WHAT I REPRESENT ………..(KOLLAB W… MARKEZZACKUI / . / RICARDO PEREZ JR. / . / TRENCHTOWNROCK ALWAYS HERE & IN THIS COLD WORLD ALWAYS HERE / i am here – i am there / sometimes i feel like i am everywhere / for him, for her, and her, and them / i am always here… Noble silence our words are dancing, / so is our silence. Woman without a face You pester me sleeping in blood bruised again / biting the eye of the maggot apple / wall to wall in corners / sleeping in the taste of bad blood / saving for a tic… On the writings of another Take my hand and we’ll not be afraid as we jump off the cliff of reality; expression and imagination will break our fall. Fear of Expression It hurts / to write the words / that make their way / slowly and painfully / from my hand to the page A Creative person finding her Expression.. ..Expressing the self that I am in all that walk in. / In all that I know and in all that is coming to me, / for me to be free and allowin… Yay You! Favorite yourself Play it Again, Jack ") jack in my heart of hearts you babe are MY / SUPER deluxe fantasy The Language of Mudawups They’re better than science fiction chameleons. All in the name of Let it rain Times Toll Locked beneath, / Elixir of life / Essence of woman / Enshrouding fire, / Passion, strength, / Skills of enigma, Shatter Did they see me shatter? / Feel the splinters, / Of my very soul; / Rain down upon them? / Shining crystalline beads, / Reflect brilliant l… Together We Shall Live Forever Sonnet inspired by Christina Rossetti: “death be strong, yet love is strong as death.” ‘The Flip Side’, creative minds, word… “I want to be all that I am capable of becoming…” – Katherine Mansfield. Tears Tears… Q. Why Am I Here? just wondering Life by the Window I could have not spoken / And faded with the light MAYBE ITS TIME TO UNDRESS YOUR VOICE Maybe its time to undress your voice: / to take off that sheer gown of ingratitude, / to slip the panties of squeamishness down your legs. Realms within a Face Realms within a Face / What is in a face / nothing to do with your looks / does’nt matter how young / or how old you really are / wha… Denial In the time is of the essence / We found our thoughts are swirling in a thousand vows endless / Truth less / hopeless / we couldn’t… Being a conscious Creative Expression I wrote this piece of writing to keep me in gauging within myself to know where I am coming from in life.. I am creating consciously or cr… The Life of Words. Words fall onto the page / casting shadows of meaning Who is the author…..really? Translators of the language of being Letters on the mirror Her calligraphy is filled with ribbons and bows, / Nobody comes to read or study them, A letter to my muse High and low I search for thee / the voice within that speaks for me / the only one who can truly express / the passion within this heart u… Burn I hope you can understand… / I dont understand… LUNA As the sun begins to set, my heart settles / The full moon rises, my body numbs / The sensation of female emerges / Bringing forth an enlig… Art & Poetry. And you listen to those words that make you sick / And gaze upon the art that makes you cry Break My Silence With Your Sound Fill my silence with the / sound and colour of you. / Does removing the mystery / eradicate ones power to allure? / Do we then lose our pow… silently… lines toy with textures Within My Cage of Bones I pushed the emotions / Down / Gently guiding the moths / Of hurt inside / The cage of bones / Etched with words unsaid / And some of my es… I broke it! My father says life has this window… / with a film of darkness over it. Sell Yourself to Sell the Product …be honest to your product, passionate about your ability and straightforward in your mannerisms… Set Ablaze never before having been… / truly THIS naked… Different People aren’t meant to lead norma… Must not lose my focus amidst this numb routine of / riding amonst the expressionless to work on the Sydney System. / My novel still calls.… Listen Sometimes words can’t convey, / the depth of living. Face Eternal. The face, a luscious landscape / undulating symmetry of form Drift. The sediments of my bloods wasteful tides settle on your depths / where the eyes innermost expanse is infinite Where Are We? This planet is inhabited by very strange creatures… Blue Chords on a Blue Guitar The music rising, falling / Sweet familiar bitterness / Lingering notes of blue / Fall slowly on his shoulders / Ghosts of strummed blue ch… DriftR I never come into shore… / for this long… Expression One… GLOW her skin radiated with a heightened bloom Expression I’ve withdrawn myself / Incomplete / Moist from your exposure / Your residue glazed / Like the syrupy words flowing / From your mout… WHAT I REALLY THINK You start thinking, if I let them in, how will they use this? Or what if they don’t believe it?