Supplication Don’t let me mess up, I pray / Walking through the tiled halls / Opening doors to needy minds / And looming contraptions on the walls bad news Only yesterday I was talking about wanting a big family / About how I’d keep going until my body gave up / I never thought it would g… Stargate Alliance: Worlds of the Doctor; Part One “What is it?” / “Oo, um…men…with big guns.” The Doctor grabbed his sonic screwdriver, put it in his trench pocket, and pulled it on. “Best … Side Effects Women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant should not take or handle Flounce (megamicrosuckadickadoffilus) due to an increased … A MOTHER’S LOVE I believe they met with the Medicine Buddha! A laugh a day keeps the doctor away and keeps you young. I had this sent to me and just had to share. love and hugsxxx / Women will understand, Men are going to learn somethin… SHOOTING THE TRADITION Folk music, time, Dr Who, big questions from a small island. The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … Ink Spots and Cherubs They took him to the doctor to fix him up to be good / “Now young man” the old man in the white coat said / “Please tell … Calling Doctor Love Play that sad guitar  / Pluck that manic sitar / Bang the drum slowly / Bang a gong lonely  Things You Don’t Want To Hear A Doctor Say 1. Oops. / 2. Wow, never seen this before. / 3. Your wife will still love you. / 4. This is really, really going to hurt. Haikau poem – The Waiting Room Expectant, cross-legged / Raised heads as doctor appears / Read next magazine THE LOVE Doctor So come and get your dose……… / But if you get hooked baby…… Quid Pro Quo Now it is I who watch you, helpless, in / your illness; / Your body tortured by virus upon virus, / knowing full well that it was I who br… The Soul Doctor no friends to converse / there is no intent / Analysing your every question Words by The Doc – Part 5 I remember the night you called me, / and told me that our love was done. / Since then I’ve been picking up pieces, / but all of the … The Curse of Doctor Fangelstein They say you never forget your first encounter. She was a sweet nubile being who offered him everything Matthew could wish to experience. Cheap Medicine His body can be fixed. His lusts are incurable. Hello all friends I have misunderstood my body functions…. / my heart has nearly killed me…. / i will catch up with you all and comment / i than… Screw News TV News debate: adults having sex versus a doctor mutilating a new born he brought into this world. This isn’t fiction. It’s today… Orphans Orphans, they were. / Setting out into the moonlight. / Like Doctor Who, / they vanished….. / into another realm. / Never to be seen… I need a love doctor :( I suffer from what I call the She’s the one syndrom Dirty on the Outside, but Clean on the Inside? Can not everyone be like the train smoke covered hobo cry wolf I can’t keep dreaming of being / Pulled by the legs Rx (bang) As I present my insurance card / I know the good doctor has won. / I feel I have just slapped the cylinder shut / On a cold Russian Roulett… A Woman of Pride Then she said “no… / I’m much too strong / and much too smart / to need a man / to hold my heart.” “Is he a doctor?” “Yes, I know all of that,” said the woman’s sharp voice in English from the kitchen where the happy plant sat on the window sill. “But is h… Chinese Doctor Say…. I love this Doctor! / Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? / A: Your heart only good… Doctor Right Hello doctor / Yes it’s me once again / The one you locked away / With the stroke of a pen / You are right / In what you did / To put me aw… Silver or Gold Cross looked at Woody and saw the Cross and screamed, "Let’s get out of here, this is that guy that I said no to years ago and he had … Affinity His right arm was stuck diagonally to Miss Dayton’s abdomen in a most embarrassing and personal way. The Art Of Loneliness The catharsis wil leave you with stinging tears……… HEART MURMUR I went to the doctor quite confused / Not very happy not at all amused / My heart had been beating erratically / I didn’t know what w… The Heart – Part II Moving forward, he strained to see the monitor. There it was. The steady pulse of a strong heart. He watched as the lips of the mother f… Snake Doctor The other day I went to the little lake off of Cove Road to take pictures. I didn’t have anything specific in mind. I thought maybe I would… Doctor Strangemind, or: How I learned to Stop Wor… I love… recanting Reptilian conspiracies over the chaos of my favorite French fusion/opera group while sewing homemade dresses from c… I give you I sit / across a space / which may as well be a chasm / should I step unsurely / I see you / I know not what I think / Fear and trepidation… A laugh a day keeps the Doctor away I had this sent to me by the lovely Jen Whyte and just wanted you to share the wonderful laughter that I had. hugs……….. /… Operator Inhale… / Exhale… / The edges grow softer / And anguish fades / Down / Down / Into the darkness / Slowly, it pulls me in. / Lig… Behind The Doctor’s Devilish Grin why is the doctor grinning? The Heart – Part I There it was. She watched the light dance it’s way across the monitor. Her own heart stopped, as she watched it’s perfect beat, it’s perf… One More for the Road Now I know that I haven’t been faithful, / and sometimes been down right unkind, / but if you leave me now darling, Feeling Bad Blues Sitting on my bed with my guitar looking for the blues freedom clues, / My door opens my window shades block out the light and in comes the… Just HOW much does your Doctor KNOW..! ASK QUESTIONS…. I Need a Doctor every little thing that i do seems to fall apart / like the shit i had together was only a fucking start / to the end of things, the end of… From the Journal of Dr Ladd. June 1st 1996. / I met John for the first time in the summer I did my residence at St Marrow’s Institute. He was a patient and I was the yo… Witch-Doctor Sought I must see the doctor soon / about my moles / and madness / ’bout nicotine replacement / and overwhelming sadness / I hope she has a … Thank You God Thank you for forgiving me if I hurt you in any way that it might be. / But most of all that nothing can compare thank you for loving me. Doctors’s Waiting Room in the doctor’s