A Tattered Note He gasped, yet no sound came from his mouth; he felt a sharp stinging in his lower left shoulder then felt no more. The cold embrace of dea… The Two Existent Worlds You MUST Live In…. This second world is where the pure genius of music, art, writing, poetry, sculpture, etc., etc, ad infinitum, comes shining through like a… A Tattered Note – Chapters II and III Follow on from previous work A Tattered Note – Chapters IV and V Chapter IV / The sun in Andrake was fierce, as usual. These were the days when Xenor wished he had chosen to study Hydromancy so he could c… Extract from my unpublished novel, ‘Sorcere… The roar of a waterfall drifted on the flower-scented breeze, beckoning with the promise of cool shade. / The water cascaded down the rock … The Sanga Tree In that village in the woods / they tell a story true / of love and lust and fairy dust, / which I’ll now pass to you. The Price of Freedom, Chapter 7: Treasure Another tunnel ran deeper into the earth, twisting sporadically left and right. This one looked like it had been dug out from the rock. Its… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 12: Finale The cries of war echoed upon the winds. The earth shook with the thunder of hooves. The ear-numbing clash of steel rang out, the violent ha… The Price of Freedom, Epilogue The cool breeze swept over Aefion, like a girl’s touch on his skin. He sat on the edge of the smooth, wooden jetty, his legs dangling… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 5: Clash The young elf gazed up coolly at the scarlet-scaled wyrm. His eyes were glassy, revealing no fear or other emotion. One hand rested on the … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 3: Blood Aefion sauntered nonchalantly into the satyrs’ lair and seated himself at one of the tables. The single satyr already sitting at the … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 4: Wyrm He was trapped, buried alive deep beneath Darkroth Forest. It didn’t worry him much. He was sure there’d be another way out. Ev… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 2: Satyr Cave Aefion sat cross-legged on the green, grassy plain on the outskirts of Vigilance, his brow furrowed in concentration. It was the day follow… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 10: Feelings They emerged in a small clearing within the southern border of Darkroth Forest. The instant Aefion dashed up the sandstone steps, with Cass… The Price of Freedom, Prologue The blare of golden trumpets accompanied the thunder of hooves as Lord Jasper Tenegrin made yet another circuit around the tournament arena… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 11: Power Aefion hacked and slashed wildly with his sword. Streams of black blood sprayed where it cut into tough, sinewy limbs. Numerous fanged jaws… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 9: Liberation Cassandra looked around her small, dismal prison. There were no ways of escape. Her legs were aching, and her wrists were raw. There was a … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 6: Cassandra’… ‘Just a bit higher,’ Aefion told Malgareus. Perched atop the wyrm’s head, standing between the magnificent, golden horns,… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 1: Initiation The sound of sudden cheering broke the king’s boredom as he stared across the grounds at the horizon. Accompanying the applause were … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 8: Satyr Gold Its head lowered and its horns pointing forwards, the minotaur stampeded down the passage like a raging god of war. Its axe was forgotten f… fitting into a fanciful world he saw hair / dangling from a tower / but couldn’t reach / any of the split ends

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