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fetch you don’t play with me anymore There’s a Dalmatian in my Lunchbox There’s a dalmatian in my lunchbox / And he’s got me hopping mad / Cos when I checked this morning / There was only bread and j… Old Brown Boots Harsh hard bush lands on which I’ve had to muster / And the paper bark forests supplying me with shelter Cinnamon Dust Afterward, I sleep, and the beating red dries. All too soon, small crumbling grains fall freely like cinnamon dust. The satisfaction is d… BLOW MY NOSE ON A PRAIRIE DOG AND THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW OF A MOVING CAR TRAGIC CRUELTY AGAINST DOGS MUST STOP! Make no mistake – these are hard core criminals setting up dogs to fight to the death for their entertainment – Do we really have a place f… The Kid, The Cat, The Dog “Sleep will you be my friend now?” Proud Pepper at the Black Dog Ballroom It’s hard not to stare. dog’s breakfast false assumption for donkey’s years / barking up the wrong tree / we really are apples and oranges? / be out of our tree / time’s ma… If you want someone…. If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him / and never say its not quite as good as his mothers / …then buy a… Don’t You Love Me Anymore? Yesterday / I had a home, / Today I am unsure. / Was I bad, / or even worse, / Don’t you love me / Anymore? The Odd Spot On the same morning the local paper ran a story about a German bus-driver convicted of penetrating two golden retrievers, Kevin Miller chew… Written Rush rush to your nearest heart store and seek refuge Black Dog Days Nagging thought of regret and woe / Memories I had long left to the past The Track That Disappeared Bulldust flowed down the window…. cattle obliterate the track……greeted by a dog with an unwelcoming ferocity…I came… Shoda “Just Showed Up” Bear Once on the bottom floor I looked to my right, and saw out of my front doors, a strange dog. Sitting upon my porch, resting her weary head. Pit Bull I was afraid of my own dog. What scared me about her was her monstrous strength. Dog Shit Symbolism What an amazing sack of shit. To walk through the world with dog like vision..! I’ve had a thought..That to be somewhere texturesque, with a pair of black and white sunglasses, to see the world with dog like visi… The Impeccable Teachings of Stevey Wonder Dawg He was named after Steve Kline, the renowned pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. When it comes to looks they sure don’t have much in commo… Paw Prints in the Sky A tribute to a sweet buff Cocker Spaniel, Stedman, who lived life and loved living. Dear Applicant Dear Applicant / We have reviewed your application and are delighted to accept your latest bout of depression. / As your recognized authori… A DOG DAY NIGHT I blew the fuse of reason long ago; / the fuse to confuse is the reason to self-abuse. A Poem – Dreams Stormy resolutions thumps in her eyes, / She mutters crude sentences composed of lies, / Blood red lightning stains her whites, / Skin pale… Girls with Gun and Dog – The story behind t… They were lucky to find this place; they’d have no hope without it. They had to get out and to her grandfather. a strange life: roller skates, a rugby team and a… I learned very early on that when you are escorted across the road by an eighty year old with a limp because he fears for you, you know you… THE LURCHER DOG © Mi chickens had stopped laying eggs by now so the small amount of money I’d made out of them had all but dried up. It was probably th… Misery’s Bitch Black cur / That hackled, slinking hound / Snarls pain heralds no warning wittle archie’s dream ( someone’s or … i had the weirdest everest dream / last night i went to my bed really early , i was ab-so-lutley exhausted from playing all day on my bike… dog days,red lights and blank faces….. I’m sitting at a red light, / on the corner / of 118th ave and 149th street, / minding nobodies business / but my own, / of course! / im li… Quartet in Moonlight ~ Song of the Steadfast As a sunset, it fades and another voice lifts / like an oboe’s sweet tones, / this Teacher’s voice drifts… When a dog has had his day He said “Where shall I bury my Dog?” / I replied to that man that there are various places in which a dog may be buried. I am t… A must share ! little poodle … The Aussie Cattle Dog!!! This little story could be applicable in any country, whatever side of the political fence they are on… / Kevin Rudd called Julia Gil… The Old Black Dog Sitting in the psychiatrists office felt strange, his smile seemed plastic and his tone overly sweet. / “So tell me about your life.” You n… The Trip Windy and rainy day / dogs and puppies Sunday night just gone,  Blue Monday dog gone!  Blast off boxcar to Alpha Centauri / With umbrellas and an olived midori / Like Invictus and the equestrian cosmonauts / In of search Icaru… The District Nurse She had to get her facts right so she could tell it true / How it happened, what was where, and who was who. Greyhound Dilemma I couldn’t run fast enough / At the track today… Man’s Best Friend Sometimes a gentleman / Then playfully energetic / Spinning in circles / For dinner or treat / Dancing on hind legs / In anticipation of a… First Dog, Heart Dog An ocean of tears / Still the sadness lingers…. 3 Card Sales – Merry Christmas To All ̵… I am so proud to say that I have sold 3 of my cards… Merry Christmas to All to Z-Dogs – A fellow Bubbler – Danni!!! Tha… don’t let the dog bite! Here you go, / once again, / under clear blue skies, / spilling lies, / destroying life’s, / the truth is part of you, / embedded in your … In Memory Of The Best Dog Hi Folks …today Sandra and I had to let Koda go …a very sad and emotional thing to do…we had 14 years of joy with her and… Card Sale! Be My Valentine! Thank you so much whoever bought my card “Be My Valentine”. I hope you will like it when it gets to you. Let me know how it l… Never piss of a chicken And never piss off your dog. / Leave him sleeping where ever he lies / There could be a time when there’s no difference / Twixt your face a… Rosie the rescue dog A true story. / One day my wife was sitting in our living room watching TV, when Rosie came in the room and looked at her intently. She