Little dog

little dog / what are you trying to prove / you bark and bark / but noone listens to you / there was a time / when you were puppy-new / now…

Summer Storm

In a pool of shattered glass, a flesh-colored lump of – Ben could not tell what – lay on the floor.

Walter (The Dog)

Soft of eye and fair of face- / Boisterous yet of manly grace, / Wants to be the friend of all- / Except when guarding in the hall.

Bitten by a Black Dog

I’ve picked up a knife from the kitchen and pressed it to my wrist a few times. I imagine that I’d just bleed out, I’d fa…

Black Torment

She is sadly comfortable in her own private torment

The Holylands

Between the drunken lads sprawled on mattresses in the street… / weaves God.

Snoopy And Linus Play Blanket Tug Of War

Snoopy is a crazy dog / His heads always in a fog / Thinking of some fun new ways / To steal a blanket each day / That Linus loves very muc…

Thirty seven minutes in a two dog sort of day

Thirty seven minutes in a two dog sort of day / Was all that it took / In that little time / Was all that he needed / For all that he said …


Suddenly we found we had a new companion. I discovered how much more friendly the world becomes…


Reminding me of a time of raw innocence, coalescing like pieces of a kaleidoscope repeating itself in new forms…singing in rhymes and refra…

I wanted to leave this behind

Stepping out / I remembered summer rain / as the dog licked / my wet legs / free of water and cleanliness


Salvador suffered a nasty accident playing that broke some ligaments of his leg. The pain is so bad that he was using the other leg instead…

The Nature of My Dog

My dog is black of course / His colour hides him in plain sight / He is an ancestor’s ghost / And I am ever uncertain when he might / appe…

conversations with dog

we are a weird lot, dog / us humans, I mean / the things we do / to keep the world at bay / we just don’t want to live / with what&…

Barking Dog

it is the bark of frustration and pain / it is the bark of injustice and unfairness

Now available “the Quotable Westie”

the Quotable Westie a book of photographs by Edward M. Fielding is now on sale at Amazon.


Starvation of the spirit and mind…and a need for nourishment that is not being met.


Auntie cut the rind / off the bacon / and offered it / to the dog / but before the dog / could put his lips to it / you made off with …


So I have this dog. / He sniffs, poops, pees, sleeps, / just like any other dog. However, / he is not like any other dog. / He politely ask…

A Dog’s Life

It’s been a while since Ringo the Dog gave me some life tips. Well, he’s given me tips, but I don’t always write them down. Because I…

dog farts

then i hear the wispy sound / of an escaping emission / from her rear


Your Uncle Ed / shaved in the kitchen sink / using a cutthroat razor / gazing in the small square mirror / set on the draining board / …

Performing Dog

He taught me all I know / Paper skirt / Tricks with ropes / Doing it doggy-style

Thoughts on photographing dogs

How do I take great photographs of my dog, cat or pot belly pig? Preperation, planning and patience is the ticket to success, take it from…

Until it is time for me to go

There was a child inside of me once. / I lost him between my dreams and my days.



A Black Dog

He looks for something that may not even be there. The search has gone on all of his life and will only end with his death. It’s not …

She shits in my house / the prettiest girl I know…

For the greed between each other

The Dog

Loving and loyal / with unconditional love / rubbing my head against my mum / to get some affection / or a pat on the head. / I feel a shar…

Womans Best Friend

Harry my love, my best friend.

Pet Store Patrons, Beware!

The costs are too high–not just for you, but especially for the animals, when pets are purchased from pet stores.

Sam Rivers and the Night Rustlers

“Let go of me, let go,” Sam yelled. Suddenly Sam’s horse reared up, hooves flying, which made the sheep rustler holding Sam momentari…

a dog and cat story

Once upon a time…(i’ve always wanted to say that) once upon a time there was this guy named lou. lou was a mailman and new to …


On this all hope resides…


I didn’t find my dream in this life / Perhaps I’ll find it in the next one


—Author unnkown

The Adventures of Shakespeare the Great Dane

Shakespeare snuggled up, warm and cosy, next to his brothers both softly snoring. He wriggled and squirmed and nuzzled his way in, right up…

water for my dog, a deal

drink too much from the / finest crystal / or from a dirty dog dish, / it leads to the same / misdirections, / contraceptions / and hes…

Laika Dog, aboard Sputnik 2, November 3, 1957 (po…

first earthling to see us / from above the clouds / i wonder what she was thinking / going so fast, so far away / from the streets of Mos…

The Hog, The Dog, and Me

We settle down, front of the fire, / I sip from the bottle with desire, / Me dog at me feet, / Havin’ somethin’ to eat,

Story about my precious dog Jarman – Laid …

Jarman and pedigree dog food.labelsb great advertisement for the Guide Dogs.

just give up dog

just give up

Old Blue, he’s a working dog

Sitting for his portrait / For only split second / Lotta work to do / Blue, he’s a working dog / Down on the farm / Has oodles to do

Blue in Dappled Shadow

Old Blue is blind / He’s a very good dog / Courageous and tireless

Intro to Ubi, the Underground Dog

I’ll be honest here: I’m no Lassie. I don’t rescue drowning children and I definitely don’t save trapped cats or dogs in need.

