The echo 2008 08 21

the echo came back, again / it knocked, but did not leave / and its blows grew ever stronger / even my heart felt its beat / gaudesys vė…


I see you / gorge / on generous banquets, / python like, / swallowing whole


… his thoughts pour with distilled discontentment into the chasms below / giving rise to tripping fingers of ocean longing, / reachin…

Echo of Forgotten Laughter

…………in the dusk of my years


An echoing soul / starves the ego… / to balance this / divine integration / of consciousness / evolving… / Which force / CHOSEN…

more than once, your sonar

Parts of me remain: the acoustic of that time.

Feeling Fifty

Today is my 50th year ♥

Reflecting Reverence

Lavish upon me, / through shades of copper / your stature, sheer strength / Bestow upon me / your words of glory, grace

Echo of a Distant Drum

Can you hear the echo….?

BALI – ten years on

Sleep / sleep / sleep / so I can awaken / behind these weeping eyes / to find you again.

The Wilds’ Call

Under cover of darkness the packs’ journey loudly calls / howling in the moonlight, while She-Wolf magic enthralls / A clan of protec…

What is an Echo?

An echo is a resounding heart / Bouncing from one end of reality unto the other / Heard not once but many times over / By those who love y…

Do good and wait for the echo.

Karma personified.

echo of heart

what I want to say here / let me shed what’s in the way here / no distort to / bend / the / words / of / my good heart . . . . . / music…

for a friend.

And in all my memories there is a cigarette half lit. Smoke curling like the last ripple after a drowning.

The Weight of Memory

And did you not think / when you expanded / the centre of my holiness

Perfect Place

Use your voice


There is a place, / where softly spoken words exchanged / just before the earth rotates / will reverberate; / ever so lovely in my head. …

the ice echo

The mineral inside / The water / shelves / Into the restless fluency / Of abeyance in the ocean / A grating of flint / Becomes a quilt o…

‘In Triplicate’

To the concerned, / It has been forever since I wrote you, I hope that this finds you well. / I visited ground zero today. That place fate …

snow falls in a new country, and you have forgott…

he will always remember you, like the bare outlines of a dream from which he still believes he is waking.

Echo of the Sea

Echo of the Sea © / poem by : Hector A. Encinas

Echo ©

Echo © / BY:Hector A. Encinas

The Echoes

Narcissistic girl, look / into the river and drown. / Your vanity blinds you. / The echoes do not haunt / you, only encourage you. / Drink …

Silent Echoes

Silent echoes / from a world long gone / Visual whispers / That nobody sees / In pain / without feeling / A spirit / with no body / A refle…

But A Waning Echo Ebbing Away

Merely an echo ebbing away… / Along the torrents of truth


From one / Many come. / Like an echo / Continued in time;

echo the frog


= I Can Be Pretty Two! =

two poems in one – mine and an echoing one from a fellow bubbler Dalton Sayre

An echo

The cosmic hole / Again is closed / The only remnant / A memory / Or p’raps a reflection / Was it me?

Echo Place

we unpack our souls, room by room


Echo your love through my being / Let me hear those mountains that / TAUNT me sing back / To me that love / Which you spoke over me / In m…

Hollow Walls.

Suffering long my friend, / too long for most / too short for a lifetime / invisible, i am / torent raging in my head / i see the backs of…

the edge of our canyon


Insanity’s Echo

Breathe in / As life breathes out / A sigh / Insanity’s echo / Alluring echo / That odd, lilting echo / A deadly siren / to your mind /…


I was, I used to be, thinking back my spine held me upright before but now my veins are disappearing with their lack of blood flow and my e…

‘The Sound Inside’

Twilight wrapped her sultry arms about the land, and something in the configuration just clutched at my soul. Of course at once I realised …

The Echo Of Us

…and when the sky tries to rain again / I won’t be a scarred vein again…


dreamlike melody / echoes long in memory / rocking and rhythmic / feeding and masochistic / violent sound of strings / gigantic fast slow s…

Echo of the dreams

The shining whiteness of the night / gives the echo of dreams / a gleam of silver / uniting with the golden voice / of dawn


Perhaps this scrip can tell – / Echo Scripture’s grand tale; / God’s Gracious Redemptive Work. / From Age to Age it lurked


I traversed the bridge across the sky, conviction in my stride. No divide I’ve come against has lived it’s reputation. / The th…


Every langauge needs an echo! none more so than ones own voice!

memories of an echo

you did not fear death / nor dying / your ossified dreams / in my marrowless memories / lay biding / time / has no face

The echo of what was…

They are homes to so many creatures / My Kin and I are dying and we weep for you


Don’t care to be an inmate here, imprisoned by your silence. The key to this a simple thing, I need you to give in.


I know I have failed you… / For I have failed me / As much as I have tried / Try / Keep trying / I still fall / down… down̷…

A Remnant Echo

By love I was awakened… / to live as love, / and then with love / to sleep again; / though the world may spoil / for some left out, /…

echo point

the echo rolled under a few light clouds / I had my lunch inside the echo / the day was now in full bloom / in full bloom it is apparent th…


gentle one, her lips began…. / lent on two, all across the land… / gents of three, on a mountain stand / enter hear. For rivers dance.


