Shooting the Dogs It is tough country out beyond Gundagai; not many trees, low hills and thin grass. In summer the place is all glare and dust. In winter the… What a Life A dogs Life / So this is my new home,…..This looks great,….What a huge yard they have. / I guess those other guys are adopted t… Angus McDougall Padric O’Toole ‘Angus McDougall Padric O’Toole?’ There was dead silence until a little voice piped up with ’That’s him stand… Featured Work Thank you to these groups… Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. TRAGIC CRUELTY AGAINST DOGS MUST STOP! Make no mistake – these are hard core criminals setting up dogs to fight to the death for their entertainment – Do we really have a place f… The Blind Leading The Blind When sighted persons view those who are blind, they commonly, do so with at least one of two stereotypes as their guideline: the first is t… No Dogs. No Irish. Not so long ago when pubs used to have signs saying “No Dogs. No Irish.”… Garry’s Irish father came to London, look… the secret its in all that’s ever thought and every smile youve seen / in every tear you tasted and everywhere youve been What Do Dogs Dream? Once upon a time, / Or two times it would seem / There was a little dog / Who lived only to dream. Open wicker Lionel took his lanky arms folding them around her. / She felt cozily coiled up in the warmth of his friendship that knew the true subst… FAIR SUCK OF THE SAUSAGE. I reckon the kids’ schooling, under a highly-educated university-trained dole bludger, shows much foresight and excellent employment … Farm talk – The world of Jacko   / I am Jacko, a Foxie/Jack Russell cross, living at Ga-Sethlong, a beautiful home on a small-holding on the edge of the Cradle of Human K… Shoda “Just Showed Up” Bear Once on the bottom floor I looked to my right, and saw out of my front doors, a strange dog. Sitting upon my porch, resting her weary head. To Dogger Beaten and Broken you came to me, / Downtrodden, without a home. / You were left in a back yard / With no shelter, / Tied, with a heavy rop… The Impeccable Teachings of Stevey Wonder Dawg He was named after Steve Kline, the renowned pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. When it comes to looks they sure don’t have much in commo… Paw Prints in the Sky A tribute to a sweet buff Cocker Spaniel, Stedman, who lived life and loved living. how to tell you this, years later. no northern bears, no cold and naked swan to sweep across the sky. instead, obsidian, adobe, and gold…and everywhere the smell of dark wind… Selling Dogs There is something particularly brutal about selling dogs for food. I wondered how I would react; after all, I had seen rats, grasshopers,… Poop Haiku Disgruntled am I Growing up with Pets.. with pictures! Looking back at all the animals I had throughout my life, and how strongly they all affected me, Its really no wonder that I am a vegetaria… wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… Dogs and Dust rugs and bugs and other strange drugs from those who didn’t know Boo Tales Chapter 1—-The Visitor It was a perfect spring afternoon in the little Midwest town. The sun was shining and the scent of lilacs drifted through the air. Auntie B… TONGUE’S CHALLANGE Wow, what a day! My image of Harley, “Catching Snowflakes”, won the Tongue Challenge in Man’s Best Friend group. Thank yo… Unconditional Love I am loved unconditionally from morning till night / Whether it is my little Sophia or one of my birds in flight / My Shih Tzu, Sophia, wat… 3 Card Sales – Merry Christmas To All ̵… I am so proud to say that I have sold 3 of my cards… Merry Christmas to All to Z-Dogs – A fellow Bubbler – Danni!!! Tha… The truth about Kebla Kahn About 45 minutes from now, I’m going to go down my street, get on a train to Central station and do the one thing I’ve always w… On Aging and Other Matters IF YOU DON’T READ THIS TO THE VERY END, YOU HAVE LOST A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. AND WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED, DO AS I AM DOING AND SEND IT ON… Goodbye my Friend I am filled with feelings of remorse, guilt, uncertainty kids now days playing outside kicking a ball / noisey kids climbing the wall / annoying