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Layers of Masks – Who are you really?

About the time I learned to slip this complex mask on….I got dumped….now I need a don’t give a shit mask….ok, so fa…

bad news

Only yesterday I was talking about wanting a big family / About how I’d keep going until my body gave up / I never thought it would g…

Safe Filter???

I love the RedBubble community and love the creations that I display on these pages. I have not applied a safe filter to any of my images a…

Generation Abused

I lie awake at night my eyes squeesed shut / I pretend to be asleep / I hear the yelling and the noise / I bow my head and weep / I hear th…

The Beautiful Person You Are

Me: I would collect all the flowers in the world just to make you smile, / Me: Maybe if you smelled them you would remember…the lovely pers…

Little Girl Lost

I am quite proud of the piece as words were never really my greatest passion! This has been my only piece of published writing.

Musings on Love

1. / Nothing creates intimacy more than the lucid articulation of feelings from one lover to another. They say action speaks louder than w…


Purple scented fragrance / Wafting by on a lilac breeze / Glow of a dimming fire / Through a frosted window

2PM October 31, 2007 BURY MY ANGRY HEART

Tomorrow morning the man of my dreams who I married November 28, / 1968, the man with whom I delivered three healthy, well-adjusted, brilli…

She’s emotional at the moment….have y…

I have a hunch she’s getting sick of all our garbage


Metamorphosis reactor / mentally fingering / spinning my thoughts / to a suffering / and savory / gumbo / melting / my building / core:…


A name echoing / In the halls / Of lost hope and / Buried fantasies

Tangled Web

What a tangled web / Our mind weaves within, / Deep in the dark empty halls / Of the subconscious where / Screams and laughter / Echo off t…

A Permanent Tear

Whack! / With little warning it came. / A violent quake at sea that created a Tsunami in Japan / beyond comprehension. / A tragedy that ren…

my stupid heart

and love comes / on the breeze / and love leaves / with the storm

Emotional equations

Sure, 1+1=2 / Unless you have someone / Likes someone, / Who likes someone else. / Then 1+1+1 doeesn’t equal 3 / It equals shit. / An…

I am missing you

I am missing you, / My life, it is not whole, / I am not functioning properly, / I am not in control, / I am missing you, / There is a spa…

Were I the Emotional Type

I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh…

Emotional light

a chemical attraction of luminescence

What it means to Love

This my child, is what it means to love.

Missin’ you

A recondite shriek from my inside, / whispering murmurs of turmoil, a lachrymal mouth

Emotional Support…

Emotional support… / ’What’s that!’ / I might as well, / just rely on myself. / Just wrap it around my waist. / And…

The Train Whistle

“You aren’t going anywhere, you little tramp!” A hand grabbed me under my still sore chin and snapped my head up.

An Emotional Vampire

Alone in the dark in an old dank dark house, / filled with an army of grotesque angels and demons.

The Long Journey to Maturity 157 Views

I tried everything to get Jayson interested In education and his future, but suffice it to say, he had other ideas.


She’s hurting and the tears flow / the tears flow and how will she go / how will she go on and face the night / will she lie there ti…

define the missing

in the middle of the cold winter night / his soul quivers facing wind’s bites / he keeps walking despite silence / face downs, hands …

A blue Monday.

Like leaded weights / his hooded eyes / bore down upon / darkened shadows, / curtaining a grief

The last love letter

Every letter I’ve written to you is now tattooed on my skull / I waited…Waited for you to write me back with reasons that didn&…

Mental Illness – A Fable

I thought I had time to fix things – I was wrong. / Like Aesop’s Grasshopper, my winter was here, / my summer was gone.

waiting in silence (poem)

sitting in the basement / is the elephant / I keep for remembering / that I am still here

God Bless and sleep tight, Nan

You were / our rock, / our inspiration, / our shelter / in the rain. / Our port

The Fourth Floor

What happens behind the doors of the Fourth Floor?

Emotional bulimia

Have you ever realised / that everything you miss / is not all that special / or good to begin with? / Vomiting away my days, / it feels l…


Absence of tears I’ve cried, grief unshed. The lack of dialogue, words unsaid.

Stolen my Freedom

I can’t go out without with your permission / I can’t make new friends for your insecurities / I don’t have the freedom to use MY space how…


Burdened daily with flushes of regret the truth has become one hard pill to swallow.

Emotional Detachment

I often stare. Sometimes through things. At that point I am gone. Just gone. It is like a shut down button.


I pin my wing’s against the wall, and hang there unable to fall.


Fading / Withering / Melting into the background

No need have I

My eyes are roses on my face, / they’re in full bloom right now; / no need have I to water them, / they have quite suffice to grow…

the spoke of loves brain


Emotional (K.M.)

’There’s beauty in the breakdown’ / as my eyes water / I—-as a man—- / have been taught to be careful / with…

My Best Friend.

How could I live my life without you? / Your sheer naughtiness… / zest – for life! / An inquisitive, endless smile, / a bright …

Turning over

Clock strikes, / every second my heart stabs / another injection of grief, / as streams wash the contours / rushing the valleys of guise.…

Face Eternal.

The face, a luscious landscape / undulating symmetry of form


Lighthouse / Sailor in Grave Trouble / Waves and Storms / True Love and Faith

One Touch

Two together and never apart / Two bodies and two hearts / Two as one always / Never turn away / Just stay

The answer is “yes”

AS OF 05/08/10 – 103 views / Did you get to see some action / and this is what he said

Emotional Distress

just when things start to make sense / you start to get tense / everything crumbles but the fence / you built around your heart


I will always fail at something and sell off all my tangible assets. I am staring at my coffee which is not my coffee at all.

