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Gaia – she is rising Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they… I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence Heaven Is A Flower … because I love flowers Why did the chicken Cross the Road? That’s … Why did the chicken cross the road? / What came first the chicken or the egg? / The Evolution Versus the Creation Debate Can you love, like this? The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”. the skin of my teeth a fly in the ointment / heavenly bodies flew down to the earth / praise to the skies / time makes my skin crawl / soul laid waste by sin… With jasmine flowers on my lips, I know that I ha… Walk with me through gardens of roses and magnolias, / We will wash our faces in orange blossom water. / Listen to the women chant and pray… the sun’s turquoise horse the dark amethyst’s door within soul / key to the earth-diver myths / where I kept like the sun’s turquoise horse behind the se… The Strongest thing on Earth It is not material and it cannot be bought or sold. It is priceless and precious and worth cherishing. Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… IT’S TIME I have roamed this shaking Earth / but for a little while, / walked upon her skin / like scattered dust Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… My Mother, My Earth As the dry earth below softens and welcomes / I feel it creep around my bare feet like thick seductive fingers / Inviting me to curl my toe… Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth… I want to share a story with you about my Gram.. / Gramma’s kitchen always seamed like a saft haven… an secret hiding place to … Celebrate the Earth: Its Joys and Cruelties In Ev… This piece is largely inspired by Nietzsche’s celebrated maxim, included in the title, as well as section #341, in Book VI of The Gay… There is an earth attached to my feet Even when / I lift them up, / there are still invisible roots— / like gum on a shoe / on a day when the sun / is most high / like diamond … Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election MY INK IS THIN…(a valentine offering of sor… my quill is blunt, / dipped in holy water / from heart’s inkwell The Redwood and the Rain Goddess But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way? prayer of the unburdened earth of her heart If I whisper my story to a fallen leaf / will Spring bloom upon it / like a wind / from my mouth? / And will you kiss me then; / being ab… A Pint Sized Insurgency Sex, Drugs & Alien Abduction, a ludicrous serial novel. Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. BEDTIME STORIES These are the stories I wish to tell my children, / with campfire glow flickering in my eyes / and clear rivers flowing through my veins naked in the presence of where your roots grow I knelt down / to Her naked / with my naked— / my ear to her musk / heavy breast; / her heart beating / in love / with mine. / I listened /… Child with skin made of stars We are not lost—one / within the other, / our lines are their own, / hung / from side by side stars, riding / a sky made of earth / whisp… An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! dog’s breakfast false assumption for donkey’s years / barking up the wrong tree / we really are apples and oranges? / be out of our tree / time’s ma… Stardust I sit precariously on the edge of Gia mother Earth / Staring out into the place that has given us birth / In the moment the two converge / … Lessons From The Mist One day the earth will groan with the pain / inflicted on her by the carelessness and / indifference of man. Earth; breath of Life the breath of Nature is the Creator’s physical body and It, as a Sacred Creation is dying at our hands. Recycle, my arse politicians, media whores, multi-billionaires, / oil barrons and the secret global elite / spewing chemical poison by the ton / Then blam… When all of nature weeps Tears too late to regenerate / and all because we acted too late / Future generations will face decline / If we continue to be ignorant to … Food… Not Fuel Why biofuels, such as ethanol, are damaging to our environment, impede efforts to feed the world’s straving, and contribute to global… Umbilical Mother I hope I didn’t burn the worms… THE MOST POTENT TRUTH ON EARTH This is the most factual account of why we are watching the current meltdown. / And why all that has occured HAS in the past 100 YEARS / T… The Ishtar Gate We have the lions carved in stone / The Ishtar gate is a memory / I feel sorry for the fading blue The most wonderful creature on Earth No matter how beautiful the sound of a birdsong or the call of any other animal, when it comes to music our species rules supreme. Nothing … Panspermia implicitly or explicitly / between the wisdom and the faith / the seeds of life / panspermia — / literally seeds everywhere / or more than… Release The mighty torrent is tearing at my earthly skin with unsustainable violence. earth walker I breathe in the stars, / and inhale their fantasy dust Cygnus atratus and earth symphonies the bayou sings tonight / of lilies and a cappella / swan wings unfurl / elongate gently / the tender brush of feathers / upon my cheekbone… Donum Dei Her love is a wheel set in motion / with hands / that were never / her own. / Each spoke speaks / with regardless clear eyes / and black /… Elemental that charcoal night of / dusky vines / and earth swallowing earth, Wahonowin (grief and anguish) Wahono’win (grief and anguish) / Smell the incense of the Balsam, / Hear the words the Great Spirit speaks. / Time for mourning comes… My bags are packed and filled with flowers: which… You are a remarkable journey / to the center of the earth, / through the black-hole moon / and out / through the needle’s eye— / if y… 5 x Love & Romance Calendars 2013 -Sunilism TM These 5x Motivational and inspirational Calendars give you and your partner Love, Romance, Happiness and