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Retro Classic Mac Trash  by LaundryFactory Bin cat by MangaKid Garbage Can by Style-O-Mat remanence by richman Kill Your Television by ragpicka Leaves and rubbish by Vitali Komarov Dustbin days by Karen01

A Viking in my Dustbin. (33) Night visitors.

I reasoned with myself, that’s what it was, little creatures scuttling around under the floor-boards and the wind playing xylophone with th…
Standing in Line by Jay Taylor Farm talk - Snoodles, a chick with attitude! by Maree  Clarkson No dustbins to be left here by chelseamerry

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. Book One. (1) Fear and lo…

This was very different. Scary Senior School had suddenly loomed dark and large into my scrawny little life. And under its’ dark wing it br…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (26) Rhino Cider

“Oh yes,… well that’s the Scrumpy see,” she said. “It’s what they leave in it when they make it that does that to them after a while.…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (18) Hormonic voices

“A number 23 bus ran over my foot Sir”. He said wincing.


We found our natural target in another server, a senior one. He was a sanctimonious middle-age man with a military moustache clipped neat a…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (2) The Kingdom of Truant

My plan was diabolically clever, wonderful yet dangerous, very dangerous in fact. Just the thought of it kept me in nightmares and diarrhea…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (24) The Sweet Smell of…

Corsham was dreamlike alright, most likely because everyone, students and locals were in fact constantly stoned


Some of the old men had had lives that were simply tragic, awful accidents of history and circumstance. It was as though their stories had …
Howard's atomic dustbin by will crane Poetry in a dustbin.... by 1more photo

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (22) Romance and Disinfe…

The summer weeks of 1969 passed by in a cloud of romance and disinfectant. Then it was over and art college beckoned.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (23) Misery Mansion

As the figure came closer I could make out it was a girl about twenty maybe, wearing white diaphanous clothes which billowed and swirled ro…

A Viking in my Dustbin. (34) Mouse House.

I still hear the laughter of that sun-blessed afternoon in the common-room as we all played as children, blissfully unaware as mid-summer a…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (11) My real Disguise

“Mum, don’t you know, it’s not a tan, it’s hormones!”

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (17) A Mafia of Angels

I expected a long tongue to shoot out of his mouth anytime, sucking back a small choirboy and swallowing the one who’d been singing flat.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (12) Face to face with a…

I imagined him scaring genteel ladies with the size of his machete and his assembled scary zoo of ‘Watnots and Woodles’.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (25) The fly died happy

It reminded me of when I’d been to a zoo as a kid once and saw a rhino peeing. It made me think of that. Well it couldn’t taste as bad as i…
Farm talk - Solly's dustbin chook by Maree  Clarkson

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (21) Inmates of illness

Occasionally, there was a funny side to daily life on the ward.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (3) Little voices

-neither of us realized as we descended the steps that we’d left daylight, the twentieth century and my childhood behind.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (27) A mate for Paradise

There were loads of girls at the college, more than chaps. I didn’t think it would be too difficult to get fixed up, especially if I took m…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (10) A hole in it

“School Parties are on Thursdays. It’s such an interference. It really is! We always have to clean everything after you boys have been. Gru…
dustbin angel, 2010 by Thelma Van Rensburg

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (16) A Masterly Rip off

Divorce was very difficult in those days, not as easy to get as now, and there was no guarantee that mum would have got custody of my siste…


I wrote this12 months ago just before we moved into our new flat. / The Demon Dustbin / The warmth of the duvet was gently lulling me to sl…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (15) Art and Chips Twice

Local: “That’s not what I’d call art pal- my dog could have shat that, now pass t’brown sauce and bugger off.”
The Jazz Box  by PictureNZ Flowers for the Dustbin by kalaryder

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (45) Chicken Noodles and …

We stood on the same altar steps where not so many years before my mate Dave and I had watched the chief server smoulder.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN.(14) Time Traveller

It made me think that time must have gone much slower back in History. This was History, I felt a tingle inside my head, I felt different l…
Yahoooooooooooooooooooo by nixArt DOG POO BIN by eyeone

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (13) Bogart and Me

“How’s it going kid?” / “Fine thank you.” / “What’s a kid like you doing in a crummy place like this?” / “I am incognito Mr. Bogart.”

A Viking in my Dustbin. (32) Shared accomodation.

To make it worse up in my attic the dark hours were when the old house really came alive.
old dustbin by danapace

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (29) Laughter opens Doors.

Though I realized I had an awful lot to learn about women, one thing I was sure of was that if I could make her laugh I’d be in with a chan…
Dustbin Day by Francis Drake


I was now officially AWOL and as I left the school gates, I entered a new and secret world, the Kingdom of Truant……..

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (5) In with the Big Boys

At my grandparents council house, the grown ups drank sherry and laughed. Grandma said “Eee love” and gave me a squeeze and a kiss with h…
Dustbin Angel by Kos Cos

A Viking IN MY DUSTBIN (9) Talking Pictures

I had managed to escape Mathematics classes at school which terrified me and now on that first morning as a truant I’d entered one of the …

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (48) Cold Calling

It all starts out promising, but sometimes, as poverty comes in the door, love flies out the window!

