Elusive I reach for you / and you hide, / teasing me with beguiling echo’s. That Elusive Creature… Balance Appointments… bills, / Now don’t forget, / To make a list, / And feed the pet! With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… AMPUTATE Is the love elusive? / love, as elusive as ever, was nowhere to be found / barrier.. / to keep me as a prisoner behind wall / our hearts we… elusive i am elusive / like a wolf / hunting its prey / hiding behind each tree / silent / waiting for that moment / to strike / when i will bay at… Elusive (repost) Let me caress you, hold you, lay you down. / Tenderly you are recieved , / as my blood moves excitedly. flux flux / Mesh that once integrated us / Torn asunder. / Wafting in flux… / Tattered links / Lifeless in a chaotic flow / Seasonal exposure / … Butterfly Kisses ……. dancing from one red petal to the next. / I wonder if you will meet me there, / “how would i know that it would be you” In search of the elusive coffee shop early on a C… the streets / are dark / maybe even dank, / a little rain, / possibly climate change, / who knows? / maybe god! / bless you Kyoto? / so al… elusive . . . And I in the calm of the eye of the storm / Listened in my stillness under howl and then roar. / Nestled naked and warm in my bed / Head sc… Elusive Butterflies shattered wings mood elusive gradually the sounds go, / the neighbours kids on the trampoline, / the swishing of the puddled streets, / the hens have reached the top / … The Silence Eternal There were two Suns / Two dawns / From two minds / Two resurrections Elusive The value of a diamond / Is mostly overrated / It shimmers to elicit / Jealousy that’s baited / It has no solid purpose / But to glis… the clue elusive darkness blinked, / blinked, and i saw the colour of its eyes / so pretty / and so alive. / hometime came, / the progressive streetlight sw… The Elusive Particle I believe / After all is said / The elusive particle / Center of the atom / Universe / Will emerge as an infinite heart / One love-size fit… elusive like a thought / that hides just outside the thinking / or a word that can’t find its way onto the tongue / or the remembering of a … Elusive Love… It is so sad / How much time is spent alone / It is so bad / How much time is blown / On things that really don’t matter… Remembering Touching you… Image of you…Memories of your skin… Gently teasing the edge….. ‘Never Fail [Who Knows Reprise]’ (February 2007) / It’s like being lost; or bored, perhaps some amalgamation of the two. When attempting to commit the feeling to pape… Elusive Friend Heart is racing / Rhythm pacing / Temperature rise ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… WHISPERING DOWN THE WIND Whispered words just out of reach ‘Summit’ I always struggled with the notion of being here, heir to the relentless search for a thing that cannot be defined; that hides inside the l… The Great Today I grasp for tomorrow. / Away, it whisks through my hands, Elusive The nights bare witness / to the agony of my pain / Sleep enfolds me: / The dreamworld becomes my reality / There we two meet to soar withi… The Elusive One Its pretty cut and dry. it’s the risk you take when you internet date. / I wondered who the hell that could be, was it his cleaning lady, … Elusive Joy I smile. / I laugh. / How odd it feels / After so many years of / frowning, / of weeping. / My face / (My reflection) / How different … Seasonal Hours. Opaque coverings on a cloudy day / Atomic blowup, you blew me away… never can quite say the things I want to say… time for fore… Just Me? I learn about love / each time I fall / man by man / though words are said / each time has shown / actions reveal true feelings / what is l… ‘Elusive’ That’s all she wrote, that’s what she said, these phrases are so common; but I know I’ve stopped caring ’bout what … Sleep, my elusive friend “Fifty-seven sheep jumped over the fence… fifty-eight sheep jumped over the fence… well, leaped…” Anna said to herself. She endeavoured to … That elusive creature. If you rise to the surface…..I’ll be there…….. if you hide in fields…….. I’ll wait for you, / if …

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