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Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry

Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR…

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Anatomy of breaking up


Act as one


Don’t touch me.

More fragile than oldest antique, / dirtier than history itself, / angrier than stormiest night; / more delicate than frost in the hand, / …

Domestic Goddess

No one calls me domestic Goddess / No it’s never been said / Can’t cook, clean or water flowers / But damn, I’m good in bed! / Years …

0 but dust

we are naught but dust… / universal particles / adrift in a plume of stars.

Time for the Annual Vacuuming of the Turkey

As you may or may not know, a Domestic Goddess I am not. In fact the domestic gene skipped right over me. That being said, for some reaso…


Don’t / hate me, despise me / Don’t / cut me off, hide me / Don’t / put me in a corner to punish me / Don’t / ment…

wimbledon in the western suburbs

I sat in the front seat, where your nose bleeds and I watched every game


Does a chauffeur willingly relinquish any form of natural behavior in order to be a platform or a backdrop for the affluent performers in t…

Domestic Bliss

The lulling, dangerous promise of the howling breeze was penetrated by a howl more unnerving, yet natural. The baby felt his mother’s momen…

Come One, Come All…

In the ghastly spirit of celebrating All Hallow’s Eve the Domestic Art Group is hosting a Masquerade… Come join us by entering …

broken oil pump and domestic abuse…..

he told me / his oil pump was broken / i told him / he should see a doctor / fast / he threw his arms / in the air / walked away / stomping…

Broken Doll

‘Mum, I asked you not to accept anymore packages,’ Marisa sighed. / ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Sophia demanded petulantly, ‘He loves you. He is a g…


I will look at your picture / Think about those days / And feel / Nothing

A Mothers’ Pain, The Violence Again

Like no other / He would deal out his shit / His tongue like a sword / Worse than any I have read

Bruised – Abused

Spewing fountains a gargoyle…Withdrawn, forbidden, bruised – discarded

Behind closed doors… 6 word story

Voices raised, fist raised …… love erased.

Ballad of an Abused Woman

She clutched herself in the midday sun / while waiting for the train, / A slanted, shoulder, self-embrace / whose body spoke of pain.

“Molly’s Song”

“Molly’s Song” / My Dear Little Molly, / you so love / your daddy….

domestic ass

his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi…

Character building cake

I live next door to two drunks.

Crow Funeral

and then her gaze was drawn to centre stage where, a single crow lay, dead…….to be loved, to be mourned, to belong………

after silence

…aching / from times you’ve “fallen down the stairs” / take him / take him back he says he cares… / …so…

Love is not abuse…

Love is not abuse… / Where I trusted you. / Where you let me down. / I was innocent too! / I was frail, I was fragile. / Delicate &am…


Annie had been highly emotional, dramatic, a waster of his money. He threw her out in the end. Gloria was different.

WoW I Sold A Card – “Close-up”

Thank you to the wonderful person that bought my card. I really appreciate it! / Shelton Washington USA / Nikon D40 / Lense 18-55mm

She Says She Loves You

She says she loves you / She’s prepared / To make your life / A walking misery / She says she loves you / She can be your friends / She can…

Any guy will do


No need have I

My eyes are roses on my face, / they’re in full bloom right now; / no need have I to water them, / they have quite suffice to grow…


Domestic violence its all around / In my city and in your town

You’re Never Far From The Action When You Live In…




Together in one picture is featured in the Domest…

Just back from the cremation service ….looking for some distraction on R&B / A bit sad and forlorn and found this nice suprise&#…

Princess Charming

I am my own Knight-in-Shining-Armor, my own Prince(ss) Charming.

It’s happened again


Don’t Tell


A Portrait of Domestic Violence

She sat upon my living room floor, / She had been here time and time before, / With swollen eyes and many tears, / She began to pour out al…

The Domestic

…there was an anguished cry from my next-door neighbour…


It was my fault you lost your job; / I must have been some pointy-hatted / Sorcerer who had bewitched you,

options for some …..

She had recently discovered the key to his gun cupboard and options flooded forward in line with that sawn-off Winchester.

Under demolition

Amid his intoxicated anger, / like an ebony volcanic haze – erupted; / insanity strikes, trust disolves. / Quaking, as an army of str…

Night of terror

I looked into your eyes / The same darkness stared back at me / You laid beside me void of emotion

Oh Lord Grant Me Just One More Day….

Fist smacks chest, I double over. / Pulls my hair, wrenching me up once more. / Imprints his thumbs and fingers bones / Into my chin and c…

Hair Dye and a Hammer

When Jack was sufficiently pleased with his terrifying performance, he stood up and left the bathroom taking the hammer with him.

