Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… Wahonowin (grief and anguish) Wahono’win (grief and anguish) / Smell the incense of the Balsam, / Hear the words the Great Spirit speaks. / Time for mourning comes… the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful seven lies seven stars filled the skies / seven hearts were told seven lies / each secret not to be told / each lie grew bigger as she grew old / a b… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. DEATH ON HOLIDAY ‘It’s a miracle!’ Kerri North, whispers, almost afraid to vocalise her feelings. / ‘They say he should have died, but he didn’t!’ Jesus The Bridge To Heaven Mini series lesson 3 What happened to Satan and Man after they sinned against God ? On Wings of Prayer … place to run,to no man can I turn… earth seed good for giving Dead man’s grey dream A Flickering candle light waiting for us to dive in before it dies. To show her how we ride and slide, under our dreams where we live forev… Chronos Eo Gaia : Time To Move On Earth if we’ve been on this earth a billion years / or just a couple thousand?// / symmetry got in the snow, / or how the rain creates a bow, / w… Forgotten Lessons What will it take to wake the sleepers, to hear their voices once again. Forest Koan Poem written while watching strip mining… A World in a Tear Drop I have been thinking of a water droplet of late and how it is held together by it’s own attraction…..and in that droplet a worl… Death and life Ivory skull / abandons its darkening sockets / to the writhing earth / and opens its jaw, / tongueless, / in a silent call. The planet was never theirs The future. The earth is a desolate wasteland, where dry rock fades into black sea and nothing moves except dust in the cold, circling win… “I’m writing to say that I love You&#… I’m writing to say that I love you / I cannot live without you anymore / You have taken my eyesight away / I bless this computer for spell … the chronicles. your eyes would lift the morning up, like a heavy winged thing, like great birds who move the moon at night through an oil slick sky. Passing aeons Six word story: Earth lives… Earth and Children I am feeling optimistic today. If This Were My Last Day on Earth… If this were my last day on earth, / I would not hesitate to tell you how I feel. / If the world was coming to an end today, / I would hold… Tears Repressed Close your eyes, / lay down and rest. / Now I mourn / tears repressed. / I cry and cry. / You are gone. / I cry and cry, / dusk ‘til dawn. … Kind Be kind to the earth because / its made of all that’s died. / And when you toil through the dirt / please, remember, that someday / … How on earth……………&#… You have another living child who needs you / And whilst you crumble and die inside / You still hear the cries of your surviving child̷… A Price Worth Paying Although…it’s what happens after, / Why people attend buildings so beautifully built, / With a beauty inside, / To resemble their heaven i… I Am Altaria here i stated my meaning / standing here alone on earth / no one knows the true meaning of sorrow / but i do, sorrow is when no one cares /… Death of a Muse—-Birth of an Earth Angel On this journey, I can say that recently life has afforded me with opportunities of self realization, actualization, and awareness. This j… Dust To Earth With his frail lips Man smacks away the unsavoury taste of penitence that lingers upon the tip of his tongue. He draws his last breath with… Mother Earth For when she dies, / Love will die, / And Death will rule The Storyteller’s Story Told! Come ….. sit down and listen ….. to my story if you dare, / Come now please sit down beside me, / Listen and take great care! The Watcher At The End Of Time He had no time for anyone or any thing. For Griff, this act of God had been foretold. / He knew something bad was going to happen. Unending I know my life is but a short rotation away from death. / Without air I shall surely turn to stone. / Will this suffocation be my decay? TO THE EARTH… The sun is setting and I am aware that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to… Slipping The old decaying world of tomorrow is but a shadow fo a thought on my mind, as I ponder on all the modern evils of current times, sweeping … At Last On Earth I Rest on ancient land / hallowed graves dwell Light’s Last Breath A labyrinth of heavy raindrops fell against the rooftop tiles, seeping into the burned cracks. Water trickled through the ceiling, an icy d… Valley of the Shadow of Death The image of you is my comfort / Though that I am no Christian / Thy staff and thy rod assist me / You are no savior / You are here … with … TO THE EARTH… The sun is setting and I am aware that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to… WHAT YOU DON’T USE YOU LOOSE ‘Mankind’, go around sprouting out whatever we feel like saying at the time and don’t even realize the great power behind what … Ashes She is alive in us / As her voice can be heard speaking / Her face will be that which we see in our own reflections This is how it is. Our Beautiful Earth how will it all end up? Spirit Renewed My lifeless form, to earth so be / While spirit flies then wild and free Grounded These damned flies, these minute minions… capable of turning me into a withering pile of maggots within short days, their power is immeasur… A Gift do you think God looks down at the Earth, / and hates it? / Shit, I would. Unknowingly Sleeping Our ultimate condition Fall In Senses Rustling, half-attached, bathed in filtered amber glow, / Topaz, peridot, magenta, coral brilliance, / Vibrant washes of color, engulfing … His Father’s Grave Jon wondered if only stoners were into those Planet Earth, hippy harangues or if the fad would eventually integrate into the hoi polloiR… With Wings Where minds dare tread ‘pon astral planes / As clouds so form, as slippers worn i am lost my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake Message In A Bottle “…This is Captain Jacob Costner of the Pegasus 3. I have been abandoned in deep space. Help me.” Your Bed Now you lie in the grave you dug / The dark hole you went to willingly / You complain that no one cares / That no one will help you out Crooks There’s a part of me / that wants to curl up in a hole / stretched to the core, / dead bolt the door, / and never come out again. / I… Last night on Earth He looked more closely, It wasn’t just sand, it was men and women and cars and trucks and camels and cattle and They were all speedin… decayed decadence winters that weren’t and deadly droughts to come / mother nature is beating her war drum / when shit hits the fan and our kids inheri… The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place [Scene cuts to the black and white checkered floor of the bathroom where puddles of water cover the floor] crashing through the atmosphere i was a falling bird now / a man unable to take flight / i was without wings or safety net ON THE SPARE OF THE MOMENT But I still rose with a cheerful face / And a bright courageous eye / And the bad spark that filled the air / Brought Wisdom and faith did … The day the earth sneezed Serial killers, H1N1, / Child molesters, HIV… / She shudders with the cold, / And Port Au Prince is flattened

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