Cuddles featured in playful photogenic animals ;)

Thanx for the feature of my artwork “Cuddles” / ;)


You are thirteen years old just today / If dog years were counted for you. / But if you count in leap years, / Congratulations, you’re twen…


I am not very politically minded, / Though I have been so in the past. / I was a politician’s campaign manager, / Thank the Lord that was o…


You’ve told me you loved me, / Though I can’t see why. / I can’t comprehend it, / Even though I have tried. / You’ve said that you need me,…

Halifax-New Scotia Intransigence

This is a highly significant matter legally and to our community.

The waiting dog

Dedicated to my little lazy weener dog

The Dog, The Bitch and the Christmas Tree

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a skinny female figure appears swathed all in black like an avenging giant ant. A shrill, high pitched voic…

He does what he wants to do


Dog Days of Summer

. . .we have learned to treat Ringo like that special aunt who wanders through the neighborhood in her underwear


And Auntie saying Don’t / Go too far so I can’t see you / And off you’d go off down / The iron stairs with the dog / In pursuit and the…

Until and through morning

Morning / In the warmth and given sun / I am followed only by one / Though / As I move my hands and feet / my friend behind me moves in-s…


The lovers quarrel, / walls paper thin. / The crash of plates / on the floor, / knick-knacks being / tossed about the apartment. / Shouts o…

elegy for a dog

the poor thing danced in agony / and sang a horrible song

Auntie’s Mutt.

Auntie’d cut off / the bacon rind / and throw it / for the dog / and you’d grab it / and run down / the stairs with it / and the dog’d …

Blackdog III – Searching

And the black dog will be, wherever he is


Old Bob lived / in a cardboard box / under the stairs. / Don’t feed the mutt, / Granny said. / But you did, often, / with scraps from th…

The dark side of dog breeding

Every time / A repeated crime / Dogs everywhere / In crates lined up anywhere / Poorly cared for and lacking shots / Being made like robots…


so much you give and never judging/ always willing to give more/you listen with one ear up then tilt your head as if to hear more

Blue Going To Work

Old Blue is a working dog / Tireless and courageous / Tends his farm daily / Alert, willing and able / He’s off to work right now / Long on…


As I walked one day through a forest, / I sniffed a smell not from a florist; / And up ahead I heard a rustling / As though something in th…

“Tales of a time towing pooch”

Ever since Sam was a pup he had always wanted a time machine & finally he now had his very own

Bad Poetry – A pair of Odes.

An Ode To Dog Biscuits and An Ode To Quincy

Top reasons your dog has a eating disorder

The word “gravy” whispered from 300 yards away makes him leap up even while under anesthesia

Top signs you own a dumb dog

Requested that her I.Q. test be reformatted so this time she can smell the questions and then eat them

Beware of the dog . . .

Last evening we were / walking down to eat some / ‘dahi vadas’ / There was this gentleman’s house / on the way, / Mr. M.N. Mohanty. / A wel…

my bokeh was drunk

the dog was barking / something about love / being a waste of fucking time / to the inquisitive pink pig / who just took a shit / down …

magnetic retention

on the carpets / there’s piss / stains / we only hope / is from / the dog

My dog

How come my dog gets things quicker / and better / than I do?

Doggy Santa

You ever come a cross one of those dog lovers that has a screw lose in their head?


Adam 6 can you respond to a school bus stop / And a three legged dog? / I went 10-8 from a two minute break / After dispatching a large rat…


You loved to hug Mr Chowdy; / You liked it when his wet nose / Brushed your chin or his long / Tongue licked your ear. Don’t let / The …

the old man and the memory of his yellow lab

no dog leashed in his right hand / nothing but a ghost / walking quietly beside him / in his sweetest memories

Erotic 8? The Chair and the Dog ..nitty gritty. 1…

Back to where i was earlier, I would love to sit naked in a chair and for you to sit naked on my lap but for seamed stockings. black heels …

Canine Schwartz

I’ve seen a little black dog, / It follows me around, / But when I say to speak, / It doesn’t make a sound,

Three Legged Dog

Buford loved sitting on the park bench especially when afternoon was turning into evening, something about the change made him feel at peac…
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