She had only ever wanted to be noticed We met by sunlight chance. / Year’s had bled into each other; we’d neglected to see each other’s reflection as we walked through time. / … “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If… Dear Clementia, / A man newly fashioned out of catcher in the rye driftwood, nurses a stoic solider lip, quivering. His name is known by a… For any woman who has ever felt (or been) broken freedom is my burning right / in opposition to your strings / i still breathe / you cannot take my skin / and stretch it further than its b… Have you Ever ? Have you Ever?… Have you ever watched a young person die? Have you ever watched a young person die? / Watched them go by inches? / Way before their time? HAVE YOU EVER Have you ever danced naked / on the tip of a flame / or skipped on ripples / of a butterfly’s wake MY EVER AFTER I am a book / With a once upon a time / And an ever after / Lined with so many others / In the library of Uncertainty / Under the section o… Ever-Queen She said – “my sweet – love is slippery”… Ever since The first one / Black ice on night we were running sprints / Back then it was as if all of time and space / Made no difference / And th… Will She Ever Know You know…..but O Life, Give me a hug… O Life……. / Give me a hug / O dear life…… / Give me a hug / For every pain / Offered by you……. / For ev… My Ever After (Rondeau) Into the ocean depths I dive / In wonder of things meant to be / A love that seems so lost in life to me / Into the waters I release the pa… Didja Ever Have One o’ Those Days? This was the day from hell, born on the wings of the Devil himself. And the chains lay loose at the soles of my feet,… weightless / chains off / wind / smiling / eyes closed / breathing / home / through my mouth; / my face warm / with autumn / sunlight, / … What Artist is ever Happy? What artist is ever happy? / They’ll think something wrong / If I smile / So I just write and think / With bluesy thoughts a while. / Whil… EVER FELT A word / Makes everyone smile / A needle point, / Fresh air, / An emotion; noticed / With a sentence; / Then happiness of a drop / In the h… Ever so slightly Ever so slightly, / life is kissing us and we learn to kiss back Have you ever been kissed by Africa? Have you ever seen Africa / Under a bright moonlight / Have you ever heard the soft touches / Of her river as it gently washes her body? / … THE BEST LINK I HAVE EVER FOUND Heres great insight into whats making each day of your life what it is. / AND YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IN IT.. / [Video] Nothing Ever Lasts No friends now do I have, alone am I so long. / My words are true and my strength is weak, this will be my very last song. MY life in a jar of swirling ever lovin feelings … I am bleeding / colors of black / light and gray and then the green sweeps in like she does / Earth / I don’t care much for earth to… No Title Could Ever Fit What Happened… you don’t have to be scared like me… just right you know it’s right / when you feel / that little click / on the final notch / when the tumblers / all fall down What ever happened too Arturo Bandini? Oh the dust / that gathers within / ones thoughts, / on the tip of ones pen, / where do I begin, / my imagination / lingers on the brink … If ever…………. If Ever…… / there was a time to hold someone to your breast / to console after war / to encourage at the moment of pressure If Ever If ever you want to / See how much I want you / I’ll give you everything.. / If ever you need to / See how much I need you too.. / Te… When If today had never come, / tomorrow we would never see. / Yesterday would last forever / and no future would there be. What Ever! This site isn’t what it use to be! You may not see me on here anymore. Like it even matters. Have you ever felt the cold my dear Have you ever felt the cold my dear / when the light goes from your eyes / Have you ever felt the chill of fear / when your heart turns int… With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… Cinderella Ever After Little girls of a certain time and place / invariably dreamed of being princesses – / always beautiful, always loved. Do You Ever Think of Me? “black horses, white knights / But when the day breaks, I rise to grey and grey, rain pitter-pattering on the windows" will we ever? I see the brilliance, / Of the world / Through dusty eyes / Midnight skies / I stand atop / This thawing land / I search beyond / Normality… Ever Hold Us O Gentle Abba, our Father above, / How we need Thy tender love. / So oft we fail to come to Thee / When You are all we really need. / Inste… Do You Ever ? Do you ever wonder / Why you were picked / To be the one / To be you? / Was it something bad / You once did / Or something good / You did n… The Largest Moon There Ever Was I drove straight into the moon one night, / The largest moon there ever was! Don’t Worry, You Were Crazy Long Before This: The… There was a thermo-nuclear event; my brain was in full revolt. Unfortunately, the full effects had not nearly fully elaborated its shock wa… What girl ever dreamed of prostitution? (Mature) Have you ever asked God for forgiveness? I was having a chat to the all in my thinking and I stumbled on the idea that I was asking it for forgiveness for all my transgressions. / … WHO EVER REALIZED ? He started by being nice, / Then,slowly , / One reflection lead to an other, / She never did anything right, Ever Shrinking Violet… At the top of the hillied meadow / A shrinking wilting Violet / Weeps / De-flowered / Two foot below sits / A red faced boy / Whispering I… If you ever loved someone, you will need to watch… My best friend is trying to help save my life / the official link can be found here / or here / [Video] / I have been progressively gettin… Have You Ever? Have you ever extended a hand to help and feed someone , only to draw back bloody fingers for your efforts and good will? / Have you ever g… And They Lived Happily Ever After She asked, “do you love me?” / To which he replied, / “What do you think?” / She sat back and