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I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems Can you love, like this? The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”. Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… Celebrate the Earth: Its Joys and Cruelties In Ev… This piece is largely inspired by Nietzsche’s celebrated maxim, included in the title, as well as section #341, in Book VI of The Gay… Football & Slavery Bought, sold, and paid for by the owners of the game / Just like in a real American election The Redwood and the Rain Goddess But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way? naked in the presence of where your roots grow I knelt down / to Her naked / with my naked— / my ear to her musk / heavy breast; / her heart beating / in love / with mine. / I listened /… Earth; breath of Life the breath of Nature is the Creator’s physical body and It, as a Sacred Creation is dying at our hands. Panspermia implicitly or explicitly / between the wisdom and the faith / the seeds of life / panspermia — / literally seeds everywhere / or more than… Donum Dei Her love is a wheel set in motion / with hands / that were never / her own. / Each spoke speaks / with regardless clear eyes / and black /… Elemental that charcoal night of / dusky vines / and earth swallowing earth, My bags are packed and filled with flowers: which… You are a remarkable journey / to the center of the earth, / through the black-hole moon / and out / through the needle’s eye— / if y… No longer a Maiden, Not yet a Crone……… No longer a maiden, / Not yet a crone, / I am a Mother, / Giver of Life. / With this energy, / I embrace my womanhood, / And I celebrate my… Dark Eyed Questions The Gift / He offered me touch / I took his hands and lips / He desired tenderness / I gave my eyes and mouth / His black pools / Careened… The Clearing A lone ear pressed to the ground awakens to the sounds of the Earth. A soft hum becomes a drone…a single tone. As the sound flows through h… The dearth of Earth Take note, the planet is disappearing under our noses. Walking Naked On The Face Of the Earth This magnificence will pass / As it is written / To be ensnared in its own elements and disintegration. Natural gemstones of life Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof … The Wilds’ Call Under cover of darkness the packs’ journey loudly calls / howling in the moonlight, while She-Wolf magic enthralls / A clan of protec… Return to Me “All ye who have gathered, a story will be told. It is an old one, but one that shall always be told." MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life …I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live… The trees and me Come with me to my trees / and know life and love / and celestial grove Gaia-The Moma God is my DJ and he’s spinnin’ me non-stop. Gaia’s heart beating within me, dancing every note of desire-striking an unrecognizable chord b… The Pied Piper of Mankind How has the devil achieved such a great following, even among some of those in the church, who have the Holy Bible in their hands? I, Mother Earth I am the beginning, / and the end. / I gave birth to life, / the mother of all. / The trees are my limbs, / reaching to the sky. /… the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful A house of worth I was a palace / a contrary creation / perplexing to the builders touch / strong / but tender / in my alabaster white / the middle… Tree of Life This was written by a friend for my image “Alone”, love it so much had to share. Thank you John :) / TREE OF LIFE – JOHN … Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love … Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti… Earth and Wind, Sun and Ice To be one with earth and wind, / sun and ice earth seed good for giving Dead man’s grey dream A Flickering candle light waiting for us to dive in before it dies. To show her how we ride and slide, under our dreams where we live forev… All My Relations The World stopped at my birth / And laid itself at my feet / And I wept with joy. God’s Garden, Looking from Heaven to Earth Green earth and the light mix a marvelous way / Restoring to earth life and breath. Chronos Eo Gaia : Time To Move On Earth if we’ve been on this earth a billion years / or just a couple thousand?// / symmetry got in the snow, / or how the rain creates a bow, / w… Intelligent Life On Earth All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog. water Fascinating and magnetic. / Soothing. Meditational. Reflective. / Forceful. Running. Raging. Trickling, tranquil. / Frightening. Calming.… Earth Whisperer A young girl ran from the path, and from her father’s warm hand; she cleared the edge of the sparse woodland with ease, and drank in all th… About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… The Shy One (part 9) Human is closer to the divine that all else, yet few seem able or interested in that potential. CORE Group Interview Red Bubble: Sunil Sharma – … Love , Romance, Respect, Service will impart Peace, Energy, Happiness and divinity across the globe…. Its more fun to share your bead with … Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished I Winked and the Trees they Winked Back The day the earth stood still / Was drizzled in fine summer sun / The kind that illustrates the sky I see us in the earth It was sunny today. / For the first time it was nice / and from deep inside this body of ice / I thawed like the river / in the rays, / and… What Measures Will You Take? What Measures Will You Take? / What measures will you take to silence me? Will you kill me, cremate my body or study it, as you have done t… A Tree and The World Have you ever looked at a tree? / Not just look at it, but really look, / Watching the leaves as they flow and flutter / Gently in the bree… Winning Change Is anybody