As Romantic As A Lettuce I’m single and have been for about 9 months now. Fortunately for my sex life, my place of employment is rather lax with monitoring their AA… All that Glitters is not Gold…. I have no sight but vision is mine….. / I have no hearing but I sense and understand….. WHEN I GROW UP? I have been known to allow my inner child to show / Usually prompting the question / When are you going to grow up Lessons Learned Today in particular. I`m not a young spry chicken anymore. In the past things I did may have caused me discomfort and I could easily recove… Hello… Anybody on the receiving line? no… i thought not… Just some dumb kids bitterness of how we are here spreads to our smiles / and we clumsily sip our cokes to keep it sweet / But it’s too late. And we… A year ago. Memorized the manner of how you take a drag off your cigarette, how you look in the mornings.. Piglets-Emily Higuet & Deva Thyme Soaking in mud, / rolling on the rug. / Going crazy, / little miss daisy. Dumb So long ago, / I held a knife, / Cut so deep, / Body ice. / I am now alone, / Time stands still, / Empty thoughts, / Broken will. / As I wa… Hitting the fan the great unspoken is aired, / and for one teeny weeny, miniscule second / of our blind, deaf and dumb earthly existence … / we are real. MR. RACOON JUST CALL ME MR. RACOON / I COME OUT WITH THE MOON / FOLKS DON’T CARE TOO MUCH / ABOUT RACOONS AND SUCH / THERE’S ALWAYS A MAN … Dumb Lust. she was a racially ambiguous dream / what I mean / is that this Dark Queen from Queens / who I thought would eventually come to know me / w… Unconscious Harm The sonic boom shook from one end of the market to the other and across the road. As humans and merchandise alike were flung to the floor … Running again for governor of CA CA, lifornia Running for Gov of CA CA lifornia Spring Time Birds are chirping in the trees…bees are flying past those trees where bunnies / sit and play while deer are by the bay Take Some Photographs, Please Today / I took pictures of the road / Pretty patterns of broken macadam, / stony holes awaiting affirmation / from the paid public servant… champange reunion when / school was out and we were out of our minds / with boredom and depression. Quick, slick, / wild nights scorched up sporadically t… Fishy Wishy Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male. Stupid kids and a dumb world We’re the sidewalk kids / Of back in the old days / They’d tell us how were meant to be / Someday / We’d grow up / And ge… Hey & Honey? I wished I was a Pig, / I became a Duck…. / Ok now I wish to / end this poem, But it keeps going…. / hey it ended!…….. / Honey … Redundant Tendencies The air is crisp / and chilled on the lip. / My head is clear as the sky / with just as much snow; / her footprints / tracked in trails thr… Mindless Minion Is it really worth the risk / of breaking a promise with yourself / of busting your morals into pieces / to pull out another cigarette and… Dumb Calf A calf led out, a rope about the legs / With simian eyes I make docile persuasion Just a Dumb Story I thought he was married / Asshole / Emailing me / Married! / What’d he want! / Blew him off / Fixed his wagon / Told him I had a boy… Dumb Luck It isn’t necessarily the fact / that I can’t mentally grasp / simple concepts. / I feel as though I’m quite capable. / … Rip Tide-Satarupa Thyme Look over there look at that Rip Tide………… / Oops false alarm. He, He, He!!! Signs Of The Apocalypses (or the REAL Armageddon,… (Mature) Frank Zappa……..“Dumb all over, … DUMB ALL OVER…..NEAR OR FAR Beer and Ice Cream I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea… New Years Resolutions from me a dumb guy Next time say hello to the lion and pat the lion trainer on head We’re all so numb. We’re all so dumb. I used to never get sick of trying / I still haven’t gotten sick of dying / I got tired of running, got scared and ran again / ItR… Dumb Actions speak louder than words / But me I was born dumb* Dumb Then Found You take me as I am So Dumb i cant beleive thats its all done / i cant beleive i let go of the one / that i loved with all my heart and soul / i was stupid to ever do … Mum, not dumb Never one to believe in herself / Her life got shelfed / As a mum / Who said she was dumb. Big Dumb Grin Sometimes I talk to myself, / But it’s even because other times I think to other people, / I don’t think I do enough, / Though … dumb [Video] / crack a smile / it’s been awhile / trying to be happy / she’s been a bit snappy / just numb out these feelings / watc… Top signs you own a dumb dog Requested that her I.Q. test be reformatted so this time she can smell the questions and then eat them Blind Senses to a Dream To my eyes, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, / Not wanting to forget this wonderful onset of a dream. erasing. Nausea overcomes me as this night grabs hold of cold stars. / Nightmares and stomach turning memories take fold in my brain. / Uncertainty … The Fall of Ormo See, Ormo was his dearest friend, / All the way to his very sad end. / “It’s all right, Igbo,” Ormo would say, / “I…

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