cold fingers and toes

mind amputated / fell from power / While the cold war began / the pilgrims fell to their knees / over the edge of the cliffs / under the …

cutting edge – Obama could be a peace maker…

*We’re relying on him to give the world a cutting edge? / Obama could be a peace maker or peace keeper?*


The power of night is fading / All is still as she waits

stand the coin on its edge

she has been waiting for the candle to burn with a bright flame / ‘There you are,’ said a voice behind her. / she snuffed out …

Lost my edge ….fuck it

I apologize not.

Lean spell

Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W…

sparrows at the edge

sparrows / at the edge of flight / jade offerings / under the sun / behind the moon / folded wing / and subway eyes / snow drops / and /…


I am the Nothingness / of Everything

The View From Beyond The Edge #1

Now fully encouraged, I continued, wanting to get the hardest part out of the way quickly:…"

My bags are packed and filled with flowers: which…

You are a remarkable journey / to the center of the earth, / through the black-hole moon / and out / through the needle’s eye— / if y…

The Edge Of Night

The enemy’s delusion is thick / so walk by faith and not by sight

We thirst the most…

the water is sweet when / the thirst is strong!

Darkness Has Fallen

Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun…


do we deserve to survive / do we need re-establish the ecological balance

First Solo-Taking a Step Over the Edge

Get out? We’re in the middle of the runway! Arrggh it can’t be! / Solo!


Pio looks at Lilly. He smiles. / His flute silkily celebrates her long legs / in a lilting melody of prayer. / His angel writes down its pa…

At the Edge of Summer Watching

Pushing a bare foot through / Wet sand like the rippled skin / Of a woman’s buttocks, he / Leans to take a photograph.

Permanently on the edge of meltdown

Palpitations pumping blood / into veins too small to sustain the explosion / total implosion of self is occurring / permanently on the edge…

The edge of hope…

In the desert landscape / of my life. / Sits a grave / reflecting my sadness. / On the edge / I sit. / Giving life / and sustanance

She Sits on the Edge of My Dreams

But I feel like she’s ready and willing and she’s not going to play

Beyond The River’s Edge

Writers weep their hearts to bare / Ever giving the moments we stood / Whether imaginary or real we pour / From the very depths of our soul…

Inspired by ‘Over the Edge’

I have stood upon the mountain / have seen the world spread out below me / in every direction another mountain / I have touched the sky / a…

razors edge

mortality / often keeps / a respectable distance, / then / when least / expected / it oh so gently / taps / you on the left shoulder, / so…

Standing at the edge

I was sitting by the window looking out into the darkness. I heard the screech of an owl. It was me.

On the Edge

Cold dark room,with a bed nothing more. Only webs and and dust from the past

kiss the unborn skin

A comet colliding with the earth / may have caused the mass extinction of the human / kiss the unborn skin! / unborn skin that away from pa…

living on the edge

Sovereignty / Poverty / Territories / Subsidy / Testament / Humanity / Ramification / Peace / Disconsolate / Bewilderment / Development / O…

On the edge I begin

there is an image at the end of my street, a place where tram lights and gutter converge with blue

The edge.

On the edge  where the roofline runs to air / walking without worry blind to every fear / I looked not at the depths if I tripped I would …

Mare Marginis

The secrets of our affair written and locked away / Inside the snow foam breaking on the surface


again and again the sun / slashes the sleet, / crashes the hollows / in a golden sheet.

Dancing on the Edge

Leave me to memories / Or find me hard to ignore / In how I laid you down

The Bridge Of Love

Bridge of believe / That can never collapse ever / Until the earth will be revolving around the sun / Until the moon will be loving to sha…

Looking to the Edge Of Heaven

Knocking on God’s Door and A Desired Longing to be Close to God


I tossed a coin.

The Edge of the World

Come with me to the edge of the world / where dust that once lay on a pterodactyl’s wings / intersperses with ash from a hole-inb-the…

man meets nature…

edge of the precipice, / raptures of verse

Lapping at my Edges

There, there / at the waters edge / my edge

~ Standing on the edge ~

I close my eyes to see you / I hold my breath to feel you / I open my heart to embrace you / I give myself ~ longing to complete you


Standing on the edge / Just about to jump / Just wanting to fly / Your heart starts to thump / Looking around / No one is there / Should yo…

Cliff Edge ( Six word Story )

Falling, Air rushing past, Plunging, Blackness.

Edge of Reality

Words hammering at the door / Can’t return it’s fraught with pain / Drift deep within the mind, so calm / Is this reality?

Sea’s Edge

dreams afloat / peace enthralls

Knife’s Edge

Locked in deadly embrace – the gang border dispute or turf war – the only music was the frenzied beating of one’s heart, …

The Cutting Edge

Christ love / Is a gift / Of blessing / And sword; / And only those / Deeply committed / To the heart— / Despite the / Great reward— / Ar…

Bathroom Traffic at the Edge of Loneliness

Nurse Jones, why won’t you just leave me alone?

