Umbilical Mother I hope I didn’t burn the worms… Wahonowin (grief and anguish) Wahono’win (grief and anguish) / Smell the incense of the Balsam, / Hear the words the Great Spirit speaks. / Time for mourning comes… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. The trees and me Come with me to my trees / and know life and love / and celestial grove the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful I Winked and the Trees they Winked Back The day the earth stood still / Was drizzled in fine summer sun / The kind that illustrates the sky A Tree and The World Have you ever looked at a tree? / Not just look at it, but really look, / Watching the leaves as they flow and flutter / Gently in the bree… Silent Love As she lifts her head, / to bow again, / she whispers love, / that morbid thing, Unborn Child I want you to walk barefoot and climb trees to the top, / To open your mouth and catch a raindrop, / Eat food from the earth and pick flowe… Of forests and Old trees. I often wish I could get them to talk to me and tell me what they have seen and experienced. They also evoke an incredible stillness, and … Forest Awakening Wild things exploring the wildest ways, / Ah those were the daze. Leaves Light-catchers flutter, soaking Sun and it’s rays. / Drinking Light, clean and bright, offered during the days Holy Rain The water streaming down my skin / A powerful embrace / The trees blowing in the wind / An invisible force, His face Ley lines of the whispering trees… Secrets of the ancient tribes / An earth energy provider / Within Earth’s own grasp / Trees have knowledge and power / Power of elect… I am a Forest as life began to evolve / plants and flowers started to grow / then along came the many different / species of bugs and birds / the sounds … Fountains of life, Trees of youth The Earth, / So it was called, / Had sprung to life, / And created us all, / To be its children ever so, / Until the day comes, / When it c… Killing Hummingbird Valley The property was beginning to be livable, but what was happening to their parcel / of land? Eucalyptus trees in the park As Athens held me / high up above it’s ears / it showed me the world. / Eating honey and doughnuts / I planned my itinerary; / The m… Self Entitle, Part One: To say there is more than what truly is, may be the greatest downfall we could ever hope to be. The lack of discretion is only proof of lei… Ever-so I spend my life under a load of stress and a security blanket. / The slight smell of ammonia travels in and out of my nostrils. / These bla… Would or Wood? His crinkled,knolled eyes, distant, as he makes his masterpiece. / CHIP-CHOP, SSSCRAPE andsnap. / Hands gnarled from years bent, curledcar… Yorta Yorta Trees On the surface / talking is the same / Ways of knowing / in a foreign wind / My own voice / seems a little strange / Collected meanings / b… Perfection shakes the earth I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul TIME CALLS: SAVE WATER, SAVE ENVIRONMENT. It is estimated by the scientists that a man needs the oxygen emitted equivalent to three trees in his whole life. Try to plant the trees a…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of earth trees writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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