sighed / She thought… Ever Had a Press Release About You?! Standing on stage alongside her fellow contestants for the final result, Heather was preparing to congratulate the winner when she heard he… release. i really like how i replaced you with me… (Mature) Do I ever Do I ever stop / To tell you / Of how / How very much / Your loved I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had Today I lost my Friend,my companion / Under the snow and earth he’ll stay / To rest until Heaven’s gate. … Gliding ever so slowly towards each othe… As the moon glimpsed upon / the oceans horizon, a carpet / of moonlight shimmered / along the incoming tide, / Our souls rose above our / … The Purest Love Ever Known Love was found in a little manger in a lowly stable, and then love grew to be a man. / Love was found in a few loaves and fishes, in the wi… Best Sister Ever! yesterday at my sister’s work, / the big bossy boss settling the troops, / a big box of donuts to help the medicine go down, / thank … Have you ever… and you know what it feels like… Have you ever lived in a cage? A cage whose walls were open / And whose lid was sky so blue / And the only one who had the key / Was the one & only you? If You Should Ever Give Me Flowers Spend your time, not your money. / Gather what you find according to the season / and I will treasure what you bring me, always. This (for)Ever Dawning Moment… This (for)ever dawning moment… / connecting the night and day / of Consciousness. Physicists, Seekers of God. or: if Particle A lea… You are not a force external….. Ever get the feeling that you wanted to go..? (l… Do you mind if I sit here for a moment? / It’s a bit hectic out there… / Thank you. / Don’t mind me. / We don’t hav… Walking Ever In His Glory ( Salt Of God’s E… A Reflection Of Boundless Grace, / Available To You, For You… / We Are The Salt of His Earth / We Are His People … / The Messengers!!! If Ever… I Could Dream Love Dreams Hope Ever So Gently. One of the most Beautiful things we can do for our friends… Will I Ever Find the Peace The day they came down, / The world as I knew it continued it’s silence in the loudest roar, outrage, fear… / It wasn’t k… First ever sale I would like to thank ther person who bought “Cowgirl Ballerina” from the bottom of my heart. It is such an amazing compliment… Spiciest Storie ever bean toll’d Whoa Now! This story is supposed to be of Basil and Rosemarie and so the storie returns back to them. Basil and Rosemarie weren’t to… WHO EVER REALIZED ? I never realized, / Some one would say, / When one day, / She was found, / Hanging, / At a pole, / Outside, / Next to the graveyard, / A… Happily Ever After A group of kids either side of the doorway threw confetti in her face and I got some shots of her smiling bravely everything i ever wanted was lined up right outsi… i wish i was / and then i am I am as Death I am as death, gliding through the night, footsteps unheard. Does a compass ever lie? To escape this white winter landscape / Is to travel NORTH to where your ice-melting sun rises Will We Ever Learn… Essence is the moment / That time we are forever / A garden of now being / Fruit stays ripe and full / Feeding—a supernal / Hunger, discard… Cutest Thing Ever My heart / My soul Our first ever, real life kiss My thoughts / Move like a first love mockery / All legs, arms / And questionable stains Where Ever you are… between Earth’s name of Mother / aRise, I call – a New Dawn… The ever-changing oneness of the light The ever-changing oneness of the light / from day to day— / This is what it’s all about Almost the shortest poem ever… (only one mo… I / AM / HERE. / l.kAYE 2010 EVER than better …because forever must be better……….. The worst game show answers ever Quiz Presenter: In what year was President Kennedy assassinated? / Contestant: Erm… / Presenter: Well, let’s put it this way &#… “When Will We Ever Learn?”… … yes sun, wind, & water. / … no nukes. / ! Will I Ever Trust Again For all the pain , / You caused me will you ever see? In my little hurt, I salute you Was I ever Daddys Little Girl? things come to light when your old enough to know the score, / When no one cares if you’re protected anymore, / And so out comes the … Good to see you sharp as ever, Bruja. The weeds between the cracks in the paving reached up and entangled the mans feet. He went down in a heap and I piled on top of him moments… Have You Ever Been Lied Too, And Knew It Was A Lie I know the truth will come out. / I know the lie will be known. wanting touch (Mature) Ever so giving She wore red that day / It showed off her smile / And her rosy cheeks / Pleasant was her voice / Filled with love / To those around her / S… ever notice… how exactly the right thing / comes along / at exactly the right time / when you start to notice… Best Fruit Cake Ever Before you start, sample the whiskey to check for quality have you ever been sad? (Mature) Worst. Date. Ever. This was mine. Have You Ever – No Neither Have I Have you ever just had enough? / When for no reason things get tough / Where tears come without a cause / You feel a little choked inside /… If Ever If ever I was to be gifted with your ongoing presence in a relationship in this life. / I would search an eternity to find you in the Next. NEVER EVER (another song from RAS KDC) ANOTHER HOT SONG THE LYRICS ARE JUST FLOWING Have You Ever Believed In Ghost or Witchcraft? HAVE YOU EVER BELIEVED IN GHOST OR WITCHCRAFT? / By / Oscar Elizondo / Even though I am an adult now and don’t believe in ghost or wi… EVER WONDERED WHY PARENTS TAKE TO DRINK? EVER WONDERED WHY PARENTS TAKE TO DRINK? / The boss wondered why one of his most valued employees, had not phoned in sick one day. / Having… Happest Holiday Ever Happy Holidays 2009: 4-EVER Changed Remember me! / Celebrate my LIFE! / LIVE in LOVE~ / Sow seeds of HOPE; reap JOY! Yippee!!! My 1st ever sale. To be honest folks, I never really came back to RB to sell anything, but thanks to my latest watcher, namely riverotter, I have sold this /…
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