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Gaia – she is rising Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they… When all of nature weeps Tears too late to regenerate / and all because we acted too late / Future generations will face decline / If we continue to be ignorant to … The Big Dry Breathless / Scorched / Arid / Dry / Parched / Cracked / Harsh / Sky / Grit / Resolve / Struggle / Why? / A brave face masks / a silent… Breath is born here And here is the nexus of gratitude is. Dark Eyed Questions The Gift / He offered me touch / I took his hands and lips / He desired tenderness / I gave my eyes and mouth / His black pools / Careened… The dark wood – The concrete stream And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green, Walking Naked On The Face Of the Earth This magnificence will pass / As it is written / To be ensnared in its own elements and disintegration. Honour me …. a poem Honour me , honour my life,my love, my passion……… Metamorphosis….The Butterfly Effect Well done to ‘NativeCharm’ who added her ideas which helped to complete this poem….and thank you to all the other amazing… The Promised Garden for lest our love in Eden grew it simply can not be / that blood nor sweat nor tears would end / nor set the garden of thy heart from thorn… Tree of Life This was written by a friend for my image “Alone”, love it so much had to share. Thank you John :) / TREE OF LIFE – JOHN … Our Earth that unites. One Planet, One Home, One Hope, Atmos, Spheric Chemical re-organization, ethereal manipulation / Spherical void through space winds its way Love’s Gust….. Branches bend and flex…bark exposed, naked, bashfully unashamed, revealing her secrets to the Universe.. .. Bones of my heart Come and see the bones of my heart / My ancient land, / I am here to see if you will but look…….. Priestess Born Priestess Born / To love and roam / To heal, To Be / In harmony / Nobody understands in this material world / That the truth indeed, sets u… Captured by the minds of her children Floating within a bubble / Captured by the the minds / Of her children / Who / Can save this / Planet / From / Self destruction Dead man’s grey dream A Flickering candle light waiting for us to dive in before it dies. To show her how we ride and slide, under our dreams where we live forev… Mother Earth Earth Mother Goddess spinning throughout time and space / A beautiful blue jewel floating within eternity / Mother Earth a planet of love a… Red Earth, Bleached Bone And now i’m hard as nails / Bleached as bones / My blood / sinks into the stones Forest Koan Poem written while watching strip mining… Land Is Crying the / land is crying / it’s dying / no-one’s trying / officials are lying / while they are buying… / river’s are dr… Learning to love my ground Succulent fruit, unable to grow. / I fear my roots will rot away. Earth’s Bully Humans have pummelled the earth into submission Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished I Winked and the Trees they Winked Back The day the earth stood still / Was drizzled in fine summer sun / The kind that illustrates the sky A world of my own I look to the world and what do I see….. Back to the earth I loved I’ll be as one with the hills around, the wild flowers, the singing birds / These things I loved The shaman…….Wild and Free Wild and Free…..The Shaman………………..21/11/05 / Wild and free, wild and free / Let me be wild and free / Like the horses, like the sea / Let t… Word to the wise 2 Someone’s decided to make a plan to destroy our nice blue planet! Silent Love As she lifts her head, / to bow again, / she whispers love, / that morbid thing, the chronicles. your eyes would lift the morning up, like a heavy winged thing, like great birds who move the moon at night through an oil slick sky. Whispered Comb my silver hair / With the slant upon the grass-lands 18 DNA; Jacob’s Ladder And freedom is the answer and freedom is the lot / But wasn’t that the question? The one that you forgot! Mother Earth, Father Sky – For Vickie Mother Earth, Father Sky / Keep me in your golden eye / Help my heart stay whole and warm / Keep me safe, keep me from harm / Mother Earth,… Earth and Children I am feeling optimistic today. If This Were My Last Day on Earth… If this were my last day on earth, / I would not hesitate to tell you how I feel. / If the world was coming to an end today, / I would hold… Fencing the drought. She brushes away the flies, shovel-head cracks to ground… Freedom To Fly Freedom to fly / Is a desire / Like an unquenchable fire / A pilot that God ignited in side us / When He created you and me Grave Ashen Good-byes The storm’s blanket smothers smoldering eyes You that Judge the Earth Freedom is isolation for those who build walls / Upon the wall dawn breaks and upon the eve the wall shadows. / Crude light refracts and be… Wind off the Ocean Come sit and hear a sober tale / Of how the wind and water meet / Though neither force shall e’er prevail / And neither shall admit d… If I was a bird! I would sing like a nightingale to calm your woes and moods / I would fly with you into the night and seek to reach the moon Two Feet Firmly Planted Waltzing in time with us even when we don’t know we are dancing… kneeling Solemn Mother, / open your dark heart wide The Eagle Calls The Eagle Calls. / I knew not it was time, I knew not it was so. / I knew not it was time and that I had to go. / I didn’t know the fear; i… I Am the Wind Her lullaby is soothing / Her lullaby is rage / She swirls through valleys / Natural and man made / She calls my name, sings with the rain … The Tree and the forest Though we’ve lost the