residents as they try to play / no wonder they all / get chased … Black Dog Whisper pacing, porn and info commercials Little Soul Dear Little Soul, / I realized this morning that you had passed away. / My largest regret is that I was not with you / Stroking you when yo… Vick’s Dogs They will never love you / the way that you love them / He will never hurt for you / the way you hurt for him “Franz Kafka Molekel Never Did Die” {… The promise to absolutely cover his monetary loss really brightened up the scene for Charlie who now expressed his gratitude with a verbal … A dog’s last honor – a surreal funeral Hiding for the rain under a bridge, I looked at the never ending / stream of traffic that descended towards the horizon. A horizon that lay… People Should Be Dogs Language warning One Day Last Summer …. ! Woke this morning to a cat free house! / The torrential rain had stopped at last – three days and nights of unrelenting precipitation… Ode to a Summer’s Day Make music with the strings of sunshine / That fall from branches of lilac / Heavy with bloom. This Great Lie A lack of Conception. / A need to know. / No thought is restricted / Early minds left to flow. / Endless ideas of creation / Endless minds … A lesson in how not to do a photo shoot. How not to execute a photo shoot! So Great a Loss Exposes animal abuse which is everywhere. Many ways to help these innocent animals. Animal adoption. Touching, heartwarming. The taking of Michael Chapter 2 of “No Dogs. No Irish.” A tale of sorrow & prejudice that spans decades, but these are people who will not be bea… “THE PRESENT TENSE” “Alison bikes over to McBride’s arriving out of breath and sweating makeup. Her cat looks indignant stuffed into a pouch attached to… wondering ( by the craftsman ) and as the weekend approaches / i wondering what it will bring / untill then i never will know / but continue wondering / i wonder what i … the price we will have to pay ( poem by craftsman… here we all are on redbubble / all looking for a peace of fame / creating the most beautiful art work / with or without a frame / in exchan… The Final Shoot At the end of the day a good bag by all, / gundogs at heel, obeying the call. / Back to the farm we slowly make our way, / choosing our bra… A quiet night out Chapter 3 of “No Dogs. No Irish”. A tale of sorrow & prejudice that spans decades, but these are people who will not be bea… life is but a journey life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for … TIS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS AT THE ANIMAL SHEL… I wanted to share this poem I received at work, with everyone. At this time of year, it speaks of the countless animals that have lost, or … thought you were my friend “i thought” (Mature) A conversation THE GOOD OLD DAYS Indeterminacy 8 (1984 + X) Big Brother is smelling you. MY MOMMY’S FLOWERS That dog was mincemeat, my mom was frazzled… Way below in this pit I squat. Way below in this pit I squat, / Bound to be that which I cannot. / The floor is flat, the wall is smooth, / The light is dim, it tends to … I saw your dog today I saw your dog today / she sat, and watched every vehicle, intent on finding her family. another dumped lost and confused dog. this one was… Pathway PATHWAY / Tall thin pine trees swaying in the wind / Sunlight breaking through the narrow gap / Distant green-capped fields the morning f… Love, Your Little Dog Oh boy!! My mom is taking me for a ride today!! / I wonder… will we go to the park or maybe to the store to get a toy? / I am so happ… A Dog Study It’s always wise to remember, we mould a personality through our actions. “Irish Setter” “Irish Setter” / Creature so spirited, one could never tame! / In eye soul exhibited, ignited colour flame! / With energy, contained not, f… ADOPTING OLDER DOGS I found this wonderful poem, I would like to share with everyone. The Author is Unknown. Enjoy and take to heart! / POEM: ADOPTING OLDER D… success the fall and let downs of making it ( by… everyday in our lives we think of nothing but money / how we’d all like to get rich quick but isnt it just funny / its not how good o… ~ Thank Heaven for Dogs! ~ Where would we be without “Man’s Best Friend”? WAITING FOR OUR ARRIVAL