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There’s an elephant in my story I have never liked her. The Elephant In The Room Truth be told I’m only 10% human and the elephant in the room last evening was pushing me to the edge because I wouldn’t talk a… Elephants Only I squinted, peering hard at the sign with the scrawling letters just above the front door of the shop, it said “Elephants Only”… Who Whitewashed the Saltwater Elephant? Who Whitewashed the Salt Water Elephant? / Exhausted from the tiresome hike, / I flopped down on the ragged rocks, / High up in the hills o… A Heavenly Event | Karin Taylor Once upon a time, a tiny silver sparrow with wings of precious metal rested on her elephant friend. She was unable to fly, because the meta… The flying elephant in my simple words Elephant was born elephant and has been raised as an elephant / The baby elephant start growing …one day it crossed his mind… a drea… Last Night I dreamed Wherever I go, I’m chained. / If it isn’t my leg, its my neck and always my heart. / Weighed down by chains. / Weighed down by … Thanks! Thanks Support us and what do you get? An elephant? I have been invited, tomorrow, to describe to a consultant, engaged by the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre (The D.A.C.C.) the benefits tha… N o one talks about the Elephant in the room̷… love lost life’s pain disappointment White Elephant Upon arrival I found my mental state put into question almost immediately Frieda and the Friendly Elephant The sun was but a fable he had once heard from the mouth of a gypsy, and the moon, a light which shone on Frieda’s face. Elephas Maximus Borneensis – Borneo Pygmy E… The Borneo Elephant, also called the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, (Elephas maximus borneensis) is a subspecies of the Asian Elephant and found in… my elephants Every night while I’m sleeping, I wake to find news that my elephants (elephant prints from drawings, designs and my paintings) are … Alice continued her freefall into nothingnessR… Great flashes of purple, black, crimson and orange danced before her in a great swirl, getting faster and faster, as if they were building … Elephant lover’s memories. Ellie,Your skin,it’s so soft. The Elephant in the Room When I was young / I wanted to be among / the crowd / and proud. / I always thought pride was important. / So, I would go out / on a limb t… The Hungrey Elephant Challenge My photo “Bon Appetit” placed in the top 10 of The Hungrey Elecphant Challenge and is featured. Thank you so much….Kay The Treasure I have watches of gold and earrings to match / Golden chains with a golden catch / A marble jewelry box engraved with my name / All of the… Sankalai Nothing moved. Not sound. Not time. Not my mind. Everything was in locked frame. Only my eyes were in motion – not real motion – but record… Tanjore Paintings This is an ancient Indian art that originated in 1600CE from a city called Tanjore located in southern state of Tamil Nadu. These paintings… Elephant in the Room Teach me / you said / This is all new to me / I am counting on you / you said Elephant A heavy gray object resides on my chest / Tons of weight squeezing my heart / Constricting / Tighter / The pressure unbearable / Creating t… Ancestoral Trumpets of Wisdom Through trackless forests and sun-ripened fields, Like clarion trumpets and rumbling drums, this Singer’s steady Wisdom is revealed. … Mirrors In The Attic " I notice when you were showing me around your new place, you don’t have any mirrors in your house. Why is that?" There’s an elephant in my cupboard she real… Childhood and not very good thoughts. Elephant There’s an elephant in the room, elephant eyes Elephant Eyes / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / Maybe as they say / it is the end of days / we’re walking through / a haze, a maze, unf… Elephant Talk – the series Long lashes framed dark eyes. / A final protection against / an endless fall. Familiar hot breath. / You were there. You understood. the elephant boneyard I think of you / in the background violins play / I think of ivory and you / but I am the elephant / that goes to the elephant boneyard / t… elephant forest dark elephants friendly BUT Tommy was looking in the book “Hey the instructions have changed!” he exclaimed. “The driver said they would and to follow them carefully.”… turtle and elephant all of gods creatures / on the face of this earth / jump and run and hollar / and play in the dirt / some of em kill / some of em are prey … The shape of the elephant …an elephant measured by the blind The Elephant has left the room. The Elephant Has Left the Room / The elephant has left the room / But his spirit lingers on / The Holy Ghost and angels’ host / Thankfully,… THE ELEPHANT AND THE MOUSE Once there was an elephant that was walking across a huge African plain.  He was just ambling along, not a care in the world, when suddenly… Weird It danced across my bedroom, / And landed on the ceiling, / I wondered what it thought, / Or even what it’s feeling. New Africa A green sun is setting / In a pink-purple sky, / The dying rays brush over the / Top of the long gold belt / Of the mountains, that / Stret… Elephant Fairy The brass ring has curled itself / perfectly around her long slender finger. / At first glance its over looked / but if you ask her, she… The son of the rising house Oh mother, let me tell you / though I’m but a tiny mouse / I’ll save you from the elephant, / I’m the son of the Rising… Wishbone A poem that’s wordless / is worthless, / A silence / inside of a book. / A book which is spineless / is pageless (and hopeless), / A …

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of elephant writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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