What if this life is nothing more than a test to determine how much torture you’ll be able to endure, should you ever be captured by …

i played it again (rev)

and i played it again / one more million / times / just to hear / that echo


Blame me not for the echoes of my past / But rather walk with me into the valleys of tomorrow / Allowing today to be our combined effort

echo of colors

rainbows drizzle dazzle / colors burn blind my conscience / chaos reign



‘A Way Out West’

For an immeasurable passage, there was naught but the reverberation of the tone. / Nostalgia not commendable, for those ‘ready beset,…


I wake to the sound of a door slamming and padded footsteps in the hallway. Dom’s home. I lay silently, listening to the sounds of hi…


Echo. Echo. Echo / It was like a storm at sea. No say i where I would go nor who I would meet, Just the pulling of the waves, to which I ju…

The Echo of Silence

the sounds move ever closer / to my bedarkened room / footsteps and steps crept / close is my impending doom


I have been consumed / by the dark side of love / emotionally exhausted / drained by the fight / A sigh of relief escapes / from my tired …


And, they shall hear / My silent laugh echo through their ears.


Of words bereft; in a ravenous echo. / Amidst the flood; on the path of ascension. / In measured silence;  I transition emptiness.


The reverberations cast by The Anomaly, caused a fracture in the universe housing this particular Frame of Instance. / A splinter in time. …


Saturns gaze resists like a metal that delayed, Enki stayed ploughing in the feild where they were slain.


A scattered hiss. / my attention caught; / a damp breeze, / dances seductively through / the open window. / Falling from the ashen canopy, …

‘Versions [.220609]’

She plays with the seagulls, / on the shores of the sky. / She feels her ambitions, / walking on down the line. / Right out of her heart; /…


I am all amiss. Senses seem waylaid this day, by fragments bleeding-through; distracted by fractal echoes, from my life on Mars. / Feel the…


I am a man / a man of many faces / many faces seen yet as one




Though in time I came to love the nearer side; hence I’d been driven, by necessity not only, too a long suppressed desire; invariably…


Somewhere beyond the shores of Solace there lies a demarkation. To cross the threshold is to forfeit any chance of return. / I recall cross…

Here we go again

not a word. / goodbye, I guess.


Time is accursed, ‘twas always to be the hallmark of my iteration here. Past the present future there’s a way t’other sid…

‘The Loop’

Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’…


"Echo"ricardo perez jr 7-12-09 / I hear myself / Only that’s not me / I fall endless for you / And I don’t even hear…

Until an echo drowns out

your body lies motionless / i pray for a flinch / i pray for a blink / i pray for any sign that somewhere deep inside your mind / you hear …

‘Set To Self-Destruct’

A kiss would say it better, / infinitely so. / As the sound of my own weary voice / reverberates inside. / And here I lay me down, / envelo…

free the echo

She didn’t think that you would know / She didn’t think that you would want to know / And when she left she didn’t think you’d follow / And…


tomora never comes quickly / as yesterday hangs the sheets / i smell what could be / as a stench from flowers / brings stain upon the floor

Let the Pseudo-Echo Decide

A Hudson Hawke’s Bay Laurel Leap Of Faith / A weee / T he Cape of Good Hope Dashed Upon The Rocks / Of Gilbraltar For Ages / Either o…


We’re crossing over, / the harrowing line. / Rainstorm in a shallow mind. / Drive them back unto the shore, / fight in the breach aga…


It’s not that you don’t care anymore, / that stupidity or cowardice has taken you; / you’re simply sick to death, / of wh…

The Echo of the Night

This is my world, the world of night / and the tears I cry are for it, / the night is crying out to you, Oh mortals / but you fear to hea…


I fear the echo of my breath

‘The Ascendants’ Anthem’

Familiar echoed light is cast; / upon a brave new sound. / The de ja vu is running thick; / my blood is flaring; now! / I’m charting …

Wilting Echo

I was the hint of love over your shoulder. / a wilting echo. / My damaged soul slackens / with each gasp / from your mouthful of excuses. /…

’Kristin’s Verse’

She was the star that cut a swathe, / through the half-wrought-rhetoric. / I had known her long before; / saw her from afar. / Hers was th…

A Pale Echo

She’s a whisper / in the sky / a soft winged / creature taking / flight before / this evenings night / Fierceness in her eyes / as if…


Saw Her above Luna; wore a corona of stars. Turned my gaze aside unsettled by all that I am. / Took my rifle up and marched a-way unto The …


A flurry of ash. / You should have seen the way the shots were fired! / Tracer rounds were everywhere. / Then there was the snowstorm. You …


I drink the dust that’s left where should be ammunition, I know my addictions are simply stagnating me. I’m a willing prisoner of my own ap…


Am become, unconcerned, with their concept of the world; how I could ever have fit into it. / Fixated on securing the next contract. / Star…

Two worlds bridged

A lifetime shared / Though fleeting / Is profound. / At the very last / An echo / Is that shadow / Where once two worlds / Were bridged.

‘Echo’ by Tommy Dean LoMaglio

Something is turning through the air, / around and around, / an echo, lonely….

‘Not As I Dream’

Vehemently consumed by fury, frenzied a-midst the carnage; of a battle in the upper atmosphere, of a world not so far away. / I kept scream…


An Imaginary Friend is a Real Friend
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