They are ours only to borrow / We don’t know what will happen tomorrow / The little ones that have no voice / To take them or not is … I Love You starring at your face as you sleep Animal Magnetism Teacup eyes / So achingly honest / Reflecting life’s depths / Unclouded by doubt An accident can happen easy!! Please let somebody know where redbubble looking for a picture / exciting and new / you’ve just came to the right place redbubbles for you / from t-shirts to pictures / from… The Moment the King Was In After watching a French play, the Dog King at once perceives the Truth: Prisons are not made to keep the maladjusted in, but to keep the r… THE MARK They were the kind of people that should never be allowed to own a dog. They had no idea how to care for it and they had no respect for it&… It’s Only Me It’s only me you forgot to call / only me you left at home. / It was only me that you ignored, / only me you left alone. / I’v… Dog Pals Calendar How do we get more people to view things like my calendar of dogs. I’d appreciate any pointers. / Thanks you! Dash. Needing to be amongst rotten cud. Pink Floyd the basset hound Through the crayon contrast of our day to day experiences, / Through the hand prints and the faces, / That we encounter with due course. / … “A SPOILED DOGS LIFE” (From the dogs… As our family begins to wake, we get up and do our biggest shake / That’s when we cannot sleep much more / Since hearing footsteps cr… The difficulty with taking dog pictures and choos… Trooper Thornton …didn’t sound right …Wasn’t Wayne in Donovan’s Reef? Wasn’t he Michael Patrick ‘Guns’ Donovan?…Yes.. but hang on a minute … a medium goes to the dogs! A true account of 2 p… I seemed to step into a sunken garden that was bright yet cool and full of lush plants. It had a central fountain, and a stone gateway tha… Spirits in the Pub Things have happened in the building which no one can explain from ghostly women to terrified dogs. These are a few of the strange things … Good Help Gone to the Dogs (and cats) Good help is hard to find. I should know, my new coworkers are slackers. CANCER Cancer / Numbing is the choking feeling / Echoing amongst the grey walls / Of the animal doctors foul mouth / While hearing nothing but … wittle archie ( my visit to the dentasist ) oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, dont you just haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate dentasists / ooooow i can just feel that drill scraping against my teee… A Life is An Anagram My dog was_ ‘put to sleep’_ on June 15th 2013, at twenty years of age. / “A life” is an anagram of Alfie. Puppy Love You’ve been my world / From the day we met / When you left me i was so upset connex dogs connex officers need to qualify their intentions . fuckin dogs could cover it. Enough Sorrow For Today I saw a frail young woman meet the Lord in the middle of the night, / Her mother tenderly holding her in her arms, as she gave up the fight… dogs are the best people Atop orange fire sand dune / Amongst salt bush scrub only shoulder height / In double pluggers, hoody and short longs / Sipping on a cider.… Card sale – Hehehehehe That Was A Good One … Thanks so much to Sweets014 for buying Hehehehehe That Was A Good One Ginny! I hope your neice enjoys the card for her birthday! / And than… THE TALE OF TWO DOGS ‘LETS GO WALKING’ foetus (Mature) Deafening Quiet groaning branches break wittle archie’s ( a doggy’s kiss ) po… my name is wittle archie / a little boy i am / still at school thats me / because i am only shevan / i have a wittle doggy / huduh is his … Respectful Retrievers – Black Avatar Winner My photo of Julie “Snowy Day” is the winner of the Black Avatar Challenge in the Respectful Retrievers group. A big thank you … Boo Tales Chapter 2 A Circus Comes to Town A traveling circus had arrived in the sleepy little Midwest town. Although a rarity today, they were quite common years ago and were big en… Top 10 of Calendar Dogs My photo “I Love it” placed in the top 10 of the All Pets Great and Small Group’s, dog calendar challenge. Thank you so… Sleep my Pet… I see this foreign place, / But upon the sight of you / I breathe easier.
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