… To the old Bubblemail logo A story in draft, for my eyes only? A new vision of an ancient tale? Until tomorrow, then? No, let’s talk all night…. HOW DID I KNOW THAT WORD? I shake my head in wonder, how did I know that / It simply astounds me that that word came out of my thinking hat expression “Intelligent mind encased in a face / so stunning that my mind has floated in space” Dare to Believe Everybody, Knows,you can’t be all things to all can’t do all things at once…….. A Quieting. Translucent the bouquet of the senses Thank you… thank you… / for this… Bare Take my breath. / I don’t need it anymore. / Take my eyes. / I don’t see anymore. / Take my hands. / I don’t feel anymore… Just Playing the Waiting Game So you’re led into this space, / And they tell you there to wait, / And your minds completely numb, / So you dare not hesitate. You are all now protected from Me. Original Message——- / >From: Rhana Griffin <> / >Sent: Oct 12, 2008 3:49 PM / >To: roughske… Life Support You are so addictive. / My own personal brand of ecstacy. / Without my daily dose / I feel nothing but cravings / You make me feel electric… Forgive Me… …and be pleased. Thoughtful Expression Speak, Dip your tongue in honey / Let it drip from your palette onto the canvas / a lonesome girl who seeks some service / some gentle cush… Creativity …Some RB Artists? Continuous dra… Red Bubble is not reality tv…some emotional pieces are a welcome release to artists but Red Bubble should not be a daily 24 hr broadc… new found clay?… this fine, fine day… Sunshine Relentlessly… / as these masks… / ALL our masks… / are stripped… ~ ~ COLORS OF YOU ~ ~ waterfall of expression….warm like cocoa…melting…glowing Whack your back Jack…….Ad-creep creeping cr… Freedom of expression….heavy duty depression….Ad-creep creeping creeps…. ColdLambFlesh… EYE am still… / READY… / to leave… / anytime. Free Expression Free Expression / now / autumn again / night / hymned by / blackbird / pulsating in / deepening / shadows, / touch / of cold… / think… breaking the seven wands flying’s for angels / who break all the rules Eye see you… give chase… / & take blood… / & time… My Heart (Age and Pen) Mind… Holding Heart… Resounding Ring heart soars… / thru waves… / of fear Fissures How harshly I feel this pain / That leaves invisible scars / Down the path of my faults / The earthquakes of guilt and fear / Making feckle… Journal. I wish you could pick me up and hide me away from what’s hurting me and what’s making me cry, / even though sometimes that thin… The Sun Children may the will of your heart, your mind, and your soul / coincide with your body / and may your God bless you everyday / and as each breath i… expressive force passion’s red rapids / carve canyons through stone hearts like / hot knives through butter My first real expression of anger (Mature) ResonanceWhole What this whole thing is…. / IS…… / WHAT IS THIS WHOLE THING?? BlindSight all still… / despite this… / MADNESS… Rise and Fall In a violet valley, I was a white dove. / I tried to warn you / but you already love. / In an empty existence, I was on center stage. / I t… inner thoughts Creates the chance for osmosis. Empty souls then have the chance to become positive souls dreamer… …my dream come true, / was just another dream… WHY I WRITE POEMS… It is my escape / From my daily rape… The Expanse. ………..I find myself lost in it, there are too many cracks in it’s desert floor, / I’ve fallen through more tha… “inking out & living” thoughts plan an escape / “we’ll compress then we’ll expound — / quick, through that pen hole” Rise Above This world of facts and chances, / Just fills your heart with fear. STONES HIT HARD Sticks and stones may break my bones… bricks building up…. better and honorable way… / Pfft, just read it, lol : ) ItR… spontaneous expression flows got their mind on their own exposure? / it could get a little dangerous, hot around the ears, / and this planet’s waiting to be heard… connection without some work of your own hands be it wood, metals, earth or paint, camera, or fiber arts, i am sure this world would give no meaning o… Haiku (my guilty pleasure) Earthy plants / sun on hair / Toy boats rocking / Make me smile My Black Saturday it was dark and I stood there frozen staring at the blue and red lights flashing on top of the fire truck, they would flash over and over a… Part one through to four ‘The Lady of Shallot’ by Alfred Tennyson. / Lines of it I’d share with you, / But understanding is not your virtue. Art Art is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket Art Warrior Just when you have had more than any adversary could bear… / I will paint you with your dog, both sniffing the air… Down in the woods Down in the woods, / There I dance, Art Abandon me not You’re a passion that uses me, / In every sense of the word, A Pen to Parchment It saves me from myself. An Expression Mess He searches for words he can’t find / To express feelings he can’t express / Until it reaches a certain point / Where they can no longer be…
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