Gaia – she is rising

Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they…


The mighty torrent is tearing at my earthly skin with unsustainable violence.

Chronos Eo Gaia : Time To Move On Earth

if we’ve been on this earth a billion years / or just a couple thousand?// / symmetry got in the snow, / or how the rain creates a bow, / w…

The Clearing

A lone ear pressed to the ground awakens to the sounds of the Earth. A soft hum becomes a drone…a single tone. As the sound flows through h…

The dearth of Earth

Take note, the planet is disappearing under our noses.

Honour me …. a poem

Honour me , honour my life,my love, my passion………

Gaia-The Moma

God is my DJ and he’s spinnin’ me non-stop. Gaia’s heart beating within me, dancing every note of desire-striking an unrecognizable chord b…

I, Mother Earth

I am the beginning, / and the end. / I gave birth to life, / the mother of all. / The trees are my limbs, / reaching to the sky. /…

Earth Jurisprudence

The Creation is not at his par / While man destroys its’ home

Bones of my heart

Come and see the bones of my heart / My ancient land, / I am here to see if you will but look……..

Pheonix Rising – The Call

The call goes out; it’s ringing loud for those who can yet hear. / For those not coming, don’t you fear; you needn’t shed a tear.

Gaia thinking

These children of mine produce living hell- / but I have other children as well.

Mother Nature Falls In Love

Fireflies dancing on Degas ballerinas / Swirling, lighting, touching, igniting / A crystal glass floor stretching far beyond the door / At …

Earth Whisperer

A young girl ran from the path, and from her father’s warm hand; she cleared the edge of the sparse woodland with ease, and drank in all th…

Waking the Giants

I remember thinking, I’ll like having a giant for a friend. He rose from the earth while I was planting sweet corn.

Sunset Rock

Transcendance seeks / a light to shine / calling, seeking / honouring the gift / calling passion, / love, by / Winds gentle curvance / seek…

Polvo Soliloquy

God or gods tend the myths and humankind is unkind pretending that the trinity of body mind and soul lives each day the sanity….

Gaia – The Living Planet

She breathes / around me / She weaves / around me / Threads of water, fire, earth

Land Is Crying

the / land is crying / it’s dying / no-one’s trying / officials are lying / while they are buying… / river’s are dr…


where do our worlds touch / each one of us / living / on our own trajectory / yet / tonight, / our journey has bought us connection. / …

The Cathari Earth-Prison

It is brilliant odd to see yourself / In a photograph a mirror a dagger

Abandoning Ancient Aboriginal Awareness

Used Ancient Ways / Heard Natures Voice / Listened to Her / Made the Right Choice

It’s Me…Earth

Your silly self, worried for my health? / Child! You better save yourself! / Talk’ in bout, “Save mother Earth!” / God used a pinch of me …

Forgive Me My Mother


As Promised

And just like that, the beauty of the day broke and the memories of reality came rushing back to him.

Sea Gaia Sighs

“From the Sea We Came / Sighing Gaia Turns Away / To Dust We Return”

Bezels Holding the Dream of the Long Sea

There’s a window in the forest / You can see through time’s brambles / Back to an age of churning / When our bones were future&…

the rest of me

The doorman of my open window has been kind to me today.

Mother Nature Falls In Love

I hope that we will fall in love with Mother Nature again so that she can heal all we have done and fall in love with us once more.

Xpression 2

deep meaning……

Death and life

Ivory skull / abandons its darkening sockets / to the writhing earth / and opens its jaw, / tongueless, / in a silent call.


Rivers of newlyweds, / Falling gently to the ground. / Old homes where once I slept, / Now burn low across the sky.

The planet was never theirs

The future. The earth is a desolate wasteland, where dry rock fades into black sea and nothing moves except dust in the cold, circling win…

The Reason

For I am the Water / that brings You the Fire / when the Air / touches the Earth


“Who is our mother?”

Reclaiming one’s own

I crest the hill on a slate path and sit down for a breather. A strong wind whips my hair, in the distance dark clouds race through the sky…

HOME ~ Heaven On Mother Earth

HOME / SWEET / Heaven / On / Mother / Earth



Machines made man…spun electrum…Intel

The label reads “man made machines….machines made man.”


Solemn Mother, / open your dark heart wide

Mother Nature

I close my eyes and draw a circle in my mind, / fire is rising up high – making all the negative creatures blind. / Slowly I feel my feet s…

To all the beauty

I am flying high above in the sky, / seeing rivers, mountains and valleys passing by. / My wings unfolded I glide high in the air, / above …

Gaia Is Weeping

Gaia is crying, it is up to us to dry her tears…

moon dance

follow me home / follow me to the place / where birds make nests in my hair / and i bathe in the earths soil

Mother Earth

Just like you and me

The New Theory of Evolutionary Creation

“Have we any right to assume that the Creator works by intellectual powers like those of man?” / -Charles Darwin / On the orig…


I know my life is but a short rotation away from death. / Without air I shall surely turn to stone. / Will this suffocation be my decay?

Earth Stronger Than Man

She rebuilds, regenerates / It’s never too late / To make things right / Earth stronger than man

Aluna, Live

“the vultures will have our eyes / if we refuse to use them…”

When the Earth left the Sun

Only when the heart of the world began to freeze did they think to look to the sky.

Eternal Gaia

…but in the end the spirit of Gaia is eterna"

Light’s Last Breath

A labyrinth of heavy raindrops fell against the rooftop tiles, seeping into the burned cracks. Water trickled through the ceiling, an icy d…

Killing Hummingbird Valley

The property was beginning to be livable, but what was happening to their parcel / of land?

Cosmic Fishing Trip

Maybe He’s summoning Mother Earth / His partner, corollary / Because He has seen her majestic body / Tied up, raped, and dejected

in earth dreams

what we want to, but cannot capture / in earth dreams

Earth Keeper

The melody of Her song enchants me: / Crushing ocean waves, birdsong, gusts of wind


Whispering of the wood nymphs, so green and lush…

In the valley were they once knew my name

As I run through the valley where they once knew my name / I look up and see a sight so insane. / What’s before me is the greatest quarry …

lunar goddess

the refletion of day on summer waves / earth wind / i wake / to believe / the sun shines to warm my body / and help it grow / part of thi…

Earth Maternal

She breathes and whispers a wind song, / caressing her beloved, / Watching adornfully with her celestial eyes,


‘I think therefore I am’ / Then do share what you think human; / For your actions do not imply much thought. / Only greed, / Ma…

“From The Beggining”

some sight into the past and future of our earth


Gaia is crying…

A Prayer for Love and Peace…Anchoring the N…

I see all my earthly brothers and sisters embrace each other with warmth and compassion / Arms (weaponry) are laid down / Arms (human) are …

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