Words like liquid crystal

Your words / dripping like liquid crystal / constantly eroding / incessantly grinding

Erase holding hands

How uncontrollable these actions are / to be shown how hollow my heart is.. / yet deep enough to cut through veins / like paper in a pair o…

Rain On My Window

rain on my window / chill in my heart

‘The Shard’

Firstly, there was the boy. At some predetermined juncture, there came the dreams. From that point it was irrevocably set in motion –…


It’s an awkward feeling / Thinking that you’re the loneliest person in the world

Under demolition

Amid his intoxicated anger, / like an ebony volcanic haze – erupted; / insanity strikes, trust disolves. / Quaking, as an army of str…

violet cast


The Artist

my face has always been my canvas / painting my thoughts and feelings / into the colors surrounding my eyes / ebony etched in circles / win…

Goodnight My Love.

I loved the way / you looked at me / I saw that sparkle in your eyes. / You held my hand / with knowing pride, / walked with me, / side b…

The Knot

I’d tried to keep it useful


if you knowingly play with another human being’s mind / to cause them to live in fear and make mistakes / -are you not a despicable p…

Gasping for Air

I can’t… breathe!! / The stares are suffocating me.

Empty Space

Like each passing hour, my life is short, / No time to waste, / For one day, this will be an empty space.


for so long she was blind / then their bodies intertwined / for him, over and over again she pined…

Into the Blue

The field was a sea, I believed it to be / It turned and it waved / It was waving for me

Memoir : Today 05/27/2009

The universe mocks me with smiles and taunts me with visions of couples, hand in hand. They’re dead too, I think. / Dead to wanderlus…

She fights her past

Here we go again / another attempt at something unforgivable / why should i try to fix the puzzle if the pieces were thrown away / i though…

Corpus Diabolus

Corpus Diabolus… / Darkness crawls through the heavens- / A black fire encompasses the sky- / All is lost- / All for naught- / Your s…


Forgive. Forgive your past, yourself and the others. / Everything that emotionally hurts us, eventually will hurt the body where we live, …

Expensive Gloves Caress Deadly

Expensive gloves / Caress deadly / With commandments” Puppet Dance” / in this defilement that pierces bones / And creates silent lips / He …


emotions run wild. / is that what they say? / very true. / that is something i believe. / I feel pain, then happiness. / I just am so mad t…

soft as a feather

soft as a feather / falling from the sky / we had a love so sweet / just you and i / along came the villian / who tore my feather away / n…

Escape from Consciousness

My consciousness is haunting me / it grabs my arm it makes me bleed / thoughts in my mind that lead to screams / won’t disappear and …

An Emotional Parade

Sideswiped by emotion thought lost in the past / When she sees his face she realizes how it lasts / How months have passed without a word /…

Broken Woman

There’s one thing that I’ve learned from this, / That ignorance is never bliss / Tis such a lie that love is free / It costs yo…

Emotional food for thought……..

How is it that we travel through life, / blinded by the very things that stand before us? / We continue to encourage ourselves to do the /…

Caged Animal ( part 2 ).

Self doubt caged her. / She felt she would never……. / be good enough. / Like a caged animal, / she wanted to break away……

wild red rose

You watched me / as I wept at your feet / like last summer’s wild red rose / rambling untethered, / without vine to cling to.

emotional drought

i wear the same face / beaten n scarred from life’s ways / put my masks away for these few days / flung them in corners where they sh…

“Emotional Toy” 1986-04-30

I look up 2 U from my valley of despair / with close-in, depression’s clouds / Somehow, Somewhy, you care, / And remove me from these…

How to handle bullies

Do not ignore it!

Let Go


No Way Out.

Twisted tirades / tumbled off his tongue / turning inside her / like a knife / drawing blood, / slicing / a new wound / for a new day.

Part II: Turbulence

“Shaking / Can’t stop racing / Thoughts flying / Heart pounding / In every direction…”

I Hope You’re Happy

I hope you’re happy now / Luring me in, / Building me up, / And dropping me like I was an old soggy news paper / You take, take, take…

Measuring Up

Definitions cannot be constructed without definitions / And the reality of anything cannot be proven


Passing over the door sill / one notices the warm / mellow glow radiating / in every nook and crevice - / peaceful and serene - / a haven …

Body Shots

Prize Fighter, Spirit Breaker

need emotional rescue ?

[Video] / [Video] / [Video]

Feeling Blue

Being blue / could be / cool / Smile / and your eye’s will sparkle / Now feel the love / from within / Feel the warmth / Feel the ten…


to demean what is a potentially very serious and life threatening health condition…I am very ill and I know it…but I have been …


Degrees of resistance equivalent roughly, regardless of altitude; between lighting a poorly thought-out-flame-and, the mechanism of a faili…


Blossom / swept high / upon evening light / above passion made incarnate / amidst the reign of love.

Cultural7..UK Social commentary, emotional intell…

UK Social Commentary, Emotional Intelligence and Art / We live in a Celebrity Culture whom many see this as an admirable status, career an…

Emotional Vault

Have you forgot / I asked you to not / Drink. / Have you no care / For which the family you share / Think!!! / I have given more than a per…
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