The Aliens – Microstory It had been some months now since he had travelled to night. He remembered when night travelled to him but that had been a different era an… Food… Not Fuel Why biofuels, such as ethanol, are damaging to our environment, impede efforts to feed the world’s straving, and contribute to global… Moonlight Bird ..have you changed your course and flown another way, or have you been brought down to earth by a hunters aim… The Zen of Dragonfly Watching About the time we are sure it will never come, the Carolina Jessamine flings its yellow ribbons over the fences and woodlands of northwest … Turning Point Ecological sustainability / fragility / walking on thin ice / think twice, before you… Land Is Crying the / land is crying / it’s dying / no-one’s trying / officials are lying / while they are buying… / river’s are dr… Sea Gaia Sighs “From the Sea We Came / Sighing Gaia Turns Away / To Dust We Return” The integral theory Here is an article written by Stephen Kiesling about the integral theory. / Give Us Ten Minutes…We’ll Give You the Kosmos / Ste… Sitting Sitting in the park, / Palette, pen in sync, / Mixing life, / A globular cluster of instant thoughts whose formation / has been mended by b… Bears in the Pressure Cooker (Poetry) There is a growing concern for the future of many animal species, including the Polar Bear. Loss of habitat is the culprit and we are runn… An Inconvenient Truth Reviewing the photographs I have taken over the year on Artwanted that includes some unique and exotic plants reinforced my thoughts about… A Triplet of Tankas from the Edinburgh Churches C… …toward the brink… Earth’s future hero… shaping us to shape our times. Quilted Lives We are only / a crease of hours, / a pleat in time, / another trace of dream / among the stars. / We walk like ritual magic / our bones … One Tree. Over chainsaw orchestras. A Story for Giants Long ago, in the days when all was brand new, happy little people filled the world….then one year there came reports of giants in the… His Eye is On… is not His eye also on / the spider and the serpent, / the bat and the rat, / all the rodents we detest / and the insects / which we label … Once Was a Tree Once was a tree / Growing high upon a hill / And its branches spread wide / And its roots went deep / Down into that hill. / In the tree wa… Adopting the Earth as our Mother The bird was saying, “These humans are leaving some food out for us. … those who leave us a meal are not soon after going to harm us… mechanical messiah instead of luxurious life / and promised exodus of man from manual, / he became all the more a savage and slave; / Machine has received the… A song for the world We can’t afford to wait no more, / The clock is nearly dead, / We can’t afford to think or talk, / Or discuss what’s been… The Last Birdwatcher Wait till all the girls in the office heard about this! It was a shame she couldn’t get them more excited about ornithology- there we… Ecology He meets her again, one year later; / A pond, teeming with life; eutrophic. Oil is Killing more than Earth’s Ecology . … Coming Soon! / Oil is killing more than our Earth’s ecology . . . / Penance and Prey is a thriller about Julia Macintyre, a brilliant eco… The Evolution of Compassion “inside something was known and suddenly the people were known to each other” Silvianna

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