waiting room / myself, others sitting in silence / glancing at magazines… / occasional looking up as names / a… America The majority cried….only orange / submarines tell time / and the Blues still keep singing / before jumping from their trees. L’Asile – Asylum No one could forget, / what had happened there. / The whole town knew, / and they would often stare. Divorce Advice no friends when you’re lost in space Life’s Party is Over But the curtains will continue to fall / even with tear filled encores in echoes. / There will be wishes and hopes to start again, DOCTOR PHIL… The crib ornament was so cute too, who would think that a ornament full of Disneyland characters could be so dangerous… Collection One You watch what grows / and forget what dies. / You seem to want to be someone, / maybe you will. On One Knee Dear girl, I love you so much I would give you an Island with the sea, / I promise to love you more than love is as I go down on one knee. THE DEATH SENTENCE They told him / it’s a death sentence / That’s for sure / We can’t help you / There is no cure / He looked at doctor / n… A Poem for Henry Gibson He said “why do people look at me with wonder in their eyes? / I’m not hurt, I’m not sick, my toes are in the skies.̶… The Darkness of the day If she could just remember what had happened when David had left, he had quietly opened the door and let himself out. He was barely 8 when … Free Insanity Crawl, / cry, / search for a hand, / a peace, / a rope to hang, / your fucking lies, D-Day and Maybe Not June 6th One day the clouds parted and a trumpet sounded and ended fast. / Millions of people wandered around only remembering the past. Rebbeccas Journey- part 1 train ride, new job, new family, but love lost Tools of the trade? Minutes ticked by, the doc came once more, / he said, “It’s no good, I need a hacksaw!” Artist Doctor The artist’s pain / Laid bare / Another one assults me / With more pain / Again laid bare / Where is the artist’s hospital? / M… Rebbeccas Journey- part 3 loss of mother and baby sister, fathers drunken ways caused it The Words are Only in the Wind They will fly past mountains in Aspen to the desert sands in Mexico. Some will be found by ones looking for love and the ones letting it go… I Saw It inYour Eyes As you slowly got up to leave I started to ask for just one more try, / I knew inside I wouldn’t get it, but I loved you so much that… Girl in the Stars I wrote a song for her on the end of one of Love Field’s runways when I stop there to hitch a ride to that star. death continues to seduce me. I have a psychiatrist. A psychologist. A pack of pills and sedatives. I no longer have a lover. The makings of Dr.G and his Blue Shoes Band Duane Allman was next door to me trying to find another guitar player before Dickey Betts showed up. Paul Butterfield was just forming a ba… Ultrasound Colors doppling along / Colors revealing the truth / Colors telling the secret / Colors dropping into files / Colors viewed by physicians /… A Speedy Delivery “It’s the wife …” answered Davey, “..she’s about to give birth .. / … pushing and panting for all that she’s worth!” I Wish, I Just Wish They led me to a cabin that was back off the road under sycamore trees with no leaves and there were no lights, but in Melissa’s eyes… Whatever Will I Tell My Doctor? I think I stuck it into far. / In the backseat of his car. Comedious Commentarious : Doctor Feel Good After The Congress made Medicinal Marijuana legal , A cereal company went to Congress to legalize the use of Cocaine as a weight loss inhib… my darling, my dear he had a newspaper laying over his head / and his hands were clasped at his waist / he appeared to be sleeping there / but i couldn’t… Today The doorbell rings, the telephone rings, / and you are trying to sleep. / So you jump out of bed, banging your head Pot of Gold It makes no difference what I’m doing / She’s always in my heart and on my mind, The Explosion can a heart with this many hairline fractures ever love again? / doctors diagnosis: no… </3 Her unsent letters-From the book Raw a love story It is humid today and my skin is damp in this morning wake, I should dress, I should brush my hair, I should eat…..Fuck the Doctors a… “Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcik… “Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank ! A dank ojch zejer ! Twenty-Five Year Wife You were always happy with what you owned and never / ask for more than I could supply, / Your main happiness was your Faith in God and how… the hyPochoNdrIAc “Though they say, ‘it’s not the size of the boat,’ / it’s still something I wouldn’t share.” Plague doctor “Plague doctor” was featured in Anaglyph World. / Thanks, Diagnosis Grant us with the will of sclerosis, / Dead on the floor induced by narcosis. DIMENSIONS + AMAZING HOLOGRAMS + A SINGING DOCTOR Heres a Visually Unusual collection of Links that you will find entertaining .. / .I THINK " – )) / I AM OUTTA CONTROL YOU KNOW… where is doctor doodle multi coloured pigments stained the parchment / curves and straights cross in haphazard chaos / each stroke a work of a mind at wanders wor… Dear Doctor Dear doctor, i sit across from you / Pouring out my heart and soul / Are you listening? You never do. / I tell you that im hurting I tell y… Rock Guru For there it shall remain until I return again on my black and silver lined stallion….Farewell, here is where it came from..I will ca… old age-a phenomina it is a doctor’s room. doctor and the patients are sitting in the chamber. in front of doctor, an old man is sitting with blan… A Doctor of Love Illuminating rainbow lights Pe’gasty It began and again second verse rhymes with first / and time goes older for some, / but mark my highways from and now Choices Just as I was becoming happy / things all started to get worse. / Another vehicle all black and shinny For The Girl With No Name We see the trees in the forest of our yesterdays cannot block our paths of our tomorrows. yr ’’doctor’’ made me think again, izzy gumbo parents / (have to?) show / themselves cleverer than / their children / still fighting / their parents, / caught in / the middle: / . / . … Back Doe Man Yeah, I’m a backdoe man on Hwy 44 / till I reach me a jumpin Juke Joint on 61.
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