God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail? I recieved an e-mail about a teen girl who was experiencing dating and car joy-riding. When she took off on a date her Mom`s words were,&qu… Dinner With Fighting Fish Be patient. First we have to drive. The fish are already there. DRINKING AND DRIVING = OVER THE LIMIT For the first time in my life I was scared as I had no control of my lifeany longer. Mud in your bucket I just knew the clouds today were saying "Ahhhhh that’s better”. / ………….. / “Move out of the way…… Companion in the immediate frame Happy Birthday I say to me / don’t count the candles it doesn’t matter any more… Sitting Who here can claim that driving is power? / Probably all you who call this rush hour. Dangerous Driving by the Police You’re getting the pension / I don’t see why you complain / I know you did mention / That you are in a bit of pain 5 a.m in ALASKA Peace permeated my soul when I drove in those early mornings….nothing moved outside as I felt a stirring glow of warmth seeping into my hea… boy in car Friday, June 10, 2005 / boy in car / so i’m in the car driving tyler to register for drivers / ed…he’s busy playing his l… Next Exit Up here the angels dwell, / Immortals in their lofty hotels. / Here the air is so much more thinner, / That early exit through twilight, … Going Back I want to go back / to the passenger seat of your tiny red car, / to the stretch of highway when you told me, / “I don’t know … Yaddles in Deadly Dodgem Cars BIG & DEADLY Dodgem Cars! / We have to be serious about our youth driving / so that they understand the seriousness of driving / and ar… Last Sunset And suddenly the sunset to our right - / a gaudy bright palette of vivid color - / caught your attention. driving home i should have kissed you. / warm and sweet like / honey and midnights. Snippets and such . . . things said in the car w… Must be nice to be retired. Sheesh. Come on move it. / Oh mann!! Why would someone go 40 when they could go 50 or even 55? I don’t understa… Video Games VS Real Life: Driving Speed: 190 on the turn / Devil daring, no concern… / Suddenly, he had to swerve. / Leaving tracks of rubber burned! Psalm; 6 Cylinder Ford. Thou preparest a parking space before me in the presence of mine enemies, thou annointest my head with rear-vision mirror’s; my confi… the beginning of the end colorado grasslands / empty wideopen / moon shining behind us Blue From the corner of my eye, / I saw blue. / The color molded into the shape of a classic car, / Bright and vintage, / And my eyes flicked t… Seventh Hour Driving Mountains I drive your tires / into soft moans along the Gallatin Been to there…been there too long. Out of state that state of mind…love loving the long way home. Rude Gesture The driver promptly rolled down his window and made a rude gesture with his hand. / “Jerk,” she thought. DRIVING IN NEVADA Grandpa reaches under the seat and pulls out a quart canning jar half full of something he presses on me, ‘Have some of this-here Pan… Baby Blues by JJ It’s not fair, Gran,’ Meg complained, ‘you promised I could help with the baby!’ the driving test. The 100 hours have been completed. The log book has been ratified by the appropriate government department and the test itself has been pa… The Night Drive Was Me. I went for a night drive / I invisioned the streets to be my veins / pulsing rapidly through my body. / The red rear tail lights of the car… The Sounds of Comfort Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / … Photography and your criminal record Sometimes, you just gotta do, what you just gotta do. Even if it does mean the police may consider you a suspicious person. The Open Road and I Armed with coffee and my camera, / I face the dawn anew, / Anxious to explore / Wherever it takes me to. Backing Policy With Orange Cone A safety program to help reduce accidents in the work place. The Slow Lane This traffic blocks my life Driving Me Crazy As difficult as it would be to turn the long vehicle around, I pulled over. Time was (part 2) all you got was a slap on the wrist Scum On The Road Looking sad and pathetic, / Some people feel sorry and apathetic, / More corners with scum. / Began to look more like a bum. Steering Whilst Texting? 1/423OR / 10224APC / YGUD4U2? 5 Miles Off I’m driving past the police stand / and notice my speedometer is 5 miles off / most likely the result / of driving on a donut / for 3… DRIVING FORCE You set the course / Of where to go / Heading the wheels driving through life I (once again) am here in the darkest corner of my mind. / Wondering to myself when the hands of time will stop this state of deception. / … Reminiscence Recollecting / I cherish the flower / I salvaged / From the table / That night / The flow of wine / Gentle music / Romance / The two of us… The telephone rings The telephone call / Could have been / So very different / Had you not had And then… Just one of those days… driving You are the bringer of death / the dark angel In The Rear-View Mirror/Perhaps They Were Lavende… the sea and i.. to this day Drink Driving You’ll end up paying with lives Driving thoughts (1) Give me the freedom of the road. accident Short trip / Spoon drain dip / sharp turn / fast travel / bad angle / loose gravel / back-end fishtail / Spoon drain dip / bad angle / brok… The Forever Road take me with you. DRIVIN’ ALONG Driving on a new freeway and getting lost Ode to a Turn Signal But I admit, I grit my teeth, / turn bright pink, / yet only take revenge in ink. / Anything more would be beneath. Road Trip Rummaging in my purse with one hand, I keep my eyes fixed absently on the window. I withdraw my lipstick, number thirty-two, ladybug red… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK. (6) Terror at th… One time, and believe me I thought my end was nigh, he burst into my place and accused me of being planted there by them, a spy in his own … Innocence Abroad A magical cross country trip through the