Semper 420 -- Legalize It by Samuel Sheats Mustang walk by by Sparc_ eg puff puff pass  by James Chetwald Mattson The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, Purple Haze Medical Marijuana by Samuel Sheats Fractal Flow... by Curt Vinson Meditation... by Curt Vinson Battered Angel While sleeping one night! I had a dream,it left a tale to tell. I dreamed i seen an angel and she wasn’t looking very well, her body was br… lovers the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice, That's all Folks... by Curt Vinson I Love Colombia by artpolitic That Girl What has happened to that girl? / With the pale blonde hair / And the blue-eyed stare / That I knew so well? Pugs Not Drugs by SamanthaMirosch I CRIED MISTAKES WE MAKE FLOWERED POWERED HIGHWAY I traveled the Flowered Powered Highway / All the young years of my life / Walking down all the roads / There was much fun..but also strife… The Beerminator by artpolitic The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but… Xanax and Alcohol You can hide in the corner / You can drug yourself up / You can become numb to the world / Contemplate the worth of it all 4 o'Clock   by Violeta Pérez Anzorena Road Ends in Water So I can drift / Between the spaces of life Fractal Garden... by Curt Vinson The Last Sunrise Pt.1 He sat that way all night. The Petal’philles Chapter II Minuo I dragged her into the bathroom and slammed her head in the door to calm her down. YOUR CHOICE LOVE OR THE DEMONS LIES LIKE BILE RISING FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL / I FEEL THE LIES PULLING YOU AWAY / KNOWING THE ONLY THING THAT CAN PART US / ARE THE DEMONS T… Medicinal Affection Fuck writer’s block. Corrugated Cardboard by ducttaped Did You Know That? I’m confused / Shattered, / When you open the door a crack, / But show me an empty room. Broken Crutches The room was crowded, the mourners mourned you, / lovers laughed, the angels scorned you. / I sat front row, naked in the ashes, / as if I … sex,drugs and revolutions by littleumbrella Virtudess by Violeta Pérez Anzorena Colombia by artpolitic I REMEMBER I remember the cigarettes / Tucked in the sleeve of his T-shirt / How he used to laugh / And call me a flirt / I remember so much / The ri… The opposite end of the exchange A woman left twenty dollars / in the room she had stayed / the previous night, / for me, / the housekeeper / as a welcomed tip / along wit… Ode to Mike and Drugs Love and Sadness “Pink Lines” – Chemistry and Ch… Sitting on a one-way flight / Chasing pink lines through the night / And you’re fading more each Day / The black and whites turn to gray Pacific Fair by RaiZdbyDINGOES The Fugue. He came down like crash landing life, / waking to see that nothing changed. / The name he painted in flames stood out / on wallpaper in ma… Ivy Boy’s a Quitter And when He saw her lying in the wet, gray grass, / He kissed her cheek sweetly and laughed like storm clouds, Worlds away He gasped inwards yet again, exhaled, and suddenly he was awake in another world. The Flames set this fucking world / on fire Lucy on Water by Olsen Love is a Drug by Nugent Visuality Our Poison We’ll call it the Devil. / Because that’s what it is. / Can’t YOU see what it’s doing to YOU? / Can’t YOU see… Drugs Black by PREMO-TEES Smack. Love,passion,soul, lost. / The world continues but his world is gone. 5OTH DOCTOR WHO ANNIVERSARY PHONE CASE 2 by karmadesigner Premo Stars by PREMO-TEES Want vs need a sense of disconnect / a constant sense of failure I certainly hope so!!! Then I hop into my car, my good old camry and what is sitting next to me is a brand new BMW… “mmm… that could feed a smal… 50th ANNIVERSARY by karmadesigner Nightmare by narcotist PREMO by PREMO-TEES MotoX by Sparc_ eg Yūgen (幽玄) - Black by narcotist I Sold My Soul to Satan, Parts I, II, and III. “There he lay. Body mangled, completely torn to shreds. His clothing had been mauled. He was beyond repair.” Love is not a religion darkness is made of magnified shadows Cat Not Giving a F*** by tumblingtshirts The Love Pill by Samuel Sheats Conscious He clocked the black BMW just before pulling the hand break, sending the car spinning round to the direction of the traffic and he was gone. Let’s Just Forget So I stuck my finger down my throat / In hope to solve my internal problems / So you stuck the needle in your arm / In hopes to escape from… It's not a Beer Belly by artpolitic Love 1000mg by JustSaul Five Summer 2005.. Three groups of friends joined as one. / We stayed up for days at a time. Drinking,smoking,singing and dancing. / What a fami… Burns The cigarette settles softly like a butterfly on her pale skin/unmoving/the dull glow of the cherry/illuminates a tiny patch of ivory flesh goldfishscape by Olsen Protecting Angels To see him smile to see him move, / a life that fought that didn’t loose. waters by Olsen Sex Drugs Rock n Roll by Robert Ball The Only one I see by Sparc_ eg Three Chances Ago When I asked you to choose / you put them over me / A decision that came to you / way to easily / Still I remain faithful / Your convenient… Difficulties (co-written with iamjustbri) He lead her to the room and she walked in. Her eyes widened and she dropped to her knees as tears began to pour out of her eyes. “Oh … BANANA JONES I-PHONE CASE  by karmadesigner the face by Sparc_ eg MADAFAKKA SHIRT  by karmadesigner childhood's end by Olsen Standup That may as well as not be true, he said, / right here in our home state, but you know well / as I they’ll laugh at me / in Hollywoo… ONE WORLD  by karmadesigner Toll The times my mind committed crimes on itself, / I say just one more day and things will be different, / They say we love you but they aren’… The Jading of Conrad Jackson Unaware of its potential / I kept it all confidential / But it caused my thoughts to go disarray / And no one came to save the day The Petal’philles Chapter III Satus Her veins which I’m sure trembled in anticipation seemed to become more vibrant in hue. Heroin of Love did u ever have a day where the freeways were all twisted and what was familiar is now strange…. / driving into the sun is dangerous … No Regrets PROLOGUE / When I was young, my mother would tell me that no one could make my decisions for me. She said that no one could take control of… The Merry-Go-Round Some were naked! But with so much fun who would notice? / I screamed your name, my eyes blurred – I couldn’t focus! Sister:Blister. sister is now a blister / Eventually it went too far / I didn’t want to talk / We are at the end and our memories are just a blend. My World Of Lies Beer cans line the floor / While I stand outside the bathroom door, I cry. / Hurt, beside my bed my fiance lights a ciggarette / To long to… Definition of an Unhealthy Relationship I fed on your words / Ate every single letter / Feasted as I was starved for years / I missed the pain. Front She puts on a front one that says she is strong. / People don’t realize that this is so wrong. / The truth is face to face is way s… Red Shoe Diary - 1 by Anton Oparin The Petal’philles Chapter IV +Diluculo: Mil… “Nothing on the fucking tele then, eh Fuckface?” broken.. (Mature) i can’t tell you apart from me like all the rest / the million others who’ve been / caught in a valley of / remorse / for so long / so long / with no goodbyes Drugs “With these drugs I now can bare / I have found my manufactured need / And now I hide from the Devils lair / But what I need must not… The little dancer And if you’d have only tapped to her rhythm / She would have cried with glee / …. / But never did you acknowledge her / you nev… On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me..... HIV by Nobleone Happy Endings lost another. Monday bloody Monday. all but ending. Twenty-three hang myself. Snowdrifts 6 feet high. 20 deaths limped on my ba… Subvert retro by Anartistuk
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