Hello Spaceboy! by Frannn Vodka Girl by DarkRubyMoon "Hammered" Drunk by Clinton Warburton The Bottle into my reflection, my darkened eyes a dull glaze / the stale odor of liquor created a thickened haze / stammering, staggering, the bottle … Floatin on down Life is a river, / On which I am floating down. he has drunk til he was drunken by tastesfunny college by mcbuca02 Bus stop. He then began to mumble again, however clearer this time, he said something to almost make me condone his mid day drinking habit. / “If th… Alice's Wonderland by Jacky Burns Wasted by Loriene Perera SAVE WATER DRINK VODKA by mcdba Drink, Drank, Drunk Drink, drank, drunk / Drink, drank, drunk / See how they drink. See how their drunk / Inebriated they chased after the farmer’s wife / Whos… my drunk gnomey gnome by emma-jane byles Dont Tell My Dad!!! by jolon larter Drunk Humpty by Kerina Strevens A Drunken Man. by Tim  Duncan Bus Bench, 2:00pm, Las Vegas Strip by Christopher Scholl happiness in a bottle by guestrix 1953 by zachreed Where did you go, little princess? by AndresC drunk by Roethlisberger Madeleine Drunk by jirotakayasu Drunk at The Embassy by Dzi Dzig Ahhh, Memories Remember when we were young, / And our fire burned so bright. So I’ve Heard… Aging wears on the mind, / Aches the soul, / Torments the body. Dream Drunk Have you known that this poem intails of a very outlandish,gloomy, yet swifty and it is eccentric at it’s best. Whisky Is The Answer (v2), Funny by Ron Marton Wasted by KarmaSparks 2238 by zachreed bokeh drunk by malina drunk tko by juanpablojpax chips by RumblePie Oktoberfest by marcioSCHUSTER Some one is going to get really drunk!!! by Larry Llewellyn don't get too drunk by AngieSmith drunk cat by Tonyhoworth Inner Self by Aztech1980 2237 by zachreed 2241 by zachreed GENTLEMENS JACK by Charles Dobbs Photography Drink Driving by openyourap Winter Weather versus Scottish Hogmanay… This is a funny account of my experiences in holding a scottish hogmanay party and what went wrong during it !! fuzzz fizzz fazzzzzz trun me to fast like a shot to my head Megabite Mayhem by Jake Sherman Beer Junkie by jean-louis bouzou I Don't Like the Beer... by Peter Pesta Christmad Night Is Always Fun To Get Drunk by Jayci 2235 by zachreed Geib's drunk by telosrock Sake Is The Answer, Funny by Ron Marton Drunk Alien by DoreskyStudios Bourbon Is The Answer, Funny by Ron Marton All The Wine I Have Drank And All The Places I've Cried In. by Fuschia Honk If you Love Abbott by pelegrin Freezing drunk! Ice Bar - Copenhagen, Denmark by waynebolton Milk Drunk by NekaRae Drink Driving, Version 2. The man was in a car crash: / Glass had pierced his heart. / The paramedics tried to save him but / It was pointless from the start. 2239 by zachreed Got a bit drunk last night, walked home. Walking though wet streets I want nothing but the rain with nothing / other than the rain to replace the faces that left me tonight. Anothe… drunk by sianteri Freak Machine Drinking Team by codyst drunk by vontyback Music fan by Mishimoto Who's Drunk by mhunek Get Drunk to Forget I don’t want this to be about heartache / I don’t want this to hang over my head / I don’t want to see my future curled i… Keep Calm and Drink Beer by ilmagatPSCS2 Ol’ Johnnie (Lyrics and Song) Johnnie’s in a bottle / And he’s tryin’ to get out / Listen, you can hear him / Can’t you hear him shout? Local Patriot City by hardwear Evolution – Party  by Bela-Manson Corned Beef Or Kiss It! by Welte Arts & Trumpery Beer Makes Life Beerable by TeamAwesome All Over the Shop Two salary men, / with bright red faces, / dropping coins / all over places. Matter of Principle by Christopher Muggridge Bellisimo by aBrandwNoName the drunken bard it is the / season / of moans and / the bemoaned / now collapse / my fingers / broke Drunk Pikachu by Goldarcanine DAV Brandz #Winning Pixel Tee by Derrick Aviles Drunk Again by LeonRice in the dark of the night 2 am / is the best time to think / the sun is no longer there / to hold you accountable / and the moon is nothing / but a burnt out street… When Your Drunk when your eyes are blurry and you can’t stand, / your arms stretched out wide screaming I am a man. / Yeah if we don’t fight wh… ThePenguinHandler by DrunkTuxedo I Swear to Drunk by David Ayala Getting Shit Faced by Jonesy117 Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced! by funnytees  Screw Being Irish. I Just Want To Drink! by Welte Arts & Trumpery Drunk, Sex Feeling by revolutionary13 Kiss Me, I'm Drunk by keepers Funny t-shirt 10 (black text) by jmkay9876 LIGHT BEER by whitelash and burning flames, they burn this isn’t love / there is no happy ending / no story to be written / just a little bit of being smitten Muirshin Durkin @ Clancy's in Long Beach Featuring Anita & the Yanks by Scribblepinch Serbesa by plushpop Lucky Dude by AuntieJ ‘Evasionary’ Partook of allevi’ation long enough that, just barely: I found myself freed from the trappings of my Miseria. / Then I came to the ac… ‘Rain Dance’ These collosal office tossers; / Bait you on with their coffers. / Would not be wrongly employed, / In spending themselves up large on; / … Change - Holiday by antdragonist
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