingerprints Never Fade From The Lives We Touch! - Butterfly T-Shirt NZ by AndreaEL Astrocat Fade by zbrewington We have hands as good as drunk swallows to hug the blue and fade as we fly. by ptica My Love For You Will Never Fade by missmoneypenny Life goes on… by Naf4d …and then the light of dappled hue embodied… we shake our cloth / upon the breeze / in earth shine now / a heart appease. / friendship’s left / our night is done / count the emp… Not Fade Away by SquarePeg Desiderata by Roz Barron Abellera Roses may fade, and time may past... by Qnita Ichigo Shadow by AlexKramer Life goes on… iCase by Naf4d Kiss by TalBright cupid - fade remix by sadmachine wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. To Thine Own Self Be True by Roz Barron Abellera FROG Faded by DJ2012 Sparkle & Never Fade by jayheart Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… Fading away - Everlasting flower by Kell Rowe how long till I fade? by Eranthos Beretta Howl at the Moon by cooljules Hockey MOM by mojokumanovo Faded Love by Maria Dryfhout Slowly fade away.... by Bob Daalder Rose On The Grey. by ThePigmi The Sea She kissed my feet and / Blew bubbles around my ankles Grey #9 by gjameswyrick Angel Kitty by Rebekah  McLeod Untitled by gjameswyrick And love will fade by 1chick1 Love is Free by mothermoth Bold Love Fading Beauty  by Bree Ammerman fading in your thoughts I feel you near, my love / Like promises stolen from / My palms as I shake the / Beatific residue / For it is not ok to be here / Within… Time by alice drogoreanu 'Fade into You' by Jerry Kirk A rose by Rachel Counts Fade with me into the Fiery Sky by J. D. Adsit Waiting waiting to be found, or to fade away into darkness. / in the light of the moon i stare and wait. / a glimering of hope lingers in my heart,… Her Love Will Never Fade by Elizabeth Burton A Thousand Dreams If I had A Thousand Dreams / They’d only be of you / If I had A Thousand Dreams / I’d want them to come true / Being held in yo… Not Fade Away by BobbiFox confusion I was, I used to be, thinking back my spine held me upright before but now my veins are disappearing with their lack of blood flow and my e… Vein on Bone by Adrena87 beginnings I wonder what it looks like, / this forest that is too far in the distance / to distinguish the shape leaf or / number of trees. I wonder … Faded away by Rachel Counts Lines fade over time I bled / right there in front of you Vacant She stares into space, the room gets bigger, and she becomes discouragingly smaller… Don´t let the love fade away by ballonblanc Fade by Adrena87 Regret Maybe there was something. / I could change. / Something I should have done. / A word spoken. / An embrace I held back. / Revealing I was y… our love did slowly fade by Vida Carson Of Fleeting Memories  by leapdaybride Love Is Love And Not Fade Away by Michael May Pessimism Remains by Rezoanratul Cracks In The Pavement by Adrena87 Fading by CheyenneLeslie Hurst WORLDS APART in different realms / worlds apart / although i love you / you cannot have my heart / wanting to run / i always return / wanting someone el… Slate by Adrena87 If I Should Fade And if I should fade tomorrow / who would remember me? colours of night fade away in the light of day by ashwita Cookie Cutter You are all the same, / I could have made you in my mother’s kitchen. / You’re as malleable as dough, / you’re as tie-abl… My love for you will never fade by © Betty E Duncan ~ Blue Mountain Blessings Photography Steampunk Paper Roses will Never Fade by Lisa Knechtel Fading Love by Paul Hovan Echoes Fade echoes fade and the love remains… The Lovers Fortune by Sarah Horsman Vintage Roses by friendlydragon Horse whip shadow by Jadetang faded by leapdaybride halftone heartblue fade by venitakidwai1 I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. Kurt Cobain by maddieVictoria Surreal Naruto glowing edges by Yitzhach Surreal Naruto fade by Yitzhach fingerprint by shoshgoodman I see you - fading by ahhksmezz be the best by mojokumanovo More colors :D by henryhf Bubble Gum by AliAbdulhadi Bubble Gum (Gradient Edition) by AliAbdulhadi I Remember by chelseasometime Fade away by Teejay Adams Vanishing Boyfriend by Aiden Malecky Purple Fade Rose by Jussi Lovewell Fade Into Feathers by sanitynotfound The Fading of the Light Look within / It’s never truly over, / When we can begin again / The beacon’s always beckoning, / Look back at where you’… Ride Love's Rainbow by Babiihaire92
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