Life on eARTh December 9th. 2008 Years After JC…

THE FUTURES BEEN SOLD? / DITTIES … WELL OF COURSE / Best 10 Answering Machine Messages… / 10. My wife and I can’t come t…

World Citizen

People displaced, / Inbetween race. / This confused space / Of unwarranted hate.

Spirit Renewed

My lifeless form, to earth so be / While spirit flies then wild and free

You will find me.

Enchanted and inspired by our earth, / Loving and sharing by the warming hearth.


I don’t know anything…anymore / Save that what I do…is who I am…

Between Heaven & Earth

Suspended between heaven and earth / That space; betwixt and between / Transfixed by the beauty of sea and sky / Another world; unreal and …

H E A T Reversal = E A R T H

Oh my goodness me, why cover our beautiful planet with a blanket? It’s becoming over-heated and seriously needs to cool down! We ar…

The Disreputable Duo

magic does exist but the only people who use it live in little camps and dance around fire’s naked

Self Entitle, Part One:

To say there is more than what truly is, may be the greatest downfall we could ever hope to be. The lack of discretion is only proof of lei…

soy Pachamama

I must remove myself from this place / Rise up and be my fate / Take charge, it’s not too late / I have the power to create / Because…

Give me Peace on Earth

A healing journey into a sunburnt country

I Forgot

A heart is a fleshy bulb, wrapped in pulsating roots, aching to grow, aching to be planted.

wings of earth

I spread them. My fresh wings. He strapped them to my shoulders and placed his mouth next to my ear and whispered to me. / “Fly!̶…

‘Sukyaka’ ©

After two days of listening to report after report – nearly always the same – I became desensitized to the carnage


Enshrined in the grace that silently befalls / Almighty power in his hands, entombed for eons / With centuries unified to each tear the wor…

Trajectory Earth

Is there any bloody hope left, / For the mighty race of man, / I think it not too likely, / I think we’ve failed this plan,

Nurture me Nature

…The sun will seep through the tops of trees – / and soothe by way of warmth my winter’s neglect skin, / it will continu…


These damned flies, these minute minions… capable of turning me into a withering pile of maggots within short days, their power is immeasur…


‘I think therefore I am’ / Then do share what you think human; / For your actions do not imply much thought. / Only greed, / Ma…

Rainy Sunset

rain falls, tears free from the sky

“Celestial Wolf”

Celestial Wolf / “He walks the way of the stars / and haloed Moon,…”

Planet Earth

From the shoreline of / conscious position / break away / from comfort zone / a safety spot / domesticated mind / its lot fenced / looki…

Bind of Harmony

A blueprint of earth reflected in the sky; / The spirit keeps living.

Adopting the Earth as our Mother

The bird was saying, “These humans are leaving some food out for us. … those who leave us a meal are not soon after going to harm us…

Earth Life

For the earths bounty and harvest / For all that dwell therein we pray


I spend my life under a load of stress and a security blanket. / The slight smell of ammonia travels in and out of my nostrils. / These bla…

Silk Projector

“He was one of the few people who remembered when earth felt like a home…. Sometimes he thought he could remember, as a small c…

Earth Calling

I have buried your hearts within me / and dug me out my own / I,who, forever am the architect / of my own un-doing / between the lines and …

This part of the earth’s skin

This part of the earth’s skin / Love this part of the earth’s skin / The hairs upon it, / Sweat pool lakes and rivers / And mountain range …

Heaven on Earth

Conceived to extend Love / they throb with God’s Mercy and Grace / yet failing to see their magnificence / they hide in darkness and fear

A Gift

do you think God looks down at the Earth, / and hates it? / Shit, I would.

Poison de la Terre


The Future Of The Earth In Six Word Story

Sun nearing, earth melting, life ending !

Unknowingly Sleeping

Our ultimate condition

Respect Earth

Do you hear it? Mother Earth is crying, / A river of polluted tears flows, as something else is dying. / Our species has raped her, and thi…

The earth is heavy

The earth is heavy / with the aroma / of your strange kisses / while I slept in a bed of words / In the sun / flowers bloomed and died / S…

Earth Energy

I have no fear / All that is…is

humans on eARTh

We are an amazing animal species. / [Video]

Fall In Senses

Rustling, half-attached, bathed in filtered amber glow, / Topaz, peridot, magenta, coral brilliance, / Vibrant washes of color, engulfing …

Intertwined and Expelled

Gusts lashed my limbs / Stripping my bark and carrying away my leafy fingertips / Crudely naked

“From The Beggining”

some sight into the past and future of our earth

Second Earth Hour (Get Ready)

Earth Hour 2008, 29th March 8pm to 9pm / Lets Make Change Happen

His Father’s Grave

Jon wondered if only stoners were into those Planet Earth, hippy harangues or if the fad would eventually integrate into the hoi polloiR…

ROCK ART Some of the oldest ART on eARTh


The world spins with me

the world spins with me, / the colors bedazzle and amaze / everything seems slow, / why is the clock broke?

My Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Sun.

Haiku Set #1: Basic Elements

Calm, and gentle, yet, / Unforgiving and deadly,

Taking off at Night

The heartbeat of the wing light / illuminates an instant of tiny raindrops, / Silver needles, frozen for a moment in time. / The night has …

Souled Out

Sad, beautiful carcasses flooding the land

The Lady Speaks

I feel their coming through my depths of earth and rock, the rolling thunder of a thousand horses charging ever closer. They seek the endle…

planet earth!

