Red Earth and Woven flowers There is something mystic about drenching yourself in a pool surrounded by nothing but sky and red earth. About weaving desert flowers thro… Earth and Wind, Sun and Ice To be one with earth and wind, / sun and ice Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion Dry Africa As true as the earth and sky and the burning sun, so is the Monsoon. To Have Her You are Sun as I am only Mother / You light her pathways and give energy to her production / But she’s only your Seductress / You burn her … About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… Earthly Cycles Excerpt from Chapter One/Earthly Cycles – Sailing through the 7C’s I see us in the earth It was sunny today. / For the first time it was nice / and from deep inside this body of ice / I thawed like the river / in the rays, / and… Magickal Reality The divine nature of reality is apparent as soon as it is known, / That the rock we’re all spinning on has, for ages and ages, been flown. … The Night Girl and the Golden Sun Boy As the dawn wakes / The night girl holds out a hand / And pulls the golden sun boy Dark Space … Inside matter it is all space ! I Am I am the moon, the stars, the sea / Before thou were, I was with thee / I am the night and the snow-white dove, / The Earth and all the act… Wind off the Ocean Come sit and hear a sober tale / Of how the wind and water meet / Though neither force shall e’er prevail / And neither shall admit d… My world is your world…. I’m loving that the world is round / spinning around / that we can’t walk to the end / fall off the edge / that the sun follows… Birth of Earth I breathed in love… / …And I breathed out you Stargazing It doesn’t amount to anything because their government / only lies to the ones back home. / We usually steer them into the desert so … Lunar mirror Radiant its feisty angry glow / ignites the sky / pouring trillions of bright reflections / to dance and swirl upon our waters / seas ripp… The Sunlight Shines through the Once Dark Sky The sunlight shines through the once dark sky / As the ice and the snow melt away. / The birds are back singing sweet as they fly, / And th… before the garden Mama Earth birthed a bouncing baby boy, / And Father God named him Humanity. If I Were… If I were the night sky, / You would be the moon… / Bringing the light, / To brighten the gloom… When the Earth left the Sun Only when the heart of the world began to freeze did they think to look to the sky. Six-Thousand Degrees of Separation East. / No light could illuminate a path around destruction / in a divine dance around Gaia’s truth. / Sifting through the separation… the sun leads the Earth round and round the sun leads the Earth round and round / in a dance through soundless space. / gravity pulls, pushes, and spins her. / he maneuvers her t… Amour This feeling of complete amour / for life itself makes me wake in my sleep, / makes me shiver for it shakes me to my core, Eclipse Yes, I can describe what happened/as our tiny Moon, audacious/crept across the scorching springtime Sun, SUICIDE NOTE OF THE SIMULACRUM Then they have the audacity to ask me why. / Why am I being so cruel? / I must be a fool / To think that an imitation / Ever mattered at al… CATASTROPHE The earthquake registered a 6.1 on their scale. / “FATHER?” / The sun erupted a large solar flare into it’s system. / “YES, MY DAUGHT… BUT FIRST… A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR I don’t know anything…anymore / Save that what I do…is who I am… Nurture me Nature …The sun will seep through the tops of trees – / and soothe by way of warmth my winter’s neglect skin, / it will continu… Rainy Sunset rain falls, tears free from the sky Bind of Harmony A blueprint of earth reflected in the sky; / The spirit keeps living. Silk Projector “He was one of the few people who remembered when earth felt like a home…. Sometimes he thought he could remember, as a small c… My Pledge I pledge allegiance to the Sun. EXCUSE THE POETRY or ALWAYS… Away and back again / Or never having left you / Out of my mind Vocab project for English A new light shed on the day. Sunrise Interpretation The radiant sun / Pounds the surface of the earth Lovers® (Mature) Sister Earth – Brother Sun … A brother’s love …. Surf it up… – (the poem – accom… A surfer’s dream is never met / Fearless and hungry for better yet / As natural forces soon unite / They long for….the ultimate ride Unbury Wind brushes my skin / while my heart is bursting for more. / The sun drips down my forearm / and leaves me with a glow / of nostalgia. / S… Icarus Can Hang Molten totem / glowsome core, / if the sun / then I / given love / and fallen in, / am higher than / the sky. Echoes Centuries inescapable / Undercurrent of time and thought Happy She reads the random mind of the last child / Her words pour out on paper / Like the ocean floods the shore / She asked her joy / The child… Light & Dark Sometimes I wonder, / about the tragedy of broken hearts, / between the sun and the moon. / Can you imagine, / being separated for the rest…

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