I was at the edge…

so I said, / “seriously / get over yourself and relax; / don’t be so fucking critical all the time” / then I rolled over …

Winter’s Edge: 冬季际

Winter’s Edge. / Snow lain so cold / Shadowed in warmest depths / Beneath a sun so bold. / Green will soon appear / Where white and brown o…

I run my tongue along your knife edge

And taste you

At the edge of the abyss(not what u might think)

I stand on the edge, looking down, / the wind whipping past, the skies brooding above …

The edge is near

I flicker / Because perhaps / I’m not real


the missing stone on your path / find me at the edge / near the bridge i see you on now / in the cold

I Stand At The Edge

I stand at the edge of your darkness / Afraid to go in / Yet….. / I feel your call / Your call to not be afraid, / Your call to embrace the…

On the Edge

I am on the edge / Think I am going to break / One more wrong move / Just one more mistake / So much in my mind / Over powering whats in my…

In A Perfect World

We’d instinctively know / when someone is on the edge / and we’d help them / overcome / without them knowing / that we just di…

I jumped, You ran.

You took my hand and lead me. / Together we walked to the top, / to the edge of the cliff. / You let go of my hand / and took a step ba…


When not concerning himself with the alter ago fighting an epic, insane war across a swathe of parallel universes and alternating realities…

The Sharp Edge of My Soul

Winds of change blow / through the Badlands of my soul. / Barren bones and parched earth / begging for blessed rain / to bring / purificati…

The Edge of the Universe

here is a truth we all must cherish / all things in time do perish / are swept away to a cold blank sea / that lies at the shore of our bei…

when only a sharp edge will do ……..

Cliff sit, / Sit entranced on the edge of the living

The Edge O f The World, written by Brian Ingle, T…

The far North of Tasmania can be a wild place, suring and unsettling, nature at her most belligerent. While you are there, it is not hard t…

The edge of the enth

Caught in the web / That is boundless. / I spin / Ricocheting / From one idea / To the other. / Never do I have / The relief of the end.

The Other Edge Of The World

and now this picture spot of a memory / is cooling off …


There’s a small stone bath near the garden’s edge, / A safe flight’s distance to the boxwood hedge…

The Edge

The edge … your only reality

the edge of our canyon


the edge of you

the edge of you… is deeper / because you have lived

ever been on the edge

have you ever been on the edge / no turning back just a vast scape in front of you… / when they approach in droves after the cloth of…

On the Edge, and back again

it’s like staring into the sky, and falling / that feeling you get when you know what’s coming

The Edge

Don’t lean on the rail; it’s shaky, unstable / Not unlike my resolve

Edge of a Notion

Matter of mind…bits and pieces, / A blend of this and that… / Scattered thoughts within my reach, / A second later the pastR…

The Edge of Heaven

I left you on the edge of heaven / To sit at peace on the sunburst beach / As all the credits of my life roll away / I wait for my father’s…

Edge of Fright

This is the poem I did a few months ago for Rose Moxon’s image *"Darkness Falls":…


Held back / cliff edge / enveloped / wait / another day / let the wind gather you up / and away / from that ledge


In the sky, / an old woman’s soul is rising higher / like the sun, / bright as a prayer in an angel’s pocket.

In my grotto…my hearts getto

Even if I´m away in my dark grotto in my hearts getto / Even if I have to stay alone thousands of years / I don´t want to go back to bring …

On the edge

I’m standing / on the edge / of this cold / mountain top / ledge / my heart / is pounding / so loud / I think it might / burst fro…

ant bread

we are lost in water / where we are

Winter’s Edge

He knew the cause for the muscle car’s presence. Depending on the number and gender of the occupants, they were here either to catch…


At The River’s was waiting / He saw her standing there / She stood tall and proud / The girl with the golden hair / Smilin…

At the Edge of Night

Over these long and dusty miles / Void of any sort of life / Have I flown away, with hopes to find / A freedom from this strife.


bridging / one heart to another / timelessly

Caught at the Edge

We follow a path through the wood. / As we cross the floodplain, the river grows louder / until it is everywhere at once.

Road Edge

Road edge / on the uprooted tree / a bunch of flowers.


in my perifeal vision is an askew veiw it might be false perhaps it’s true movement that changes when the head is turned just out of …

At the Edge of a Precipice

I look down and see a lonely nothing / When in reality there’s actually everything. / I can see the world turning / And the flowers, …


Slowly the cliff / collapses. / rock by rock. / The cliff recedes, / it loses it’s edges / and it’s beauty. / It happens so s…

On Edge

Today, I wonder where you’ve gone. / You’re not sitting where I can see you. / I can’t hear your voice either. / I miss y…

deep side of the edge

Scream of silence, / Silence of solitude, / Solitude of the ocean, / The ocean of dance, / Dance of fire, / Fire of minds, / Minds of trees…

love whispered

love whispered / between the shadows / of night and day / an undaunting tune / both of joy once known / and profound sadness / giving prai…

Homework: Think for yourself

There are so many topics in the world today that need adequate coverage. Subjects ranging from parents who destroy their children’s youth b…

Bathroom Traffic at the Edge of Loneliness

When all of your buttons’ are pushing / And new clothes are too close to the bone / And accquaintance has taken all of my cushions / …

I Went to the Edge of the Spiral

I went to the edge of the spiral / and yo-yoed back again / that labyrinthine / gateway to self and other / no need of dreaming / I came be…

The edge

He stands, glazed eyes / dreams, memories translucent / solitary, at the edge / gazing into the void

the edge of rant

I am amazing, girls are chasing me for my wicked tongue

to the edge

i cant give you anything / close / to what i dream of / reshaped, reknotted, reconfigured
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