fishbowl eyes her mascara streams down her face, like leaking octopus ink and I wonder what it tastes like the snow through your eyes i have trekked the snow / through your eyes / the cold precipice that hangs / low as the swan wings that / breathe essence to the deep / i… bewilderment – (chaos between heart and min… Could you find the balance between heart and mind / could you draw the line between them? Crystal Vision- By Keith Williams & Ushna Sa… across the universe / against the wind & dust / away from reality / under the burning mortal sun the steps of my shadow I’m walking here with nothing to hide / I’m feeling i m alike the clown that whom walking in the steps of my shadow / Empty e… Chocolate and Blue Eyes Lost at Sea Many, a many a time / he had taken his love to the sea / Where like children they played / With sea horses, dolphins, / Turtles and merm… a friend in need houses sonnets in their eyes Dearest Friend, / The hour is late and the dark light has shawled the cotton candy aura you left to protect my being. I am not frightened.… a simple tram ride It was a nervous tram. The ride was under the moon. Not one star. My lips felt new. A sentimental current flayed the sea, spreading bl… a love lived in a moment eyes watch eyes serendipity breathed a sweet and dangerous liberation / lifting the cloistering flesh veil / on the blue vein of her pain a mockingbird se… God’s eyes This sacred tear drop / fallen from the eyes of God / and filtered through the light of love, / holds within its micro world; / the brea… GENTLE STEPS go easy / walk the gentle steps THE BONES OF POETRY (part2) parched throat / peeling skin / final cries phantasmagoria the wind blew through gaps at the top and bottom of the door / the life dragged on interminably / a bone of contention between heart and mi… My Lord Carpathian They will protect the painter of eyes. Seeing You something gave way in his heart to me / today / I admit, / I had been waiting / I want him to know I love him / like a sister / a lover eve… Listen to my Eyes… Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds A THOUSAND THOUGHTS in a deep sigh / of acceptance / a thousand memories / release, MOTHER Graceful grays / and time honored wrinkles, / these are the sparkles in my eyes / when I look upon her face. In your eyes Turn to me / Let me see Humanity- Fight to Exist I revive my tears / I wanna fight to exist Just Can’t Believe My Eyes My therapist says that at times he’d like to see me spend some time institutionalized. DO YOU REMEMBER? watch you pass / in Time’s dim light / like petals of a dream climax I felt, your love is so rare Lean spell Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W… Brown eyes Molten chocolate lava / flows / from your eyes, / scorches / my throat, / drapes / around my heart and / sashays / like silk along my s… Eyes of Assisi Always when your eyes glide over to mine, / you peel away layers of lost years and / sentences left unwritten / wrapped around my throat. … Their Passionate Love… Underneath the starlit sky he reaches out for her, / Running one hand through her silky brunette hair / And with the other pulling her clo… Summer’s Kiss summer love is like no other love / you just glared at me silently / I can read / by the vagueness in your eyes / summer’s kiss is ov… I met a man today… His world was split in two… the colors of lightening He asked her / “Have you ever seen lightening / before it leaves the clouds?” Fire in her Eyes She was a two fisted fighter with a blood in her eyes and fire coming out her nose. Lipstick Suck it in and take the punch, / cave my heart and steal my air, / crack these ribs and sink it in, If we just close our eyes … and dream of ge… A genius he was / so I let him rub my belly and wish me. / …Transported / a dimly lit bar on the rue the jour. / Cobblestones that m… INVISIBLE INK…. (for Lisa’s birthday) where stories yet to be told / are written between the imprinted lines / with invisible ink, / seeping behind her eyes SURRENDER Your eyes, / a sea / of sparkling stars / hold time / suspended Fishing with Aboriginals {inspired by Pilgrim’s story of Hunting with Aboriginals} / We were camping at Doolena Gorge, a place somewhere in the North of Weste… The Sadness in My Mother’s Eyes She spent most of her life alone with three children. Close my eyes If I close my eyes will I dream a world… Will She Ever Know You know…..but an old love letter reflection on the surface of water was drowned / to go down into another substance through the surface / The little boat of love sank benea… Florentine Florentine had one hungry tear suspended in the corner of her eye. She determined if she should allow it to continue on its journey to p… When Tears Fall… tears, sadness, joy, happiness, acceptance, eyes, flow, ~ Faraway Eyes – my Christmas wish ~ ? PLEASE ALL OF YOU WHO READ MY WORDS / GIVE ME THIS CHRISTMAS WISH / PLEASE HELP ME HELP THEM! ? when i close my eyes when i close my eyes / i can see your face / next to mine / i can hear your heartbeat / my life is again divine / i hear your voice so cl… a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l… my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted snake eyes He had lucky dice cufflinks and gin breath. POET’S LAST SITTING he was found there / morning after / sitting naked hazard of the precedent lack of total vision / fastened with a lock / mind amputated / the survival of the fittest / plans for a success now lie in ruins / time… When Fog Sets Down So He whispers gently in our ear / Peace be still / open your ears and eyes to Me / I will guide you back to safety Panspermia implicitly or explicitly / between the wisdom and the faith / the seeds of life / panspermia — / literally seeds everywhere / or more than… Patricia So noble, beautiful too The you I knew Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns GROOVY SUNGLASSES He was the guy all considered hot / Maybe he was maybe not / His sunglasses were very cool / He wore them even in school / The girls gather… pieces of me pieces of me lying on the side of the road / my flesh is now shredded / by the footsteps of inhumanity / a heart which carried a song of l… Eyes of distortion Your skin is pale and your eyes are weak so you hold your hair back and make yourself beautiful again. Like Commas, Curled You said you wished you could see what it looked / Like when I blink. I said no one notices / When they blink. But I should’ve stopped at /… Visual Eyes… … liquid diamonds. War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… Open Your Eyes What do you see, world, what do you see? / Are you thinking when you are looking at me / A crabby old woman, not very wise / Uncertain of h… In the darkness of our eyes We might as well lay down  / Lay down to close our eyes / Creak close the cold reality,  / To imagine a secret surprise  / As the dark drip… Deception “I couldn’t resist the temptation to hold you.” / “Not as well as but i can understand your feeling its not easy to… war without end I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t… roses on the fire – children has killed by … let stop that fire / stop the War please! It’s In the Eyes It’s in the eyes / Have you seen? / Have you looked? / Taken a chance / The darkness / The brooding / The pain / The love (or lack of it) /… THE BOOK OF LIFE arms laden with masks / paper thin / and transluscent / pages of my delusions Through the windows of her eyes… In the solitude of night, / comes drifting, / the long haired beauty, / silhouetted by the moon, / stars shine from her eyes, / like pixie … Behind My Eyes You will live / In the place behind my eyes insignificant walking solemnly / shoulders slightly drooped / her corn colored hair / hung loosely around her face / her torn jeans / her wrinkled shir… Falcon: The Story Because my littlest kitty cat is a cat with such a dramatic start of life, I thought it would be appropriate to make a writing for him, my … ECOLOGICAL BALANCE do we deserve to survive / do we need re-establish the ecological balance Her eyes followed me where ere I went Her eyes they followed me / Where ere I went / to stop only  / at the moment spent / Where clocks stood still / And time was buried / Where… Love Enhanced I touch your lips and feel them quiver / I smell the scent that you deliver / I hear you breathe and feel you shiver / I taste the salt as … Falling Sometimes you reach a place, / like someone’s eyes, / or a landscape of rare beauty, / and there, inside, you fall. / If the ache … Beyond Life – By Keith Williams & Us… I can’t see / so i’m denying reality / faith a mere formality / belief / I can’t see! Rival U can / snatch my / EYES / from me / but / u cant / Steal / My dreams / From / My EYES summer night skies in your eyes mmmmmm….. / i have a burning crush on you / baby / the summer in your eyes makes me / crazy / the scent of wild honey dreaming / maybe / th… mystical my eyes roamed to heart / I saw the sun blazed down from a clear blue sky / the garden blazed with colour / and in the blaze we go Through the Eyes of a Child Through the eyes of a child / is seen wonderments and / amazing scenes to relish and / ponder upon. The Intensity Of Her Stare She stands counted amongst her sister / firmly rooted, she never strays / She bears witness to the coming and goings / accounting for each … Locked Away Why did I let things get so bad…how could this happen to me? / I’m a prisoner kept locked away inside my life, in a mental cell, held capti… The Time Has Come: A Sonnet to those of Emerson, … for are they collaborating, in order to purge upon us from that crimson abyss, as the sun descends hither? Headlock: Inertia (Mature) To see this world with different eyes To see this life with different eyes… / On a rainy day, / it happens to me, / that I start to complain. / There is no sun, there is just… /… Sunshine… Your Love, / It trickles / Through my body / Like the water in a stream / Together we are a melody, / With you and I; the theme / The beaut… Eyes of Copper When those copper eyes / Of liquid bleeding hearts / Stare into my midnight face / They clutch at my soul / With tiny gold-laced fingers My Eyes For You Will Never Die We will meet and hold in the dark the spell of time – by Ushna Sardar & K… that we can waste our lives / searching for serenity / serenity could be inside you / you just need to discover yourself first A SIMPLE QUESTION Do you know who you are? As She Dances As she dances in the rain / the sweet dance of angels / she lets the cool water / soak down to her skin / not a care in this world / from a… I WANT SPRINGTIME TO LEAP OUT OF YOUNG PEOPLER… I want springtime to leap / out of all young people’s eyes, / something fresh / something implacably joyous! Eyes wide shut! Eyes wide shut! / I watch, / contented to observe / a fraction of the world, / resting, / peacefully, / upon this crippled orb, / through f… ECSTASY- LOVE’S RELIANCE that love was flowing swiftly through our veins Abstract Art Show July 3rd! Hey everyone, / I’ll be showing my new Abstract Art Prints at the Starbucks in Fremont for their Art Walk and for all of July. / Here… conundrum I don’t know how people live without love! Eyes That See Unbelievably, it had happened again. From the Fields of Forever ~ Into Creator’s… Standing with green hands outspread, a chain of childhood memories for thy head…
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