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (50) The Front Garden of …

I could tell that inside Jacks’ head the great wheels of entrepreneurship were turning, to him the huge black steaming hole beneath us was …

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (51) The Bulldozer and th…

My official position on the dump was, junior grade moron. Only brain-dead people would, could work in such a God forsaken place every day.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (61) Rubbish Maketh the B…

So to get the story I asked myself, why and how would a dustbin morph into a humanoid character?

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (53) In Business.

The projector whirred as the actress playing the woman who’d recently been admitted to hospital, twitched and shook as the electric shock t…
Dustbin Demon by Kos Cos

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (41) Art, Imagination, In…

….it was as though the spirit of the Fine Arts filtered down from the studios through the building to the lower floors….


He’d always promised himself a Rolls he told me, and after a year on the dump and amassing a pile of cash he bought one, as immaculate and…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (6) The pen of death

He was reputed to be the only master in the school to have a fountain pen filled with the decanted blood of small boys found to be useless …

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (56) A little fantasy wor…

What I really wanted in those little jars of colours was, red for the blood of the characters that would be spilled by Harry the friendly …
Skip Pattern by Orla Cahill Photography

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (43) Design Ninjas!

It’s Art-College for God’s sake, not the Paratroop Regiment!

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN (38) Digging in for the Du…

If Ev. was the Queen of the house then Dave her teddy boy son son, who’d spoken to me, was her reigning Knight and champion,

A Viking in my Dustbin. (31) Elves and Hippies d…

It all seemed perfectly reasonable and lovely to be happily-hazily stoned and rattily disheveled sitting on the quilted bed edge drinking t…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (4) Aaaaas and Ooooos

“Now I want you to sing these notes one after the other” Said Doctor Death from his stool, “ copy the notes again for me.”

A Viking in my Dustbin. (35) Paradise Lost.

-the contents of the white envelope came as a shock and dropped me hard and heavy hearted back into reality.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN (37) All or Nothing.

We all had that hopeful/hopelessl look supported by a complete lack of confidence. But here it was our collective last chance. It was Pass,…


All would be mine if I could only hold my gaze steadfast unwavering and innocent, unblinking, sincere and honest on his

A Viking in my Dustbin. #81. A PIG OF A DATE.

I wasn’t as convinced that erotica was on the cards.“You share the room with your brother?” I asked.
... by Beautiful Amnesia

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (49) Muck, Money and Mort…

I admired him tremendously from the first day he’d ignored me in his front-room when Sue first brought me home to show off her new boyfrien…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (46) Wedded and on fire.

About an hour later, I opened my eyes and looked up, it seemed that we were being visited by demonic beings,

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (54) Wonky Weather.

“Good evening, here’s the weather for our region for tomorrow, the warm conditions are set to continue with snow coming down from Siberia b…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (69) Fantasy World.

the place to go if you needed something extraordinary, like a one-legged singing kangaroo or a food mixer that fills the kitchen, with pink…
Attack of the Killer Bins  by PictureNZ

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (39) Meet the lodgers.

It was the beginning of a deep and festering resentment.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (40) Cock of the Walk.

It was like living with a mafia boss with an oversized wiffle.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (59). A shotgun and a Cam…

…. I waited for him to pull out the shotgun. I’ve never seen anyone literally fit to bust,…..

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (47) Animations of Mortal…

I guess my first efforts were somewhat derivative, all screaming nuns and paper cutouts.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (44) A Way of Being

Design wasn’t just a discipline; it was a way of being.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (30) Train to no-where.

I was a lot more fun as a traffic accident then I was a lover.
Under the table by fabricedeloor

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (28) Luminous Jenny

Jenny was about 4’6” tall, weighed about ninety pounds if that, had long jet black hair down to her waist which shone like anthracite and a…

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (60) The Golden Booby Pri…

The new show was called 3*2*1. It had been the hit light entertainment show on Spanish Television where it had played for several seasons
Paddington Bear by J0KER  Pebbles the  dustbin cat by fruitcake

A Viking in my Dustbin. #79. Movie Mogulling.

We had to be disciplined and practical, no boozy lunches, no pot, no screwing in the cupboard with the lady animators, no nothing…..

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (58). A complete B*stard.

Beware flattery when it comes from a crooked mouth and boy as we were to discover was this swine crooked.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (55) Caption Desperation.

Every tick mocked, and every hour wasted robbed me of my ability to think straight,
Found raiding the dustbin by laureenr Finally Some One Admire Us  by withsun

A Viking in my Dustbin. #90. NEW YORK in LEEDS.

As the Village People in full costume stepped out of their limos and waved, the cameras flashed, and the huge crowd went wild. Leeds had se…
Metallic by fabricedeloor

A Viking in my Dustbin. #77. MUCKY NIGEL.

…once he started coughing it was like waking up in an poor house hospital in the eighteenth century.

A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (57). Young hip and Creat…

At the time before making this giant leap, she’d a job as a junior designer at Pentagram in London, an amazing position to have.
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