2 Features

Green Tree Frog And The Dahlia Flower in A place To Call Home and Smart Kitty Cat in Domestic And Pedigree Cats. Thank you so much to both…

cool cats egyptian sheets

let me purr along your length


cautious answers to loaded questions / BANG ! ! / my world explodes again

The Final Act – A Catharsis

Infuriation is such a destructive emotion, and Diana is torn between fulfilment and a nauseating terror at seeing Irma provoked by mere lac…

Expensive Gloves Caress Deadly

Expensive gloves / Caress deadly / With commandments” Puppet Dance” / in this defilement that pierces bones / And creates silent lips / He …

domestic violence

Preparing a debate in st malo, Paramé at the salle de la mairie! / at 20h the 11th of March! / I would like anyone interested in that pain…

I blame the parents





On the farm in late September / ducks are gliding ‘cross the pond / as bullfrogs rehearse their baritone / ‘midst the lilies, reeds and fro…

The Healing Journey (PART 1)

The Healing Journey / She needs to cry to help her mend / The pillow is often wet / The nightmares are so so vivid, / The Shock / The Horr…

Affection Between Two Cats Was Featured

You Big Softy featured Affection Between Two Cats. Thank you so much You Big Softy very much appreciate it.

Wondering Why

As the brick meets the glass, / I crumble, / As it shatters, / I scream, / And I find myself, / Head in hands again, / Wondering why, / As …

The Joy of Domestic Chores

Hanging out the washing – the magic of sheets in the breeze

No Way Out.

Twisted tirades / tumbled off his tongue / turning inside her / like a knife / drawing blood, / slicing / a new wound / for a new day.

On Procrastination Of Domestic Duties

I see you watching me; yon mottled dust, / Must I fight thee in a duel?

Domestic Pondering

Who am I and why was I put here / I ponder deeply as I / scrub the nasty toilets and the soiled floor / around them

Pyewacket Featured in Domestic and Pedigree Cats

What a great Christmas present for Pyewacket me. Our “Meowy Christmas” has been freatured in the Domestic and Pedigree Cats Gr…



I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Wrath

As I assume, you’ve begun to notice that I house quite a bit of wrath, or hatred, toward most of the people I’ve come across in…

The Letter I Never Got

I was violence embodied

Broken in more ways than one…

Running from the enemy; Domestic Violence Never Ends; Always be prepared for a Run,

Affection Between Two Cats Featured Again!

Affection Between Two Cats was featured in Tabby Time. Thank you so much Tabby Time. Very much appreciate it.


The Green Man was where we met. / You said, “I feel like getting drunk”. / The Green Man was where we split. / You said my kisses made you …

Lucky ME ~ FEATURE! Thank YOU ~ Domestic and Pe…

i sincerely appericate the attention my photo recieved by being featured in the Domestic and Pedigree Cats 2 GROUP. THANK YOU! / sincerel…


Neighors learned to ignore it, / for every phone call to the precinct was as it never was, / and every trip over, only made it worse.

19 Steps to a Cycle

1. A child’s cries ring out in the black / 2. Fizzling through fissures in the darkness / 3. Ricocheting off street lamps diluted / 4. Like…

You See It Is Like This

Tabby time featured You See It Is Like This . Thank you so much Tabby Time.

Police Line

I fucking love you! / You caused all the pain…

The Drill Instructor

The show was called Who the [BLEEP] Did I Marry? Well if that isn’t the $64,000 question! As I fell asleep I thought, “I hope …

Walk Away

controlling men / controlling women / controlling girls / controlling boys / controlling conversations

The last song on his album

You’ve done it again / I smile. 5.06. The end

Pandora’s Box

But behind the façade lies a blackened core, void of emotion.

“Bound by Hatred”

“It dark,” mumbled Bubba anxiously. / I whispered reassuringly, “Shhh. I know it is, honey, but we need to be very quiet, okay?” / I heard …

Domestic bliss.

My melancholy place .. / Is through that door right there.

Faithful Furry Friend

You have been there through thick and thin my ever so faithful furry friend!

Dragonfly possibilities

As a girl / chasing dandelions, / she once considered, / dreamed, that perhaps / she wanted to act. / One day, far away / she thought about…

I MISS YOU SO MUCH” was featured in the group Dom…



Listen: / This is the sound of your silent screams / echoing in the dark hours, like full / moons bursting in the night sky, flooding / the…


Pursed lips / Deep frown / The emotion builds / Before you drown

Packing Up My Life Victim or Suspect

Angry Children during divorce


the last two pints of cask-conditioned really weren’t necessary –but so tasty that he was willing to give up his cab fare to the publican a…

Finding My voice: The Narcissist’s Child

My tiny heart, given / As my offering / And laid at his feet.


here i am folding your underwear, placing them into a drawer, I envision you standing before me in nothing but them… / hanging your s…

The Last Time

I remember her in this outfit in summer, by the pond, shelling peas whilst I watched the fish. She was always shelling peas; they seemed to…

Remonstration 2002

It’s dark already and I want to be out there, alone in the night. But here we are, sitting in the living room of a dead man, trying to esca…

Domestic Pantheon III: The Joan of Arc Moment

I’m tearing some toilet paper from the roll to blow my nose, and all of a sudden I hear the voice of God. Masculine, commanding, blas…

Those Eyes Have It Was Featured In Domestic and P…

Thank you so much Domestic and Pedigree for the feature. Very much appreciate it.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies



Hope in a world of darkness.

Featured Photo 08 November 2008 in Domestic Cats …

Many thanks to the Domestic Cats Group for selecting my “top model” Milo
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