I’m not Homicidal

“I got me the prettiest little fucked up bitch in America, and it’s all my fault. Guess that means I gotta fix you, huh?”…

The Owassa Chronichles / A tale of Two Sickies

Gremlins, Grass and Graduation. June 1969

Fake Memoirs II


A Pint Sized Insurgency

Sex, Drugs & Alien Abduction, a ludicrous serial novel.

drug haiku

Dude sits on the wall / Inhales deeply on his bong / Well aint he a nob


Stuck in this mental ice age / Where evolution is far from tomorrow / And he …. is just …. confined there ….. Chilling …

Train wreck





The desperation displayed so plainly on the man’s face cut into our hearts’ and even more tragic was the habitual zombie-like express…

Swirling in the jar

I shovel the guests away before they see / the broken boy you revealed to me


Sitting next to a royal purple smoke tree / I smoke my pipe and let my soul be free / I let the wind blow by / Watch the clouds drift in th…

Gun Tootin Crack Smokin

Smokin pot and Poppin pills / Will niver ever cure your Ills

He Never was my Brother…

It was during this time that we discovered “The Gingerbread House”. It stood in a woody thicket on the south banks of the river.

A Poem – Dreams

Stormy resolutions thumps in her eyes, / She mutters crude sentences composed of lies, / Blood red lightning stains her whites, / Skin pale…

Sneak Preview of the Forward in my Book

What you are about to read is factual and based on a true story. The naes have been changed to protect the identities of the people involve…

I will catch you when you fall

I wish you were still my baby / I rushed that part / not knowing what to do / or how to cope / I wish you were still my two year old / When…

life shadows

as madness seeps, like enshrouding fog / its shadowy digits / parting fontanelle / and worming the fertile fabric of mind / does it take yo…

Shattered ( Drugs don’t work !!)


Life goes on ?

A glimmer of light in the shadows, / and I just know you have gone, / Your life has ended, / yet my life carries on .


It was latening dusk, and he was driving up the quicksilver-road with his sister and her boyfriend slumped together in the back seat, dead.…


So come and get your dose……… / But if you get hooked baby……

For Sale

One dream / never realized / Barely used and in good condition / Still with original box of hope / will concider offers / or free to a good…

A huge mound of jelly

Nell hobbled downstairs and got the bin, / Wrapped Mabel up in Alfoil and dropped her in.

Thoughts of Suicide

“Ask your doctor if adding Abilify is right for you.

The Camera’s Story

Camera set. Angle checked. Memory captured.

The CH one (language alert)



I gather flowers from the fields / that smell like clumps of rotted weeds; / they crumble in my hands and fall / upon the dirty floor.

The Crave

To close my eyes, a deathwish. / A summons of fear / within… / a thousand spiders crawling under my skin.

what’s that kid up to?


Weird (s)Hit

It’s the kind of cold sweating, bowel-wrenching fuck-up I’ve become. One man’s high is another man’s grief.

timor mortis conturbat me


Anger is all the rage

So if you think you love me, / Why don’t you feel it when I’m falling?

Iron Blanket

Felt you in my fingertips, / saw through your facade. / In a time so disconcerting, / that normalcy was odd. / If tears were blood, / IR…

I am Beating My Drum On The Street

I am beating my drum / fore all who are weary and tired of dancing to the world’s drum


I kiss / the smoothness of a gun / I kick / the pureness of my habits…

Tribal rites at a 21st Century dance club

Games without frontiers / No names, no hang ups, no fears / In Armani and Gucci, intrepid cave dwellers from Pablo Escobar’s S &…

Welcome to the End

Their lips moved together slowly, as if they had all the time in the world.

Defining the fairytale ending

I never wanted a fairytale ending.

Love, Wrath, and Methamphetamines

You, with your pale-gold hair and beautifully difficult poetry, your nimble fingers on the guitar strings, your half-smile and arched-eyebr…

Protecting Angels

a feeling of excitement the fun with dad, / time stands still, / right then I’m glad.

apostles of the streets

the streets, / empty / as a killer’s / dream, gape like / the dispossessed.

pestilence (part one)

the city sleeps. / sin rises like a dirty / vapour from off the crazed / paving stones / and permeates the darkness

Happiness Is A Warm Gun


" just going for a piss mate."

She came at me with that eight inch blade that nicked my second rib and tore my best Savers shirt. Havent moved that fast since shoplifting…

Nineteen Ninety-Never

I feel uncomfortable in my skin and I know that no amount of tailoring will fix it

Two Children Die .

White Powder Whore .

Tie Dye

I like to sting myself

About The Artwork:

I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu…

Auto Air Condition Powered by Candy Bars

Well one sizzlin summers’ day while I was in the car with my dad , we were melting away as our car inch it’s way every ten minu…

You’re Killing Yourself

All things must pass, / and you did pass away, / from the bright sun of Dallas town, / into the dying LA day. / Vague nightmares of abuse, …

Like a mirage

I could at least always depend on the kind of honesty that only 2 litres of chardonnay can bring.


