Journey home to me, I will rise Been trapped in other people’s world / I got lost along the way SUNLANDER EXPRESS i wrote this after a trip by train from Brisbane to Mt Isa …just my thoughts / Have you ever tried sleepin’ in a sittin’ … Dad I could tell you every day / how much “I love you” because it is true / but I would like to write a poem / made with love; fr… …………..MIDNIGHT EXPRESS… SKY / PITCH / BLACK, / TRAVELING WITHOUT A TICKET, SOARING WITH NEW WINGS Bird Express From the startled blue sky, the bird appeared. / Dropping letters into our box. Simple at first. Vagrant Express A homeless man on the train went crazy. / Interestingly, he went crazy at me. / Go on boy, tell them …. Tell them I did it. / He threw his … Long Weekend i just write what i see…. The Day the light went out of the world. I believe you are in the brightest of lights, in the greatest levels of heaven where you belong out of this God forsaken place. The 11:17 Express Unfeeling the frosty January wind that ripped at her face, Jessica raced down the well worn steps that led to the train platform. / In her … STONES HIT HARD Sticks and stones may break my bones… bricks building up…. better and honorable way… / Pfft, just read it, lol : ) ItR… An Expression Mess He searches for words he can’t find / To express feelings he can’t express / Until it reaches a certain point / Where they can no longer be… Pineapple express………… Stoned again!!!!!……….. Where the problem really lies? ( an open letter f… Occupy Wall Street, listen, you are in the wrong spot if you are REALLY looking for a real Change. Occupy Capitol Hill, and you will see a … Things can change if you make it so… So interminable was that night / That a life time later / I fumble around / For words to express my fright. The Moonshine Express I ask her if hell was a swear word. She said it depends on who I was telling to go there. The Lonely Night Express Time passes slowly / As this feeling of loneliness consumes her / These last few years / Things aren’t what they once were / She look… Walter and the 5.08 Express It wasn’t that Walter was a clock-watcher as such, with all that term implied – he felt he had a sound work ethic – but he did keep a… no pony express how can it be tomorrow Now / how can last night’s moon / be gone so soon / how can I distance myself / from our last kiss / I do not… “Polar Bear Express” ‘Polar Bear Express’ / To arctic shore / Blue ribbon / Life core. / In comfort / Dwarfed trees / Cold frost. / Trappers not tr… The Fit write your critiques do your worst / i don’t care come quench my thirst / hurt my feelings pain my pages / tatter my confidence shatt… “To Express love, say nothing.” “To Express love, say nothing.” / Never stop singing for me. / Your voice is the light, / and your words the road, / that guide… it’s hard to express to ya’ll i’… . Express Train I am suddenly becoming aware of just how much I allow myself to become robotic in my everyday activities. I know I rush through life like a… Express I express my feeling;’s I hear laughter. Its like I no longer matter. My heart hurts my tears fall. Nothing I do matters at all. My h… EIGHTEEN WHEELER EXPRESS I drove an eighteen wheeler, / And was gone six weeks at a time. / Longing to see my kids and wife, / Their picture in my cab was fine. / I… Speak Freely Speak freely / Without censorship or limitation / Seek, receive and impart information / Voice your opinion / Without impediment / This is… An Open Letter To Channel 5 I would like to congratulate you for implementing the return of the remarkably talented Vanessa Feltz to our television screens. Express. What do you feel? / Tell us in 500 words. / We really want your voice to be heard! / You have one minute. / If they don’t get…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of express writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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