the… Open letter to my dog A lot of years ago somebody found you tied to a gate. I wasn’t even there but somehow I have a memory of it. The woman at the dog she… A Stray Dog A Stray Dog / Jeremy was sitting atop a picnic table at a park near his high school. He was supposed to be in class, but he was more of an… Three Days Ago I knew “Elizabeth….wake up…’s time. Black dog Black dog is cunning / but he is no match for you. THE SINGLE GIRLS’ BEST FRIEND or BILL, BIL… Here, bring it over here. NO! Leave your hand on it. Now, take that-there thing, yeah, that- and pull it back…There you go, Girl, you… The Sea Dog’s Wife These nights seem to lend no comfort in our pillows / Eyes gaze out the window over to the bay / where I kissed you months ago / Black wate… Who Is Best of Them All Another mirror had a built-in doorway to a different world. My Wife, My Dog, And Me My Wife, My Dog, And Me / For many years now she has sat on my lap, / Just like before when it was time to nap. / She knows her true love i… kids now days playing outside kicking a ball / noisey kids climbing the wall / annoying residents as they try to play / no wonder they all / get chased … Black Dog Whisper pacing, porn and info commercials Yesterday No matter how good you were to me they say I have to let you go. / No matter how much you loved me and held on to my every word they say I … Manny Manny hackles raised, belly prone. sweating postie’s imminent arrival, high grass obscuring canine revengeful intentions. Brahman Co… When I See You Again “There will be no more pain or suffering. / Only joy at the meeting of long lost friends… / When I finally see you again.” I’m Turning My Dog Into a Cat. I’m sure he will / evolve, / That’s what I’m taught. I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had Today I lost my Friend,my companion / Under the snow and earth he’ll stay / To rest until Heaven’s gate. Vick’s Dogs They will never love you / the way that you love them / He will never hurt for you / the way you hurt for him The night of the attack … she let out a squeal and raised her hind quarters high into the air “Franz Kafka Molekel Never Did Die” {… The promise to absolutely cover his monetary loss really brightened up the scene for Charlie who now expressed his gratitude with a verbal … The Lucky Dog “Joe, lately my lustful mind has kept me in a prison of guilt." A dog’s last honor – a surreal funeral Hiding for the rain under a bridge, I looked at the never ending / stream of traffic that descended towards the horizon. A horizon that lay… The Life of Jack – Creator I cannot say what it is that compels me to react A Special Treat The big kids were smoking as they walked ahead of Peter down the sidewalk beside the Weston Plaza. They were in high school and wore unifo… Intelligent Life On Earth All of a sudden a space alien come from around the bushes and walks up to him and the dog. Daniel’s Spaniel (Or The Amazing Tale of the Dog with No Name!) / Daniel had a spaniel dog / of very little brain, / so Danny found it difficult, / his hair… dog house i woke up in the dog house / opened my eyes and heard a woeful song / i musta screwed up while i was sleeping / and i got no clue what i do… wondering ( by the craftsman ) and as the weekend approaches / i wondering what it will bring / untill then i never will know / but continue wondering / i wonder what i … Low Tide The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera… My Dog Nicholai Nicholai Hel / July 31st, 1993 – March 8th, 2008 / . / May his Soul enjoy Eternal Rest / (for he was loved by many) / among the H… Update on my dog Max 14th nov 08 Max is doing great, except he started licking the wound and he made it weep and I had to take him to the vet again today, and they have put… Keeping Warm Goosebumps rise up from my flesh. It’s cold outside, and the windchill puts us well below zero. I shiver as I fumble to get my key … life is but a journey life is but a journey / no matter which road we take / which ever way we get their / its a journey we must make / whether looking for … Letter to a dog Letter to Cadence… / There’s no-one here to clean the cream from the dessert bowl or eat the leftover rice from my… thought you were my friend “i thought” (Mature) ~ Ode to the Stockman’s Repose Deep into the night the cackle of flame / announces the stockman’s abode / his harmonica plays a mellow symphony / ode to the stockman’s re… Featured Work!!! My sincere thanks to hosts and co-hosts of several groups for featuring my work. I’m so happy and I appreciate the features listed be… The Life of Jack So you thought you were crazy friend, sure… Mrs Cransky Daylight slunk gingerly into the cabin. / Mornings were a careful affair, here, where things shuffled. Where dark held it’s silent, w… Fur Fur against my skin… My menagerie Yes, Frank thought he was a budgie / Even his scales weren’t belied / That he couldn’t whistle and swing / Out of water, that’s why he died. Dream. I pin my wing’s against the wall, and hang there unable to fall. I saw your dog today I saw your dog today / she sat, and watched every vehicle, intent on finding her family. another dumped lost and confused dog. this one was… I WANT TO BE A DOG I want to be a dog. / Not a dog relegated to the backyard; / not a guard dog, / or a yard dog chasing rabbits, / or squirrels, / or barking… Rusulka Watch the Western Dvina with a sharp eye / And beware the Rusulka’s lullaby …pavlov’s dog…turning tricks… every second of the day time stamped…captured capturing the captured Losing Control … nervous in the red light – as if anger postponed is somehow sane – and yelling indistinguishable words… Love, Your Little Dog Oh boy!! My mom is taking me for a ride today!! / I wonder… will we go to the park or maybe to the store to get a toy? / I am so happ… A Dog Study It’s always wise to remember, we mould a personality through our actions. talking to my dog . . . . people. / bestest things on the planet. / yayyy. / people. / annoying- est things on the planet. / booo. / people. / not and non things. / … Dogged When that old cur came creeping close, / I kicked him up the date, / I told it “no longer intrested” / And chased him out the gate
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