I Love you… in 100 different languages I Love you… in 100 different languages / English – I love you / Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief / Albanian – Te dua / A… One brown the other smokey blue… My world is still spinning, each day never to be the same / for I looked into his eyes… Men Talk A sand fly, large and black, landed on Dylan’s red nose and stung him. He slapped his nose. ‘Ouch!’ He shook his white hair, the colour o… and if you fall, maybe you’ll be able to se… and aren’t you cold from all the heat you release / curling into tendrils in the shape of sanctity / confusing the gods who’d h… Each took a path At the fork / each took a path / separate, both right / both right I repeat to myself / will we always find each other / like you promised Love in Different Words In natures magic of transcendent times we exist / To the lakefront for a summer stroll we glide / The blue storm rising within our rustic s… in pairs Two cups of coffee in our hands, / Two hearts beating in time, / Two smiles, meanings the same, / But one love to last a lifetime. / Two vo… DIFFERENT WORLDS he danced to the drums of ancient tribes / sat on the cusp of the moon / wore nothing but a loin cloth / his scent was that of musk / ate … From This to This (a different article) This is the article as it was sent to me; me being asked to “cute” it up: / Lexiana Salazar, 3 years is asked to be in a fashio… different “separate or distinct from another or others” / -Webster / wearing black to a white tie event / opening a door that is supposed… Beautiful She won’t win beauty pageants, / She won’t win accolades; / there’ll be no booker prizes, / and no ships will launch in her nam… A Message of the Ages – by Pat Williams You and I are as different as the day is to the night, / You may be black velvet, while I am silky white, / In both there is a richness and… LOVE THY NEIGHBOR we are God’s creation / each and every one of us / no matter what color skin / or what religion we favor / no matter what our customs are /… Benny was strange girl… Benny was a strange child / Her personality weird and wild / She had bubbles of happiness and fits of rage / She was like a butterfly one m… ANGELS OF FUR Angels wrapped in fur / Have done much to mend a broken heart, / Set a soul aright once it has fallen / Beneath the reach of human hands, /… It Was Different For Me The silence under this “skin” was something to experience within! / Or maybe they were intelligent enough to glance at me and say “Sucker!”… A Quote from my Nana. *My Nana was my best friend. She listened to me and always managed to put a smile on my face. She is the person behind “Dedication (M… Sparked Interest. I want you. / Electric and eclectic, / crazy and synidicated, / Perverted and genius / so highly opinonated From the Top Triangles are cute, especially with soft edges different Today i awoke with a feeeling, / That something wasnt quite right, / I felt i was walking on the ceiling, / I didnt know if it was day or … Love of a different lifetime Too scared to know / to timid to ask. / Does it show? / You do what you do / and it gets me each time / It feels so true. / My heart belong… Dear Child …what are you doing? / I do not love you. / You are not mine. Different Seasons The sky is black, the day is bright, / the pavement is hard, the grass is green there are different seasons, / but which one will I like, /… Love Letter like the wind,i follow you to the ends of this world, / like the sun,i am there even when you cannot feel me, / like the sky,i am the clima… Different Shifts we are forced to chase each other every day / but I suppose it is for the better / when I am away you wake up our children / and when you … Opposites If the end can have a beginning / And you are my beginning / Will you be my end? / If darkness can be lit up / And you illuminate my life… love in different world A bond from a distance, only they know the reason. / Love has an intensity as still as a calm night or as savage as a raging storm. / That … Something different A lone White cloud breaks up the vast blue plane / The gentle embrace of the suns warm rays invigorates your stirring brain / Your body per… Special Again and again / Same thing over and over / When I see you / Just hook up and leave / And act like it never happened / I know I know / But… A Fairy-tale with a different (part one) WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU FIND G.L (girl’s love) OFFENSIVE / YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED …………………&… The Lady with Raven Wings Those who are different can find love as well. Find a Different Topic You are my way out. Offer the help that destroys me. / you said you’d always be there for me. But you’re not. / and it̵…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of different love writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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