mountains of Turkey to see the Whirling Dervishes and discover the delights of Turkish konyak. The Story of the Deadly Croissant A person died today… Driving without Brakes. He’d have me shift, up a gear, or down a gear, while in the middle of the hill and when I missed the gear, we’d shoot backward … Driving Forces There is much to say / Of driving forces: / As that of the wind’s / Pushing action— / The rains slanted, / Further slicking us along— / So… leather interior. i’m not really sure why i sit for hours on end in this stark white room, staring blankly at a screen with whatever music playing in t… Driving West – Autumn Sunsets Driving West - / In the autumn of my journey, / Drawing closer to my destination, / The car racing down roads, too fast, / My mind falls… As he passed over Blue Ridge Dam – revised As he stared at this reflection his eyes widened at the realization What a Day Driving down a country road The Best For You Each Day Here’s hopin’ / You find a love up in the Rockies / Here’s wishin’ / Happiness finds you along the way Driving The sky could fall right now and miss me; that’s just how fast I’m really moving. Self worth I yearn for some peace / Some quiet. / These whisperings / Are driving me crazy! / Like a child / They follow me about. / I can’t shower, … Vultures They are their own venue, / A kettle ceaselessy stirring / Over a black landscape / Pockmarked with precipitation. Calander is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! I can’t change the month to 2011 on my calender. Someone told me to just scroll down and change it, but THERE’S NO PLACE TO CH… We Played Chicken With a Cow SCREAMING! / Headlights coming. / Straight. At. Us. / Not headlights. / EYES! Driving with Life Standing in the middle of the highway, / Looking at the road / Laid out before me. / Hopping into the car, / Driving in the fast lane / Lo… Psychotropic driving and the media There are no campaigns about warning people to never operate machinery or drive while on psychiatric medication. Everything is Driving Me Crazy! Everything is / making me mad / Driving me CRAZY! / Sorry like Love has / lost all meaning / It’s thrown around with / no intention … Decisions cause collisions Hard turn on the steering wheel / A stomped loaf to the accelerator / He is thinking of turning Driving At A Tender Age I was fifteen years old and I was driving, can you believe that? Yes, my mother taught my brother and I how to drive and as long as we fo… The Flyer And then one day he did fly. This is every night, this is everything… It’s that “butterflies in my stomach” feeling when I’m driving over, listening to the same songs I heard three time… Drunk Whilst Driving off a cliff… The rustic old, table which lay the centre peice of the room. The walls were dank, stained with filth and floor, what little was left was o… The art of hiting firehydrants Not rich and famous? Don’t screw up God bless artist and one hand driving a car in th… 7 ★★★★★ . Dixit Deus: FIAT LUX. Featured in EASTERN EUROPEAN ART . Light up My Life. Pouts, Poses & Portraits . by AndGoszcz / wedding … The road home is blurry The day was lazy and lingering. / A stench that just hung over the week / Clinging close to the skin / Suffocating with the irreverence … Driving Driving / 1. / misty rain / greasy road / I drive on / 2. / cars at 110 kph / coffins at 210 kph / I still put the foot down / 3. / the tai… on driving through southport village high walls for high houses / curved roads clinging to colonial cowpaths / along the harbor God’s driveway I was driving along / Dark, winding roads / Seemingly leading to nowhere / When I saw a light / Way off in the distance / As I got closer t… HANG UP THE PHONE! DANGER ON AMERICA’S HIGHWAYS. Broken Keyhole out of our sights and cares, the quiet edge of some object’s lent Midnight Driving Going to take the long way home / Going to drive deep into the night. / Keep on going until I feel alright. / Going to take the long way ho… 911 Dropped Call Mackenna Ask: / “OK, I am going to jump on my soap box for a moment… twice today, yes twice, I was driving in traffic and I hea… Driving Me Wild its driving me wild, hurting my soul, / am going crazy, its driving me wild (x2) Drunk Driving In America This has become my fight for better laws on Drunk Driving. Drunk Driving is No Accident. Though it is my fight it also should be yours also… Driving Under the Influence By George A. Yesthal / I get people asking me why I hate Barack Obama so much. I’d like to respond by saying first of all, that I app… Back Roads Pine tree branches, like hands trying to choke me. / They invade his rusty Chevy truck, / as head likes flicker towards death. Speeder’s Rock (Chorus) / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Speeder, Speeder / Beggin’ for a rock through your window today / Spe… All This Time I’ve Been Thinking Of You All this time I’ve been thinking of you / Lately / Wondering what it would be like / Trying to remember the last time / And I can’t / The… when you miss someone and quiet nights / with barely any words at all I don’t even use a cell phone when driving,… One in ten commercial pilots carry a gun onto the plane. To The Desert Hit the highway early morning / Heading South for the desert driving with the handbrake on break fast / for to / be together / we must / dance slow / i can’t tell / the difference / between / coke and pepsi / can you / open the wi… Me and My Hoodlum Companions I find it disturbingly ironic when my bus is late because it’s stuck in traffic; even more so when it’s mostly empty. Sometime… Driving through the Gardens Driving through the Gardens / where they say, the God’s must of lived / a long time ago / Driving through the Gardens / A million old th… Driving Myself Away Remembering the signals in sight, / Flashing in my face like warning lights, / Meant to push the brake and take a detour, / But I suppos…
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