Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence With jasmine flowers on my lips, I know that I ha… Walk with me through gardens of roses and magnolias, / We will wash our faces in orange blossom water. / Listen to the women chant and pray… the sun’s turquoise horse the dark amethyst’s door within soul / key to the earth-diver myths / where I kept like the sun’s turquoise horse behind the se… My Mother, My Earth As the dry earth below softens and welcomes / I feel it creep around my bare feet like thick seductive fingers / Inviting me to curl my toe… There is an earth attached to my feet Even when / I lift them up, / there are still invisible roots— / like gum on a shoe / on a day when the sun / is most high / like diamond … Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election When all of nature weeps Tears too late to regenerate / and all because we acted too late / Future generations will face decline / If we continue to be ignorant to … Release The mighty torrent is tearing at my earthly skin with unsustainable violence. Donum Dei Her love is a wheel set in motion / with hands / that were never / her own. / Each spoke speaks / with regardless clear eyes / and black /… the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful All work and no play makes Jack There is a face in the Grandmother Oak / watching, outside my bedroom window; / her leaves playing touch with the glass. / It is skewed and… The dearth of Earth Take note, the planet is disappearing under our noses. A FIRST SIN they have sinned! / While they were committing a sin / were they knowing its a sin actually Natural gemstones of life Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof … Gaia The Living Planet In The Moment Of Creation Greek myth atones for existence by recounting the stories of the evolution of the forces of creation and nature through a personification o… Honour me …. a poem Honour me , honour my life,my love, my passion……… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. Remembering… to be birthed / into this world of learning / we first learn to forget / and / into a life / of striving to re-member… On Wings of Prayer … place to run,to no man can I turn… Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion Warmth The earth feels no lie / Sprouts are ticking shy Pure I put my hand in the ground / the blackness of it seems so pure / the Earth is welcoming Trysts are only for humans; imitators dandelion skyscrapers.. To Have Her You are Sun as I am only Mother / You light her pathways and give energy to her production / But she’s only your Seductress / You burn her … Mother Nature Falls In Love Fireflies dancing on Degas ballerinas / Swirling, lighting, touching, igniting / A crystal glass floor stretching far beyond the door / At … Forget The Things That Made You Sad Forget The Things That Mad You Sad, But… Land Is Crying the / land is crying / it’s dying / no-one’s trying / officials are lying / while they are buying… / river’s are dr… my morning i awoke early today. / my world has been so fogged in lately. / but today, / this morning. / my sky was blue, / blue like the sea. / the se… As Promised And just like that, the beauty of the day broke and the memories of reality came rushing back to him. Mother Nature Falls In Love I hope that we will fall in love with Mother Nature again so that she can heal all we have done and fall in love with us once more. Silent Love As she lifts her head, / to bow again, / she whispers love, / that morbid thing, Reclaiming one’s own I crest the hill on a slate path and sit down for a breather. A strong wind whips my hair, in the distance dark clouds race through the sky… Mother Earth, Father Sky – For Vickie Mother Earth, Father Sky / Keep me in your golden eye / Help my heart stay whole and warm / Keep me safe, keep me from harm / Mother Earth,… Hieroglyphic Sisters And my soul was torn asunder / And the child that would have been born / Vanished in the shifting distance / Of my dream Nature’s Erotica …and I listened as mother nature made love to herself… Fencing the drought. She brushes away the flies, shovel-head cracks to ground… First Frost Winter sighs / trees lean and groan / Earth / tilts her chin Of forests and Old trees. I often wish I could get them to talk to me and tell me what they have seen and experienced. They also evoke an incredible stillness, and … Wind off the Ocean Come sit and hear a sober tale / Of how the wind and water meet / Though neither force shall e’er prevail / And neither shall admit d… Worthy Remember this moment / cherrish the fruits of life / harvest them / reap what is sown / do not let it go to waste / for you are worthy, / y… Last Dawn’s Leviathan Can you not breathe my plea? Can you not sense that from the soil sprouts blood and not flowers from seeds? Kind Be kind to the earth because / its made of all that’s died. / And when you toil through the dirt / please, remember, that someday / … natural girl we are surrounded by Nature, Our Caregiver, as a reflection of the Great Mother… / Is now / …germinating within every heart / … I Am the Wind Her lullaby is soothing / Her lullaby is rage / She swirls through valleys / Natural and man made / She calls my name, sings with the rain … The Tree and the forest Though we’ve lost the battle, / The