A Very Wet Dream (Mature) my knight, my sculptor, my slayer I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover Rough Sex tell me / why / i love to ride / on this razor’s edge / of desire (Erotic) Rapid oxidation tonight I am raging fire / inferno of lust / that stings / inside my animal skin / no fancy metaphors / to make it taste right / to make… Inhale! I’m going / to die now, / just / to become wind / And become ,,, masturbation (Mature) My Lust …your fingers draw masterpieces on my body, / wetting my skin and my apetite, … The Bouquet of Orgasms …the undulating and pulsating embrace that moistens our bodies and… / we are deafened by its amazing whisper! Secret Dance! (Mature) Water Symphony Swirling deeper and deeper into a place now; so comfortable so familiar. I am home. I know that I am smiling, even though I don’t conscious… Sweet Juice! My mouth tingles against your wetness and I lick my moistened lips, / catching every drop of your treasured gift. an appetizer His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar. HELEN AND THE MASSAGE THERAPIST: An Old-Fashione… (Mature) Helen: A Simple Old-Fashioned Erotic Tale ( Part … (Mature) “Love Me” He moaned against her chest, kissing her breasts softly while she squirmed beneath his lips. Enticement Her hair flows freely, looks like ravens / Guarding the tower of her nubile frame / Taunts and teases with every movement / Playing with de… Rain Song outside, the rain slips into snow / and hits the window / like little whispers / like your breath / in my ear Burlesque…. (Mature) Helen: The Horny Little Nurse ( A Simple Old-Fash… (Mature) Long For You I long for you to be in a safest place- / a room with summer breeze, / vitrage flying whips on my legs and feet / melting the color … Walk With Me … …we shall make love unimagined, / send blushing stars across endless skies, … The Lovers My naked thinking heart … Each Time We Touch… (Mature) Erotic Encounter With A Woman Undressing A Manneq… Nothing ventured nothing gained Intensity …as I move in her body / and swim in her flesh… Erotica – Designated Driver (Mature) I Think You Like This (Mature) hungry (M+) She slipped her fingers between parted balmy folds & permitted her slick agile tongue to examine her silky skin of her firm slender fin… Will You… (erotic) Will you peel my clothing away / Savouring every inch of my bare skin / Before your eyes / Or will you eagerly fumble / Tearing, snatchin… Interrogation (Mature) Helen: A Simple Old-Fashoned Erotic Tale(Part Two… (Mature) beg (M) the extra tension he felt brought him so close to the edge of climax; he punched the mattress & begged her to stop… fluttering synths the way he undressed her / she even / forgot her nudity.. The Breakdown (Erotic Content) She couldn’t believe how heavy traffic had become, one minute she was zipping along quite nicely, until now, she had been trapped in … Goddesses Together I drank from her body and we became one, … I stand here tied (erotic) (Mature) Just a little tease… (mildly erotic) Handcuffed to the bedpost / whispers played in my ear / delicate kisses along my neck / fingers twisting in my hair. / Soft bites laid gent… Spank – Part I (Mature) sydney & astrid (erotica) (Mature) Jessica-Plumber Extraordinaire " ‘As simple as the libido’!" Hal fired back. “Doc, with all due respect, Freud would have you flayed alive.… Surrender (part 2) I will surrender, / and be without resistance for you. Erotica – Slow Day at Work (Mature) Its Raining Erotic Dreams Cool scents fill my senses and i sigh once again / This time envisioning you. / Curling my toes at the thought… of you. / The tinglin… Secret… wet… The Lady at the Wedding We meet at the wedding then had our own honeymoon Spank – Part II (Mature) Kiss me, want me, take me… Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine / An erotic dance of passing time / My heart’s racing as fast as yours / My body’s craving for … Surrender My love is yours for the asking… / but I like to hear you ask, / I like to see you beg Uniform…. (Mature) Fingers… … fingers encircle… Party preparations….! there was near disaster, however, when a feigned attempt, by the Cat, to tie a shoelace on her six inch heeled brogues, revealed more than… Warrior Wolf and Dancing Feather Moon …. So… Every creature, / Every critter of the night / Followed him in silence / Making sure he was safe / In his man form / Brother Owl, / Bro… Instant Chemistry Across the crowded room / she felt his stare / burn into her cheeks, / making her mind blush passion Honey. (erotic) When honey is sweet, / It flows thick with gold, / Sugary essence, / From nature’s fold. / I savour the taste, / Thick on the tongue,… ‘Tis Pity I’m A Whore (Mature) The taste of her… Sssh! / She whispered lightly, / A giggle on her tender lips, / Her eyes were filled with mischief, / As the girl sashayed her slender hip… KISS principle (Mature) Speaking in Tongues to wrap around your tender body…as i would my own mouth…with a sensual gasp as these lips part, / hovering over you. From Succubus (Mature) Lily …..there was a soaked Lily (still dressed!) and the Cat was dripping too! …. You Within you world becomes beyond / Without you space spins around Lady Of The Night Hair long draping her breasts TWO TINY LOVE LETTERS (Mature) EROTIC ADDICTION MENTAL MASTURBATION EXCRETING TABOO / THOUGHTS OF UNRESTRICTED ACTS TO DO. / EJACULATING SUBSERVIENT IMAGES TO SUBDUE. / ENDOWING FLACCID M… Raw reverie (erotic) I stand in the soul center / of your desire / cupping its fire / like flames in my palms / licking its core and tasting its heat / driving… Bedingungslose Hingabe…. (Mature) Her Secret Life.. (An Erotic Tale Pt. 1) Oh what a day, he thought to myself as he stood over the mess he had made. Hell, it wasn’t even 10 am yet, and he had completely laid… The Sunset Blue When the sky defines / The water of love’s mind … / I will enter you labour intense she’s working hard. / arched neck, flexed toes. / rocking, writhing, grinding. The Internet Cafe…. Part 1 (Erotic) The internet cafe was almost deserted.. it usually was this time of night, especially Sunday nights.. / She didn’t sit in her usual s… Slut Slut Sweet World Slut, slut / sweet world / you hold / goddess-like / in your palm very proud to be included in a Book collection… (Mature) Just a Taste (Mature) Petit Jouet We are not drugstore lovers. We are old pianos with dusty scratches on our legs; out of tune and missing keys. We are burned down houses, w… Drive ’67 Mustang hips / slung beneath / candy-apple red lips / She’ll drive you / She’ll drive you / She’ll drive you / wild in our apartment a woman looks into a mirror, becomes her own reflection. her eye a russian nesting doll. The witness The air was thick and humid, / A black and starry night.. / The clouds had not returned since winter, / The summer it was dry. / We sat tog… Wild Snow … A kiss so sensual that ,in that moment , each exchanged all the carnal knowledge of two lifetimes of hedonism….. Lost in you…(graphic adult content…er… (Mature) Original Sin so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist Sound, Body, Broken and Rendered Not for the faint of heart Cure for the Curse salty,sweet / sticking / lips to lips / and / limb to limb Erotic Games (Mature) Paying the bills.. (Erotic content) The night air hung sticky. It had been a warm day. The alley reeked of piss, the old wino’s used it as a bathroom. It could damn nea… Freedom – toxic and erotic. Dipped in genius and majick each cell a miracle in its massive unlikelihood. Cold Water I leant against the wall / As the cold water / Soothes the white hot heat and scorching / Caused by your touch and tender moments shared … Burns night…… ……Lily giggled then somehow slid herself over the head rest and joinded us, half naked, in the front – sat on the CatR… One (Mature) A touch. (erotic) What is in a touch, / A light and fluttered dance, / Of hand on silky skin, / So light to tickle arms, / So soft upon your breast, / A life… Mmmm. Slow moves, / Quick hands, / Soft touch, / Too rough, / Dizzy height, / Low to ground, / Silent moan, / Much too loud. / Hard embrace, / No… the storeroom (Mature) jazz-kitchen ginger cookies and slow-dance kisses Smell of ginger-chocolate-butter and your skin fills my head as your lips brush my shoulder In The Dark In the dark / There are mysterious pleasures / Erotic and sensual The line of her…(erotic) Allow the touch, / The lingering on skin, / Start at the shoulder, / Best place to begin. / Along the curve, / Down the arm, / Up and aroun… Never Again Never again will I think of myself / I will think only of you / I will think of your sexy lacy red panties / Stretched over your nicely sha… Volcanic Eruptions (Mature)
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