" ruled by emotion and desire, desire for more, greed rules concience. . . "

With Wings

Where minds dare tread ‘pon astral planes / As clouds so form, as slippers worn


Away and back again / Or never having left you / Out of my mind

Easier, Now

…I watch this summer fade / unable to change what and did not happen…

Would or Wood?

His crinkled,knolled eyes, distant, as he makes his masterpiece. / CHIP-CHOP, SSSCRAPE andsnap. / Hands gnarled from years bent, curledcar…

mother earth 1 cry 4 ever walk 2010mix steriojoe

MOTHER EARTH 1 / Why do we take more than we need? / We teach our kids avarice and greed! / Mother earth is dying but still we rape her! / …

We Need

We need to find love and peace, / To hold each other once at least. / Not to hate and go to war, / That’s not what we were put here f…



we are earth

we live on earth.we are ourselves of earth. same things in us as fish and plants and rocks and birds and dirt . we are of the stars as well…

Vocab project for English

A new light shed on the day.

i am lost

my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake

eARTh The Only place WE CAN LIVE ?

Maybe you and I can send a thought to the creator thingy. That we want it to be safe to live here for many many moons to come. All those Wo…

Door into my world

Thats why I have this little door… / It’s tiny and wooden and I keep it on a string around my neck.

Quaking Upon Earth….

Lingering…I am not asking you to surrender to my side.

Earth is the Physio-Intellectual Center of the Un…

What if? / If unTrue, no biggie. / If True, biggie! / Tough one to prove, but fun to think about.

Earth Dwellers Reversal Developments

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. / Jim Rohn

Our Home


A Flat Earth

A Flat Earth Author: bill bell / Word Count: 300 / previous browse writing next A Flat Earth / A Flat Earth / Maybe our parents / they li…

Almost Home

She will just let go / Of the commerce-trap. / Come alive! / In the forest / By the water and garden / Around her tiny home / And seed Eart…

Earth Upheavals, A State of Soul

they saw a brilliant globe of light / brighter than the sun / at rest in the ravine. / At first they thought the sun / had fallen down / at…

The Sky is Falling

Sometimes when I’m alone, / I hope the sky will fall, / because if it did, / then maybe the stars would too

Alien Encounters – Series

The first wave arrived without notice. Tiny alien spacecraft that emitted no more sound then the buzzing of a bee. Little naked…

unending horizon (G)

Over water, grass, dirt, sand & stone you travel, / Into the unending horizon I watch your shape disappear. / Silently a tear slips dow…

Thankful for Nature

Take a look at this earth, and what do you see?

Roman, on the Damp Earth

And in this dampness, on this earth, with bears and great scythes of power whock, whocking civilization into the future…,

Blind Earth

Wind whispers through branches, / Heavy and hidden by snow. / The air is calm beyond perception / Yet alive in it’s own rite… /…

Water and Earth

Upstream / Water meets the waiting earth / Nestling pebbles / Caressing grains of sand / The sound / A rush and then / The soft recede of …

The Power of She

She who blows a hot and cold breath / She who sends fire creating life and death / She who screams thunderous warnings aloud / She who shed…

The Earth in Our Earth

earth, people, me, wonderfully made



“The World”

The world it is what you think and see in your mind. If you have seen evil and done evil, then the world is a more evil place. But if you s…

Sunrise Interpretation

The radiant sun / Pounds the surface of the earth

Castle in the Sky

There’s someplace special out there / A beautifully perfect place up in the air / Nothing is wrong, everything is right / My castle in the …

Yorta Yorta Trees

On the surface / talking is the same / Ways of knowing / in a foreign wind / My own voice / seems a little strange / Collected meanings / b…

Children Know Not Why They Cry

The baby in Babylon / At the river side / She cries / As the stars fall from / Eastern skies

Life on eARTH 7th December 2008

Happy Sunday .. I hope the Hang Over isnt to Brain Thumping….. / We do strange things to ourselves dont we??? " – )) / If…

The Last Man On Earth

There are some nights, / nights like these, / when I feel like I am the only person left. / Human contact seems a distant memory, / I se…

Life in Stone

Then to uncover ancient charms / Of crystal, grain and colour



Mother Earth 4 engine killing sky flyMix bubaboo …

MOTHER EARTH 4 / I’m powerless to stop / the raping you do! / Hunters & collectors / No longer applies to you! / For thousands of year…

Demeter(Greek for Mother Earth)

She is everything / Everything is she / She, is Mother Nature

Life on Earth is…

life on Earth is / blowing bubbles someone is just gunna pop anyway. / life on earth is / wearing bug spray when you’re still gunna g…

My Mommy Earth

We all have that ultimate mom / She is the Earth / She is nature and fertility and love and anger / She has always taken care of us / When …

Don’t Be Constrained

“The earth is 71% covered by the vastness of the ocean/ And 100% of your life is spent dancing with the axis in constant motion”



Soldier Mother

Thank you for your security and protection / with guidance and direction / Thank you for your wisdom and courage / amongst the struggle lif…
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