The ultimate fire Kassi Mulligan 2002

The heart free of the mind / Desire easy to undertake / The feeling of no control / Oh God! Don’t underestimate

The Traveler

He slowly walked down the road / Suitcase in hand / Carrying a heavy load / Not any plan / A life of dismay / He tried to ponder / How h…


I know an excuse / When I hear it. / I’ve known abuse; / No longer fear it.

This World

Find me, see me, feel me breathe. I am a myth, a fantasy, made to deceive…

Children are psychotic by nature

Children are psychotic by nature. They believe in all sorts of things like fairies, Santa Claus, the ToothFairy, Easter bunny. Most of the …




I’m not a man with many needs

insomnia now.

needle filled with sleep / you do not have to proceed / beware my frail heart / heart filled with black tar / your eclipse is now complete …

Love is not a religion

darkness is made of magnified shadows


Mind clear / Not one thought left / He headed for the car / And took the key, ran over me / Mary Jane

I Sold My Soul to Satan, Parts I, II, and III.

“There he lay. Body mangled, completely torn to shreds. His clothing had been mauled. He was beyond repair.”

that house


Say no

Heroin on the snowy bank / You must be very cold / You blend in with the background / and cost as much as gold / Some people who want money…

Behind Dark Forgotten Doors And Walls.

To shed some light on the real live horror of abuse that I personally experience while attending a private boarding school for the emotiona…



Let’s Just Forget

So I stuck my finger down my throat / In hope to solve my internal problems / So you stuck the needle in your arm / In hopes to escape from…

(SOBER) Son of a Bitch, Everything’s Real

I walk in, / feeling dead on / the inside. / I sit down, / they ask for / my story. / I’m not special, / just couldn’t contr…

My Addiction

You always look so good / I know I can’t resist you / Right here right now  / I want you.

Society’s reject

The caretaker of her own legend / sat and watched, as years went by. / She remembered the doors of perception, / that had coldly closed. / …




The lips on her sixth head move. He knows he should be listening but the vision of a seven-headed humanoid beast distracts his mind. Sat …

A Few Less Parents Will Be Left To Cry

When you stuck it to your body or wrapped each kilo in plastic / How could you not have realised this could all end quite tragic


I see a blank page / The world turns to paint / The people have no faces / they all look the same

A Sucker’s High

There’s a walk in room, / A waiting room / Silence and lies flood the floor / It’s that smile at the corner of your eyes / Hidi…

From The Childs Eye – Part 4 of 9

Aged 11/12 / When I woke up this morning, I could hear Grandma on the phone outside my room but I don’t know who she was talking to. She wa…


All the while listening to the blue crickets chirping psychedelic loves songs to the infected sea of toxic waste


The cigarette settles softly like a butterfly on her pale skin/unmoving/the dull glow of the cherry/illuminates a tiny patch of ivory flesh


Summer 2005.. Three groups of friends joined as one. / We stayed up for days at a time. Drinking,smoking,singing and dancing. / What a fami…

Stand up, Remain Upright, Pt. 1

You pathetic son of a bitch, get out of the bed. Remove the sheets, stand up, remain upright. As guilty and needful as you are, you are a m…

Endless fun for a short time

awake today / again / cut dreams on the mirror / rolled up bills / green little pills / dilations of time / spent in one line / white dus…

Is there a place for drugs?

Drugs and smack, crack! Its all the same / We dont know who’s to blame / Everyday someone dies

Everybody Gets What They Want, Depending On How M…

Twilight and taunting, haze all bleary and cloaking; viewed from within turns men into monsters and women into wraiths…

Protecting Angels

To see him smile to see him move, / a life that fought that didn’t loose.

Surreal Purple Passion

make a drawing in surreal purple passion… / Psichedelic electric harmony, / which would create wild absurd sex

Ginger Bread

sweep / through the air. / Watch her / tumble / beneath me. / Raindrop like. / Scarred. / Scared. / Sacred

the amyl’s burn


Buried Alive©

The debt is piling up, the pay going down. / People always ask me why I’m wearing a frown.

Darkness Descends

But now my heart bleeds / the pain chokes me till I can’t breathe. / Help me out of this hole please / Darkness descends.

memories from the acid house

it’s always like this / once the party’s over / our weird not-family / learning to be normal again


awe / command / respect the fact that a fake world and false emotions that clog your liver is such a rush / kill your brain because it feel…

Understand This

Understand this, / K.I.S.S / Even pretend, / How simple I’m keeping this, / Placing ink,

properly titled fragments

i can confidently say, murdering these minutes is not something i’ll apologize for.

Drugged Vision

the cutting, the drugs / are the antidote / for going to bed / the incoming respect / has yet to spur me to / start enjoying being drug…

Three Chances Ago

When I asked you to choose / you put them over me / A decision that came to you / way to easily / Still I remain faithful / Your convenient…

The Door

I was born at a time when I could have done anything… / …so why did I end up here? / Then again, weren’t we all :o) / …

Difficulties (co-written with iamjustbri)

He lead her to the room and she walked in. Her eyes widened and she dropped to her knees as tears began to pour out of her eyes. “Oh …

A memory of a moment

The images array so vivid in my mind / The drugs that held us and lead us behind / Back to the ocean of wonder and vision, / where we indu…

I Saw You Die Too

Your eyes are foggy and full of hate. Your hair is dry and flaking off your head. Your skin is pale and blotchy and you’re stumbling from t…


Forget D.A.R.E. Forget the anti-drug associations of the states. Say yes. Say Please. You won’t regret it. I know I didn’t.