When I wake up in the morning / and run my fingers through my hair / When I turn to see you sleeping / but realise you are not there / Plea…

We Don’t Sell Crazy Here

“We don’t sell crazy here,” / he says as he cums on my leg / Drifting into his high he throws one hairy calf over mine

Fox & Hounds

He was not expecting Juan to snatch up, cat-quick, his discarded knife and staple his hand to the tabletop in a blossom of blood.

No I am not on Drugs

Mark my words said the poet / The rhyme time is just fine time / Ed-it the words if you must / Make it an Ed-itorial as well / These are no…


I want to kiss him. That I know for definite. Maybe it’s the amount of K we’ve consumed in grainy lines up our noses, maybe it’s his aura…


How did it happen / How did she break / The little girl said / Almost as an escape / The doll was smashed / Upon the floor / Her parents ju…

Plain Sight

The scene within shocked him for a second, but only a second.

addictions tricks

She adores her addiction, / It helps her overcome, / Her self inflicted fiction, / Of reality, / Of now, / Of all that makes her wow……

Our Addiction

His shadow swayed in the glare of the television, casting inaudible screams on the yellowing floral print wallpaper.


Scattered on the wind / Of your uncaring heart

Remembering Milton

No-one would vote for / A man that abuses children

I’ve seen you weeping.

your lies are like two fragile leaves / blown gracelessly where Sisters weave / and prayers are chanted through electric casements.


Stained carpet of misjudged drink / Fill the bathtub, i want to sink…

The Tree

There’s no life apart from me – no cactuses, no snakes, nothing. I’m just like walking forward as though I’m walking into the sun. It’s so …

Empty Bottles, Nights, & Days

Her black wings matched my mood / To the tune I rescinded my solitude / Inviting to share my witches brew / wrecking the feng shui of my h…

Legally Insane

Piles of human skulls, litter as far as the eye can see! / You can still see it’s face! / Insanity is within arms reach.

Wicked Veins Part 1

He could be so open, so honest with her, which was strange for him because he normally didn’t trust anyone beyond himself.

my attempt at putting a bad trip into words

1:30 am finds me in a dormitory bathroom, hanging over a dirty toilet bowl of the men’s room. The fact that the toilet does not appear to h…

On a Positive Note

I do it so I know what it feels like to be alive.

you are endless

you are the shore and you are endless / i have waited just to die here / my lungs filled with wet angels / earthquakes and pneumonia drugs …

Will Overcomes

He wills the demons away / A will negated by the proximity of his next fix / They are gone then……for a while / It wasn’t enough. There are …

Breaking the Surface

They drifted on invisible currents, faces sunken in.


two windows, opaque and / grey, strangle the / sunligh

The Day the music died – The death of Jimi …

“Jimi wasn’t in the mood, he waved his hand through the smoke he had just exhaled and threw his head back with a sigh.”


Acid and Ketamine to zone out; / Pot to help me sleep and unwind; / Prozac, Seroxat and Cytalopram / to stop the blues from coming back; / …

Understanding Depression (A mourning of the Soul)

The ‘enforced’ feelings of being violently threatened by a husband who had a penchant for living with a fireman’s axe under our bed …



Your own bodyweight in kit-kats

I was talking to a man named ‘Daisy’ about my bedroom antics. He said, ‘Listen, if I have to hear one more time about you…

The Smart White Pipe

And now it is time; I can tell in the beating of my heart, how it goes from jazz and blues to drum and bass.

The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas

before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip,


“Why do we only smile when we’re high?”


I wandered myself / Thick into that never too deep night / Cloaking myself in the rhythm of an invisible lie

Broken Will

Pulled by the current / That flows so fierce / Beneath your skin

Gold Oil Drugs = GOD?

SEE WHAT I MEAN HERE / The First Vid will do it.

Delusional Junkie

I smiled as she mumbled incoherently. That meant she was still alive. Good.

Under the Pale Glow

And so through the trees he watched the flames of the fire die down.

pestilence (part two)

here crawls one on / bandaged stumps, a wooden / block in either hand / against wearing out / hands as well as / feet.

Just a Moment

light my sky on fire

Battered Angel

While sleeping one night! I had a dream,it left a tale to tell. I dreamed i seen an angel and she wasn’t looking very well, her body was br…

Wrapped in Eternity

She couldn’t let him die again, but saving him would kill her.

I Stand

The deadbeat, / Drugged upped, / Nothing but a fuck up,


the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice,


I have just seen a very frightening movie. / Its all about how phych drugs are killing people. / Take a look and if you want more the whole…

That Girl

What has happened to that girl? / With the pale blonde hair / And the blue-eyed stare / That I knew so well?

Fevers with silver lining

Pumped up to my fucking knees / A cracked up poet with a social disease / In my trilogy of flyby love affairs, / Are sojourns in a Deser…
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