Rock Is Dead by aamazed life shadows as madness seeps, like enshrouding fog / its shadowy digits / parting fontanelle / and worming the fertile fabric of mind / does it take yo… Red Shoe Girl Diary #5 - Bathtub by Anton Oparin Amy Amy Amy! by ak4e Pugs not Drugs by cromley09 FRENCH INHALE by AGRIPOLARE MARIJUANA BEER  by karmadesigner Mexico by artpolitic Colombia by artpolitic To go! by Proyecto Realengo THE LOVE Doctor So come and get your dose……… / But if you get hooked baby…… Hotel of Secrets  by TAMARA MORAN KEEP CALM & KEEP CALM  by karmadesigner West Coast by Emoni Bennett Go! LSD Phone Case by Mackenzie Ball RobZ... by Curt Vinson ROCKET VINTAGE 2 by karmadesigner Your love is my high - Kesha Rose Sebert by MartinFatale Festival Summer of Love by Cheesybee ASK ME IF I CAN TWERK by nappers Machete by sam schaeffer Man In The Glass Thirteen Grapevine by Brent Schreiber people love to hate. by aamazed Acid Smiley by HOTDJGEAR Time to pretend by LukeBrunner92 I Love Cuba by artpolitic Hexaluft by William James Taylor Junior Determined by SkizzySketch Anger is all the rage So if you think you love me, / Why don’t you feel it when I’m falling? Phrenology by sirleslie Mushrooms by cynthiaholland BLACK LOVE by Churlish1 red bdsm dragon by g1bson Oral Fixation by 79Aurelia I am Beating My Drum On The Street I am beating my drum / fore all who are weary and tired of dancing to the world’s drum Straightedge (dark yellow) by DropBass Pugs Not Drugs by SamanthaMirosch Welcome to the End Their lips moved together slowly, as if they had all the time in the world. LOVE the drug against WAR by Maurits de Graaf Love, Wrath, and Methamphetamines You, with your pale-gold hair and beautifully difficult poetry, your nimble fingers on the guitar strings, your half-smile and arched-eyebr… Triskelis by William James Taylor Junior Do Volleyball Not Drugs  by supernova23 She brings me love... by Bob Daalder 2CV CITROEN IPAD CASE BLACK by karmadesigner Love Surrender Devotion by zykloP I am the breakfast – Breaking Bad Walt JR by amonamarthkid I'm that girl your mom warned you about! by LaundryFactory Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Mature) pulp we love life by CORDERA Colombia by artpolitic Do Water Polo Not Drugs  by supernova23 KEEP CALM...I'M ITALIAN ! by karmadesigner Rosette by William James Taylor Junior 6 Months Today “I love staring in your big blue eyes….But hate them when they’re black…” Blue Dayz by leapdaybride noided void by sam schaeffer About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… In the window by TAMARA MORAN Like a mirage I could at least always depend on the kind of honesty that only 2 litres of chardonnay can bring. Therapy by Bob0490 Loving life by Mathieu Longvert Coca cola  by Melita95 I Heart Love Heroin by HeartsLove Plain Sight The scene within shocked him for a second, but only a second. Necronomicon by Violeta Pérez Anzorena Calendar Incomplete Scattered on the wind / Of your uncaring heart I Be That Pretty - Black by tumblingtshirts Techno Viking; RELAX! by stoopidstu Distorted Perfection  by TAMARA MORAN paranoid by karmadesigner HomeGirl... by Curt Vinson Wicked Veins Part 1 He could be so open, so honest with her, which was strange for him because he normally didn’t trust anyone beyond himself. Steez - White by tumblingtshirts ECSTASY by greyarea dragon taiji by g1bson Nobody's Perfect, I'm Nobody by MegaLawlz Red Shoe Girl Diary #4 by Anton Oparin Acidhaus by IAmYamYam you are endless you are the shore and you are endless / i have waited just to die here / my lungs filled with wet angels / earthquakes and pneumonia drugs … Longing... by Curt Vinson Skull with Wings 2 by clubbers06 Semper 420 -- Legalize It by Samuel Sheats Mustang walk by by Sparc_ eg Techno Viking by Patrikadze The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, Purple Haze Medical Marijuana by Samuel Sheats Fractal Flow... by Curt Vinson Meditation... by Curt Vinson Battered Angel While sleeping one night! I had a dream,it left a tale to tell. I dreamed i seen an angel and she wasn’t looking very well, her body was br… lovers the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice, That's all Folks... by Curt Vinson I Love Colombia by artpolitic That Girl What has happened to that girl? / With the pale blonde hair / And the blue-eyed stare / That I knew so well? mEdiPHAnT by Chase  Wills Pugs Not Drugs by SamanthaMirosch I CRIED MISTAKES WE MAKE
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