battle, / The war was still ahead. Insignia….Tears of a Child Provocation! / Provocation of a nation! / Without rest without respite, / Attacked attacked with all their might. / Raining, hailing, thu… To My Earth you filled my body with tumbling triplets, / trapping my ears in a net of feeling / that holds me tight like ecstasy / and fills my mind / … Park Land Grasses raiz compressed trodden / carbon imprint of life Fruit of the vine In the ever glowing autumn / In the ever knowing tree / In the twilight of the morning / In the hushed and silent breeze / There’s one thin… Amongst the Stars I sit amongst the stars above, / Watching the world go by. / I sit amongst the stars above, / Never knowing why. / And yet as I watch the w… A Gift With the over-abundant, / Looming clouds, / Trapping light, Serpent Song shedding sheathing layers peeled / a galaxy in flesh revealed Mother Nature I close my eyes and draw a circle in my mind, / fire is rising up high – making all the negative creatures blind. / Slowly I feel my feet s… A Price Worth Paying Although…it’s what happens after, / Why people attend buildings so beautifully built, / With a beauty inside, / To resemble their heaven i… Gaia Is Weeping Gaia is crying, it is up to us to dry her tears… (The Last Poem Before I Die) i’ll remember you Oh Send… High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground. Fountains of life, Trees of youth The Earth, / So it was called, / Had sprung to life, / And created us all, / To be its children ever so, / Until the day comes, / When it c… Singing Lullabies of Renewal and Healing to the E… Two-spirited and humble, I patiently tend to the land… Mother Earth Just like you and me Heaven or Hell on Earth? something i wrote bored in class. what’s your view? The Storyteller’s Story Told! Come ….. sit down and listen ….. to my story if you dare, / Come now please sit down beside me, / Listen and take great care! Last Chance Time marches on / leaving us behind / the future’s looming closer / I wonder what we’ll find / Our fate is our own / destinies … Unending I know my life is but a short rotation away from death. / Without air I shall surely turn to stone. / Will this suffocation be my decay? One Day I Will Become I will become a cloud that traverses the sky / I once walked beneath / I will become a tree supporting a child’s dreams / and whimsi… Night by a layer of salt, / sprinkled / across her cold skin, / like stars in the night / sky. Tears of the Son Life is too important, / It’s our shameful loss. Earth Stronger Than Man She rebuilds, regenerates / It’s never too late / To make things right / Earth stronger than man The Ego Does an eagle wonder why it kills? / We know it’s not just for the thrills, / Survival breeds in every mind, / We just drown it with a pill… The Journey As nothing / I fall / Spiraling as / A bird A Tear of God I have seen that God, that man of old. / His withered body, beneath this earth. / His lonely eyes, his lonely face. / He hides beneath this… Six-Thousand Degrees of Separation East. / No light could illuminate a path around destruction / in a divine dance around Gaia’s truth. / Sifting through the separation… the sun leads the Earth round and round the sun leads the Earth round and round / in a dance through soundless space. / gravity pulls, pushes, and spins her. / he maneuvers her t… Fading Earth And as I stand, in calm / (So calm) with wind at my cheeks / And the world in my arms / The sea roars, its protests / Like thunder in my sk… PLANET EARTH What wil happen when fear and hate rule the world? eternity I walk this world as a ghost from the past / Expericencing the torture of memories; / the shadows that seem to last, / The days ger harder,… Eden Stars, / like stepping stones scattered across / Eternity, / illuminate our way - / lead us to this twisted / Reality. / Tread lightly - /… When the Earth Roars Last A poem inspired by the recent earthquake in Haiti in earth dreams what we want to, but cannot capture / in earth dreams Upon this Christmas Day Go forth and tell all others / Who had no chance to hear / The news of hope and of… the joy The Earth Can you hear the sound of river? / Can you see the pieces of sliver? / Can you already feel the shiver? / Man, what kind are you of giver? … In the valley were they once knew my name As I run through the valley where they once knew my name / I look up and see a sight so insane. / What’s before me is the greatest quarry … Armed and Dangerous (A Valentine’s Poem) Yes, he’s armed & he’s dangerous, / This chubby fly boy / And he’s out of control in the air Earth Maternal She breathes and whispers a wind song, / caressing her beloved, / Watching adornfully with her celestial eyes, “Celestial Wolf” Celestial Wolf / “He walks the way of the stars / and haloed Moon,…” Unknowingly Sleeping Our ultimate condition The world spins with me the world spins with me, / the colors bedazzle and amaze / everything seems slow, / why is the clock broke? Souled Out Sad, beautiful carcasses flooding the land We Need We need to find love and peace, / To hold each other once at least. / Not to hate and go to war, / That’s not what we were put here f… Vocab project for English A new light shed on the day. “The World” The world it is what you think and see in your mind. If you have seen evil and done evil, then the world is a more evil place. But if you s… Children Know Not Why They Cry The baby in Babylon / At the river side / She cries / As the stars fall from / Eastern skies Life in Stone Then to uncover ancient charms / Of crystal, grain and colour
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