out there? A journey on this place called Earth I am not afraid / Look deep, rise – the light / Shining, shining / It is not over, just began Life Someday perhaps we’ll meet them, joining with them as members of the club called life, that only exists in consciousness. Death and life Ivory skull / abandons its darkening sockets / to the writhing earth / and opens its jaw, / tongueless, / in a silent call. Silent Love As she lifts her head, / to bow again, / she whispers love, / that morbid thing, The planet was never theirs The future. The earth is a desolate wasteland, where dry rock fades into black sea and nothing moves except dust in the cold, circling win… Passing aeons Six word story: Earth lives… A falling star Next time you see a falling star / Consider all, that you hold tight CALLING ALL CHILDREN “Who is our mother?” The Shy One (part 5) Was it madness? Perhaps brain damage? Did it matter to anyone else? Each a dream of opportunity, waiting to blossom. Why just one? Why not … Meeting my Maker An opening gapes / the eye of infinity / pierces my reality / spiralling out / the veil starts to slip / I catch: / a glimmer of the mech… Earth and Children I am feeling optimistic today. If This Were My Last Day on Earth… If this were my last day on earth, / I would not hesitate to tell you how I feel. / If the world was coming to an end today, / I would hold… Life on Earth 2050 A.D. more of same? same of more? You that Judge the Earth Freedom is isolation for those who build walls / Upon the wall dawn breaks and upon the eve the wall shadows. / Crude light refracts and be… The Itch That Can’t Be Scratched can you bear the truth? Worthy Remember this moment / cherrish the fruits of life / harvest them / reap what is sown / do not let it go to waste / for you are worthy, / y… ITALY + PARIS + AMERICA + SPACE = LIFE ON eARTh … “ITALIAN ART WWWWWOOOOWWWW ": = BEWARE NUDE MALE Flutist and more … Mother Nature I close my eyes and draw a circle in my mind, / fire is rising up high – making all the negative creatures blind. / Slowly I feel my feet s… To The Ends Of The Earth And Yonder… Crossing ample backyards of wasteland, with little sense of direction necessary. On The Spare Of The Moment when the voices of children are heard / The Earth must surely die / And past evil that I can finally bear / I knew my life would never be t… Holy Rain The water streaming down my skin / A powerful embrace / The trees blowing in the wind / An invisible force, His face How Life began 2009 It is scientifically sound to belief in both that life came to Earth as organic matter from asteroids and that lightning activated carbon c… MY MOTHER EARTH I’m running through a room inside my head inside the dead / outside the river / On a full moon. / I leap up on the wall running alo… “LIFE ON EARTH” The attitude that transforms / All unison with the universe / So long concentrated / So long in outer reflection before the garden Mama Earth birthed a bouncing baby boy, / And Father God named him Humanity. Oh Send… High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground. Fountains of life, Trees of youth The Earth, / So it was called, / Had sprung to life, / And created us all, / To be its children ever so, / Until the day comes, / When it c… The Watcher At The End Of Time He had no time for anyone or any thing. For Griff, this act of God had been foretold. / He knew something bad was going to happen. Flower Of Life embryonic division / creates the human body / and all of the energy systems / creating more and more spheres / to the Flower of Life. Unending I know my life is but a short rotation away from death. / Without air I shall surely turn to stone. / Will this suffocation be my decay? Night by a layer of salt, / sprinkled / across her cold skin, / like stars in the night / sky. Heaven on Earth As the sun / rises behind / mixed feelings / stay inside the heart / The fearless child / inspires you / to live freely / smiling awa… SHE IS LIFE SHE IS LFE The Ego Does an eagle wonder why it kills? / We know it’s not just for the thrills, / Survival breeds in every mind, / We just drown it with a pill… Aluna, Live “the vultures will have our eyes / if we refuse to use them…” TO THE EARTH… The sun is setting and I am aware that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to… Bridging the Gap Between Science and Religion: T… Ponder Genesis-… the face of the deep is the space excluding electrons, outside of the nucleus of an atom. It extends far inward a… THE PLANET EARTH THE MIRACLE OF LIFE EXPLODES Can you hear her? Crystal, shining, sparkling, seething? TO THE EARTH… The sun is setting and I am aware that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to… One Life…Earth…Us. …when neighbor and stranger unite. t(h)ear Mother in beautiful blue / Perfection / bears a malignant child / Ignorance / he is always in her womb / Life / but he deludes he isn’… The Celebration Of Earth Life Part one The Celebration / Of / Earth Life / Baby Naming / For / Lachlan William Schimming / Born 12.55pm Monday the Twenty-First January 2008 / It … Amour This feeling of complete amour / for life itself makes me wake in my sleep, / makes me shiver for it shakes me to my core, WHAT YOU DON’T USE YOU LOOSE ‘Mankind’, go around sprouting out whatever we feel like saying at the time and don’t even realize the great power behind what … Falling … Off the face of the Earth Letting Go and Surrendering to Love / Are the Lessons We Each Needed to Learn, You and I Life! A Mothers Struggle They feel their children being ripped from their breasts and destroyed, some of them still babies, some though adults; still babies in thei… Ashes She is alive in us / As her voice can be heard speaking / Her face will be that which we see in our own reflections
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