war was still ahead. Park Land Grasses raiz compressed trodden / carbon imprint of life MOTHER EARTH ! Him then Hims then grew a pawn aplenty ! Mother Nature I close my eyes and draw a circle in my mind, / fire is rising up high – making all the negative creatures blind. / Slowly I feel my feet s… Dust To Earth With his frail lips Man smacks away the unsavoury taste of penitence that lingers upon the tip of his tongue. He draws his last breath with… ANOTHER SPACE IN TIME Until lost in the magic, she sleeps in my arms, / To Nature’s serenade, as I watch the moonbeams play. Through The Eyes Of… Dynamic and complete / Driven by instinct / By nature’s very heat / I’m primitive / Autonomous Among the Clouds As I Dream, I Fly Away, Into The Sky….. / / Diane wrote this to utilize in her clouds photo book called “Among the Clouds”… Singing Lullabies of Renewal and Healing to the E… Two-spirited and humble, I patiently tend to the land… The New Theory of Evolutionary Creation “Have we any right to assume that the Creator works by intellectual powers like those of man?” / -Charles Darwin / On the orig… Humans Dirty, lying, murderous you, / Cursed, evilly driven, toxic, evolved you. / Go back into the shadows, / Undo the destruction you have cause… Heaven on Earth As the sun / rises behind / mixed feelings / stay inside the heart / The fearless child / inspires you / to live freely / smiling awa… Fading Earth And as I stand, in calm / (So calm) with wind at my cheeks / And the world in my arms / The sea roars, its protests / Like thunder in my sk… Can you hear her? Crystal, shining, sparkling, seething? Light’s Last Breath A labyrinth of heavy raindrops fell against the rooftop tiles, seeping into the burned cracks. Water trickled through the ceiling, an icy d… Natures Way I smile because I’m happy, / the flower reflects my beam, / she says that it is fine, / do not fear what is unseen. Mother Earth, My Daughter Wild Grow the seeds inside your mouth…let blood and mud and vine come out. Killing Hummingbird Valley The property was beginning to be livable, but what was happening to their parcel / of land? Take Flight Just beyond the cumulus, / Behind the sonic boom. / Refreshing sight indeed, / Eyes gleefully consume. Fall Kingdom rising/ silent toward the scepter stars Ice Finding the breaking point, / And then that quick succession / Of tiny thunder claps, I Give you Eden It is with anticipation that I wander this path today, hand in hand / As I wish to share the beauty of this haven with the one I adore Enlightened Listen, take heed to their warnings. Secure for your protection their favor. Spirit Renewed My lifeless form, to earth so be / While spirit flies then wild and free Nurture me Nature …The sun will seep through the tops of trees – / and soothe by way of warmth my winter’s neglect skin, / it will continu… Unknowingly Sleeping Our ultimate condition Would or Wood? His crinkled,knolled eyes, distant, as he makes his masterpiece. / CHIP-CHOP, SSSCRAPE andsnap. / Hands gnarled from years bent, curledcar… Thankful for Nature Take a look at this earth, and what do you see? The Power of She She who blows a hot and cold breath / She who sends fire creating life and death / She who screams thunderous warnings aloud / She who shed… Demeter(Greek for Mother Earth) She is everything / Everything is she / She, is Mother Nature Mother Spoke… Today mother spoke to me. / Wrapped in a warm cloak of golden sun, I sat on the ground to listen. / I could hear her voice thru the rustl… Perfection shakes the earth I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul The Beauty of Heaven on Earth… As a young girl I always wanted to travel away from home and visit the great state of Tennessee. From my geography classes in school and t… Mud. Mud. / Earth she. / Water him. / Where she touched his skin he forgets where he begins. / Where is sin when her skin was wine where she en… earth mother quench your thirst / on my grape colored nails / see yourself reflected / in my onyx eyes / touch a lost part of yourself / in my skin / he… decayed decadence winters that weren’t and deadly droughts to come / mother nature is beating her war drum / when shit hits the fan and our kids inheri… Through the Woods The way through the curtained woods / was uncertain, / For snow had fallen underfoot; Logic of the Esoteric Strange logic only known by we, a truth that must be seen; / Facts unmolested, for man’s word are unclean. / Drowning in fog, they remain n… Fragile Fragile / When I was just a child / I did not imagine world this wild / I imagined as if it was a big old hand / holding us on its fragile … THE FLOWERING EARTH He maketh me lie in orange pastures, / Where to my right are purple and blue. / A world where rainbows color the flowers. / This glorious g… Nicht betäubt – bloß verträumt. Materie lebt und atmet, / Natur in Schönheit erwartet. / Welch wundervolle Farbenpracht, / Wir sind von Blüten überdacht. / Die Pflanzenwel… Summer’s Peak Even the perfect August tomato, stretching its deep red skin, leaving a tangy tingle on my tongue and slightly stinging my sun-chapped lip… Echoes Centuries inescapable / Undercurrent of time and thought Tread Softly Tread Softly my dear / I welcome your presence,

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