Energy. / You can order you’re yo… hallucination Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un… The Big Dry Breathless / Scorched / Arid / Dry / Parched / Cracked / Harsh / Sky / Grit / Resolve / Struggle / Why? / A brave face masks / a silent… She’s emotional at the moment….have y… I have a hunch she’s getting sick of all our garbage Heaven and Earth two souls connected across the divide of heaven and earth. / their lovemaking entwining them as one, it was not to be… Talebearers’ Tales- Shadow Talk As they walked, he spoke of the earth, as if she was walking alongside of them, gently speaking to teach the man Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! Breath is born here And here is the nexus of gratitude is. No longer a Maiden, Not yet a Crone……… No longer a maiden, / Not yet a crone, / I am a Mother, / Giver of Life. / With this energy, / I embrace my womanhood, / And I celebrate my… Our Choice … the earth it casts its thoughtful plan / on thoughtless plans derived by man / on earths dear air, sea and land / where man resides by God&… Earth Week Prayer Step gently now upon her sphere / reach out to stop the madness / Dream wide-eyed like an innocent / your dreams will manifest / Thrive o… seven lies seven stars filled the skies / seven hearts were told seven lies / each secret not to be told / each lie grew bigger as she grew old / a b… Endangered Species humans living in a flash forward A dirty story from the past dug up She needed someone with more speed. Dark Eyed Questions The Gift / He offered me touch / I took his hands and lips / He desired tenderness / I gave my eyes and mouth / His black pools / Careened… thirsty claws Dad says it’s because of the drought. He said the earth is drying out and it needs a good drink. The Clearing A lone ear pressed to the ground awakens to the sounds of the Earth. A soft hum becomes a drone…a single tone. As the sound flows through h… All work and no play makes Jack There is a face in the Grandmother Oak / watching, outside my bedroom window; / her leaves playing touch with the glass. / It is skewed and… The dearth of Earth Take note, the planet is disappearing under our noses. the flight of the beast it was not one small thing / that happened / it was the hate / the total disregard / for humanity / the world reverted backward / demoraliz… A FIRST SIN they have sinned! / While they were committing a sin / were they knowing its a sin actually Devine Feminine 8,000 Drums. Mother, June 8, 2010 Heal thyself where we have injured you and let your blood to flow. Precious Earth Deeper into unknown space / Shooting stars across our face / Airless, weightless spirits free EARTH The Earth, our dear mother must grieve at the sight / of deaths more than plentiful – her creatures in plight / Humans in dominion an… The dark wood – The concrete stream And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green, Walking Naked On The Face Of the Earth This magnificence will pass / As it is written / To be ensnared in its own elements and disintegration. Natural gemstones of life Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof … Gaia The Living Planet In The Moment Of Creation Greek myth atones for existence by recounting the stories of the evolution of the forces of creation and nature through a personification o… The Wilds’ Call Under cover of darkness the packs’ journey loudly calls / howling in the moonlight, while She-Wolf magic enthralls / A clan of protec… Honour me …. a poem Honour me , honour my life,my love, my passion……… Magic of a full Moon As you you look up into the evening sky / you will see me smiling back at you / as i asked the moon to shine on you Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. Lived so long on this earth years, time, tired, death, Return to Me “All ye who have gathered, a story will be told. It is an old one, but one that shall always be told." Metamorphosis….The Butterfly Effect Well done to ‘NativeCharm’ who added her ideas which helped to complete this poem….and thank you to all the other amazing… MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life …I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live… The Sunset Blue When the sky defines / The water of love’s mind … / I will enter you The trees and me Come with me to my trees / and know life and love / and celestial grove Odaiko The drummer summons his energy, filling his body as he pulls himself up, gathering every force within, like a current. Slowly he raises his… Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider… Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider Community on Earth, / I hope this finds you all well, wishing you much aloha. / Since sta… Gaia-The Moma God is my DJ and he’s spinnin’ me non-stop. Gaia’s heart beating within me, dancing every note of desire-striking an unrecognizable chord b… BEAUTIFUL PLANET [Video] / It’s a beautiful planet. / Shame about the humans. / The dominant species / Is killing the seas, / Cutting down the trees, / Poll… In This Hallway Called Earth heaven is the universe / immense / unlimited by our own / eyes / who have cut it off / like a snapshot / in our minds The Love Light Take me / tenderly / by the hand / and deliver me / to the edge Into the earth of my cave If I should slip away please do not worry. I yearn to be smothered in the richness of her warm body. / Her heartbeat will encourage my beat… upon this crusted earth where do i belong, / echoes within, / my mind, / i feel these haunting words, / etched upon my soul, / full of lonely songs, / my muse as c… only the earth will last. Comfort fitted hope is my last resort. / Winds blowing and throwing my hair around, and in my face / stands the most beautiful creature i h… Salt Of The Earth Thou would come to me for thy healing / Sands beneath thy feet cushion thy troubles / Obliterating their ability to rise on against thee / …
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