Vegatarian by Style-O-Mat Quasimoto Trio by Beddytear Red flowers by Nenad  Njegovan Millson by ducttaped I Stand The deadbeat, / Drugged upped, / Nothing but a fuck up, Addiction Series #5...AS IS by trueblvr lovers the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice, Psych DRUGS KILL PEOPLE I have just seen a very frightening movie. / Its all about how phych drugs are killing people. / Take a look and if you want more the whole… holmes by KreddibleTrout Mushroomvision by pocketsoup That's all Folks... by Curt Vinson little red pills by Hege Nolan LIFEFORM 250299214015EX by santakaoss Bartenders are just different Pharmacists by artpolitic I Love Colombia by artpolitic Acid Drop by mhelenurm That Girl What has happened to that girl? / With the pale blonde hair / And the blue-eyed stare / That I knew so well? skull and bong 1 by RealFreedom Breaking bad personalised surname by RudieSeventyOne don't do drugs by yabloko4 WEIRD 22 by Churlish1 cubism in urban architecture by Nenad  Njegovan object 45 subjected relationships in a parallel reality by xxzx Maddness in a tin can wid wheels aka roadtrips from hell  by Phineous "Flash"   Cassidy Personalised Breaking bad / Baldwin by RudieSeventyOne Cocaine by ImagineMyselfAs freedom to be.. by OZDOOF Weird by Angchor Hunter Thompson on the Bitch by FrenchBanana Casino Addiction! by downlow Breaking Bad - Walter White by Aaron Kim Pharmacist - Behind the scenes  by Mike  Savad Today (in a material world) Child pornography, sex for sale; / Kid’s in foster care, mother’s in gaol. jamaica ganja by fuxart Turf Wars by Jamie Tucker Hidden by Samitha Hess Waiting to score He proceeded to chop at it, on a small marble slab, working on it until it was a fine powder, he looked up and caught my eye, he grinned at… MIC AND BUGS PUFF PUFF PASS by chasemarsh Pugs Not Drugs by SamanthaMirosch god by paroe What is drugs? - teeshirt by kalitarios I CRIED MISTAKES WE MAKE Junkie by Joseph Gharzai Hank Schrader- The DEA by stylishtech LINES OF COCAINE by WHYSUCHASCENE Do Running Not Drugs  by supernova23 yeah NOW you’re living the dream you used to be beautiful; / smile, eyes, the whole 9, / like a lilly blossom floating in a pond, / but that time has passed / and eh, now y… Alice in Wonderland by sarah-jade atkinson Design for a bookjacket by Digiteyez Cute dog  by Julie Johannesen Dying to Live That person in the coffin wasn’t him, not the fair-haired boy that had been so full of life and laughter. FLOWERED POWERED HIGHWAY I traveled the Flowered Powered Highway / All the young years of my life / Walking down all the roads / There was much fun..but also strife… Mushroom Kingdom by Julia  Ockert The Two Existent Worlds You MUST Live In…. This second world is where the pure genius of music, art, writing, poetry, sculpture, etc., etc, ad infinitum, comes shining through like a… One More Hour “But still in her confusion she awakes to nothing / But cold fear of the known / As the unknown is not a fright anymore / And she rea… Dior Addict by Peter Maeck The Beerminator by artpolitic WEIRD 27 by Churlish1 The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but… Observations For his hand I would not kiss / Then suddenly he grabbed my shoulders / And planted me with a kiss / Upon the cheeks in true French fashion… Omar (Green) by Danonymous84 Life, Drugs, Jail Life drugs and jail overcame the young orphan like a ocean / running with his wolves at first now he swimming like a dolphin / in an unkind… I’ve Seen Phantoms (Mature) I DONT NEED DRUGS TO HAVE IMAGINATION by Alrescha partyman drugs by Vimm Pain by TAMARA MORAN Sex, Drugs and Opera by woodian Commercial Angels Drugs / Sex / Alcohol / Names of those angels with sordid wings, / their neon signs rusting around the / bullet holes. Lonely by PishPosh Soft Drugs by Manuel Wieczorek White Dragon Dreams by Katewah Pete Doherty by PashleyPictures Treasure Every Moment Treasure every moment / every tender kiss / Treasure every heartbeat / that pounds against your chest / Treasure every spark of love / tha… YOU KNOW WHAT I SELL by emro Space... The medical frontier... by cubik Living Here Drugs are causing deaths in Mexico for the allumination of the mind. The innocent are being hounded to obey for the cartels’ to bring… Xanax and Alcohol You can hide in the corner / You can drug yourself up / You can become numb to the world / Contemplate the worth of it all 4 o'Clock   by Violeta Pérez Anzorena grass is greener by fuxart I Watched You Fly  by Butterflies&Bullets <3 Road Ends in Water So I can drift / Between the spaces of life Bartender by mobii Rose Seidler House by Nenad  Njegovan iSenberg - Breaking Bad iPhone Case by ronnywilko LSD by Kent DuFault ;drug mule; by dawnandchris Bathroom Break by soolsma Fractal by Dmitry Rostovtsev holly  by TAMARA MORAN The Prey This is our commune, / our kibbutz, / our ‘other’ address. / This is where we come, / to become. Exposed. Do Boxing Not Drugs  by supernova23 " The lure of Hollywood " For shame the drugs. oxymoron passenger seat of a coconut and / caramel bronco, beat to hell by city / driving and unconcern, dents like / battle scars with ruddy ruste…  It's 3am Do You Know Where You Are? by Nicole Wiedig According to Jack Jack and his friend got the fancy invitation card the same day. They considered themselves very lucky. You had to be someone to get an invi… hash by pelegrin
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