Vibration of Wonder by linaji Epiphany by Rebecca Wang Epiphany by Tatjana Blank epiphany by Rebecca Tun 'Even The Angels Wept' An Epiphany by luvapples downunder/ Norval Arbogast Epiphany! by Anji Johnston Epiphany Of Cosmic Consciousness by Antaratma Images Epiphany by Ash Sivils The epiphany of a soul The old story goes that when we die our soul goes / And ascends to the heavens above, but who really knows? / But I’m not concerned about… RUBY RED ROSE If you can find me a RUBY RED ROSE / I will lock you in my heart and never let you go / Hand it to me with your love and kisses / It is the… Your pain... by enchantedImages Epiphany  by Tori Snow Dariya - Being Alone With Men by branko stanic Epiphany by Marion  Cullen Epiphany by Asoka epiphany by michael scott Epiphany by Imogene Munday Epiphany by Nikolay Semyonov Epiphany by ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey Epiphany of a Soul  by S . ... as she returns by another route ...... by annamora "Swirl Epiphany" by Steve Farr Conversion therapy...epiphany or indigestion? by Incognita Epiphany by plunder Yuheaaarrh! by dave  gregory Epiphany or Serendipity?  by Ted Byrne Stars in the Sky by Malerin Sonja Mengkowski theca of momentary epiphany 17 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" epiphany by eon . Epiphany of Pain She walks on the air of indifference / gently gliding / over her anguish. / Silently suffering the injustices of fate / under the weigh… Epiphany  by VallaV The Cross of Honour for  Epiphany  by branko stanic On Lust I know why I have: lust, my favourite sin with its accompanying emotions SHH. I can’t take the silence anymore how loud can silence get? / it’s resounding in my ears / deafening me / SHH. Muse With careless daubs his heavy brush had faded her with sad tones and merciless shadow. It took him decades to clean off the soot and dust o… Inspired by Love A lighted veil with smoky balm incense has caressed my sore spots / yesterday I believe Persephone gave a visit / she reminded me I could … The Epiphany Suite lV - The Ascention by Norma Chalmers Hosanna (Conch shell) by dosankodebbie theca of momentary epiphany 38 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" 'Even The Angels Wept, An Epiphany', Titled Keepsake Card or Small Print by luvapples downunder/ Norval Arbogast epiphany by eon . The Light of Epiphany by Franklin Lindsey Epiphany - a Multi-Dimensional Perspective (Rouge) by EZGrant "Epiphany" by Helenka The Party's Over by Jennifer Rhoades Epiphany of Sorts The phone rang. It was Stephanie. I hesitated, but she was my friend. / “Holly? I have to talk to you. I’ve come to the realiza… The cupboard was bare except for epiphany bites What she knew was clear on the day the epiphany opened her mind to this view The Epiphany by Theodore Kemp The Epiphany Suite - ll The Baptism by Norma Chalmers The Jellyfish and The Epiphany by AlexanderNero "Epiphany" by Helenka Another day, another epiphany by alan shapiro theca of momentary epiphany 20 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" Epiphany by Vanessa Lauder Epiphany by Rebecca Cozart theca of momentary epiphany 19 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" Enchantress of the Magic Garden by Renata Cavanaugh Epiphany by Mark  Reep the rhetorical questioning (epiphany)  by Michael A. Morrison Afterwards I had no time to comprehend, no opportunity to step back and look at you obliquely, no chance to wonder what you really felt. The Epiphany Suite - lll The Crucible by Norma Chalmers theca of momentary epiphany 32 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" Battle cries, a triumphant goodbye, and one lette… B A T T L E . C R Y (to Satan) / You couldn’t successfully tempt me after my salvation / So instead you secretly nailed all these red herri… Epiphany of Pain (part two) He walks with an air of arrogance, / exuding his characteristic confidence. / Good looks and quick smile, / hiding, a disguise of lies. / S… epiphany by Heather King Epiphany by Nadya Johnson Divine Transcendence  by Nalinne Jones The Smallest Life… He looked for it; lifted his feet and scanned the gleaming sidewalk. He spun, full circle, searching for the smallest life that could feel … Apple by halo13del Michael Moore's Epiphany by atomikboy my first epiphany. i can’t believe… entering your world by Rachel Davison Epiphany for the archbishop by nickowen Epiphany by aprilann Winter bathing by mrivserg Baobab Dreaming by Damian Kuczynski Fat F***'s Existential Epiphany by Conrad Stryker Peace Dove by David Lee Thompson Epiphany by David Kessler epiphany by StanB Epiphany I spoke softly to myself / willing a seat to cushion the shock / all you’ve experienced is / a vivid imagination dream. / you can finally … Epiphany by White Owl theca of momentary epiphany 8 by Antonello Incagnone "incant" Violet Epiphany by JohnnyGolden epiphany by mick8585 A Moment of Epiphany by Anchorite Breakfast Epiphany by DilettantO The Epiphany Suite - l The Annunciation by Norma Chalmers The Epiphany the epiphany of realizing / a moment of joy for what it is / will etch the heart permanently, / so it can be savored for evermore. Dreary Night by Sarah Bentvelzen Marko Rusov by branko stanic Sex and vegetables I smile to myself, bite my lower lip, fondly remember the rest…then his lifetime’s obsession reared its ugly head: giant vegetables. Yogini's Epiphany  by Robyn Scafone Epiphany by Chad  Bracken EPIPHANY Joel’s lies always held a grain of possibility even though that grain was usually found in a beach of improbability. Fibonacci's Epiphany by Franklin Lindsey
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