Darkness detonating

Darkness detonating…

the lion tamer

once upon a time there was a man. he was not very tall but he was very fat. he had rather a doleful face, framed by rather uninspiring drea…


That may as well as not be true, he said, / right here in our home state, but you know well / as I they’ll laugh at me / in Hollywoo…

Doing drugs? Whats the point?

Doing drugs? Whats the point? / Of injecting a needle or smoking a joint. / Taking drugs is like giving your life away, / Each time you tak…

Only Drugs

all about that big name across it. i’m a kid again, and getting married at that. there is no escaping women or family.


The times my mind committed crimes on itself, / I say just one more day and things will be different, / They say we love you but they aren’…

Wild and free

Yes, I can live so wild and free / because before me on TV, / I can pick any drug that’s nice, / to buy at extortionist price, / to fix my …

The Jading of Conrad Jackson

Unaware of its potential / I kept it all confidential / But it caused my thoughts to go disarray / And no one came to save the day

Searching for a Higher Power

Feeling that suicide is the only reasonable solution / Pray to the heavens for direction and absolution


Down the street / Through the narrow alleyway / You find it / Shake alone / Trying to cover the obvious / Attacking without warning / No re…

Silent Cries

You see it in their faces when you look into their eyes. / The pain and hurt they feel. Their desperate silent cries. / An alcoholic rage, …

Heroin of Love

did u ever have a day where the freeways were all twisted and what was familiar is now strange…. / driving into the sun is dangerous …

The Petal’philles Chapter III Satus

Her veins which I’m sure trembled in anticipation seemed to become more vibrant in hue.

The Merry-Go-Round

Some were naked! But with so much fun who would notice? / I screamed your name, my eyes blurred – I couldn’t focus!

No Regrets

PROLOGUE / When I was young, my mother would tell me that no one could make my decisions for me. She said that no one could take control of…


1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yoweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! / 2. Oh, for God’s sake, Neville, settle down for crying out loud. You’ll have the …



From The Childs Eye – Part 5 of 9

Aged 14 / It was my birthday today, and it was the first time ever all of my family went out for a meal. But Kath came too, and I told Gran…

Reach The Sky

Come across the bridge / Come let’s fly away / Our bodies together, pulsing in ecstasy. / Heaven in its natural state, will be brought to u…

Post Suicide

Doesn’t he know he’s killing himself? / Alone in a corner, his back against the contaminated wall. / The needle’s in his …




sister is now a blister / Eventually it went too far / I didn’t want to talk / We are at the end and our memories are just a blend.

the lost girl

the lost girl was the oldest of four children. when she was seven the sheriff took away her dad. this was because he had been doing awful t…

Dr. Caldwell & Associate’s

What we have here is a bona fide, certified, warrantied, guaranteed substitute for kerosene, astroglide, morphine, taurine and regicide!

My World Of Lies

Beer cans line the floor / While I stand outside the bathroom door, I cry. / Hurt, beside my bed my fiance lights a ciggarette / To long to…

Rough Draft Model Telling “Typical Stripper…

So Sundays are kinda my day, you know? To unwind, I guess. Mostly because I’ll have spent the whole week fucked up on blow and stripping ev…

Do Not Enter (My Mind)

bullet holes and gun crimes / nothing but fear in your heart / lifeless

the angry lion

once upon a time there was an angry black lion. he lived in a cave on the hill. he had a long black mane and red eyes. the lion lived alone…


Now I know that it is all-true / what they say to me and you / Brilliant red and vibrant blue / color bright in every hue

Definition of an Unhealthy Relationship

I fed on your words / Ate every single letter / Feasted as I was starved for years / I missed the pain.


She puts on a front one that says she is strong. / People don’t realize that this is so wrong. / The truth is face to face is way s…



addict’s escape

Room spinning, balance tipping, / - my subconscious wants to trip me.


Racism warrents digression and death / No longer within the boundaries of insanity and greed / Far beyond it, surpassing instinct and intel…

A Ring of Chains

We are all chained together, falling to our lovely deaths, / And fuck you if you want freedom. / Estrogen, Testosterone, the cheapest, heal…


vicious venereal, violent violets / all is not well and well is not all / savage ravage and blinded ideals / what the heart wants the mind …

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Drugs and alcohol – I hate what they do to our loved ones.

The Petal’philles Chapter IV +Diluculo: Mil…

“Nothing on the fucking tele then, eh Fuckface?”


zombie, drugs, angst, frustration, fatigue, ritual, pain

Where do you see yourself?

Coffee and weed / that’s all you need / when you always got / nothing to do. / Turns on the tube / CNN tells him / Unemployment’s rising / …

Sex on Speed

Hot sex / In the backseat of his car, / Steaming windows, / Sweat dripping / Down two bodies: now one.

Drugs Are Lifes Cure

the answer is the cause, death, one of the flaws.


She always had that, Let It Be, album / On the turntable, with him, the latest uncle, / Sitting beside her on the couch or in her bed, /…

The Tragedy of Susy Lee


My Old Friend

Time has run out / She’s completely changed / I want to scream and shout / It hurts so much

From The Childs Eye – Part 1 of 9

Mummy went away today, and said she’s never coming back. She swore at Grandma and Granddad, and put all of her clothes in boxes and bin bag…

by drugs i only mean sleeping pills

the drugs, the wine, the / better emotions are / false and mutually / divorced of feeling
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