Diamond Core

Don’t you try to unsettle me / I can see through to the other side / Don’t try to demean and cancel me out / I will rise again like the Pho…


Like a flower waiting to bloom / I to wait upon the day / I will receive the light / I’m a lifeless zombie crowned with a tomb

prism dawns through diamond birth

patterns of veiled mist / on the horizon / …..pitter / ………..play / breathless on my wind like / teachers they l…

Diamond moments

‘Mr Zou, Mr Zou, you must get up. Up now, they come. Look, they come. Stand. Please, please it will not be good for us if you do not …

Your Royal Highness – Your Majesty

we celebrate your 60 years reign, / You nurtured those children, / What a beautiful couple you make, / GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Happy Birthday To Me!

So i’m 21 now… and .. well… i’m stoked!

Diamond Cut Girl

He wants a girl / with diamond cut legs / liquid silver inbetween. / He wants a girl / with silken spun arms / for holding him while he dre…

Diamond Raindrops

Diamond raindrops / Shatter / Forever Falling

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Fuck my tortured soul with those hypnotic eyes / You Psychedelic lexicon of love.

The flawless diamond

From the fire of that single candle, the room was filled with light and dancing rainbows. The diamond took that small light and turned it i…

Rough Diamond will be back

Just letting you know, in case you ’re wondering, I will be back, as soon as I can get a computer that works right. :)x


…one of the most important questions you could ask

whoo hoooo Featured

‘’ WOW ’’ I’m truely honoured to have this piece featured in the ‘’ All Things Coffee ’R…

Lessons Of Love

If you gave me a river of diamonds, / I could not give you love. / I would not trade my heart / For an ocean full of gold, / Love is not a …

A mother’s treasures

A solitary piece the diamond / precious rare gem most treasured / by those lucky enough to hold / Once in possession it is rarely out of gr…


THANK YOU ! to the person who bought my ART today. When this happens I feel grateful and want YOU to know how much it means to me that YOU…

Diamond smile (Part 1)

Her mother’s diamond smile shattered our conversation into tiny fragments of politically correct socialite etiquette.

The Other Day

The other day / I got those tingles / Through my limbs / When I saw her


A diamond / So bright / Shines day / Shines night / A piece of coal / Black and griddy / Not so beautiful / Not so pretty / A candy / Tast…


He waited at the train station / A very long time / A little nervous / But he was looking fine / Under his arm / A bottle of Pinot Grigiot…

Diamond in the Rough

Though choice was not given / you hold the honor / of falling victim to carry / the burden of sins cast / by others - / long before your co…

Diamond Eyes.

Diamond eyes in the night, / this veiled sight of smoke and mirrors, / this apartheid domination of people running the fucking rat race / l…

He Sang Me A Love Song

He Sang Me A Love Song / That I didn’t hear / Put his arms around me / Yet didn’t draw me near / Brought me flowers / They had …

Diamond Blades

But somehow, I wished she would slap me… / Or choke me until I slip into numbness / Because her words hurt more / Than her violence e…

Walking Dead by Ozzy Skateboard

emotion compressed to diamond / heart as heavy as lead / cause without you my darling / I’ve become the walking dead

Diamond smuggling in the current times

A grand job for the Sauvé gentleman. A gesture to the himself he wasn’t dull


I am yet unpolished- / unrefined, / I am filled with impurities- / unclean, / like gold, / I’m told that fire / will clear it away- …

A Diamond Guitar – Adaptation

Mr. Schaeffer has finished assembling his doll- he sits it on his knee and holds its little wooden hand.

diamond eyes

dancing through the heavens / were his diamond eyes / sparkling like the stars / always promised no goodbyes / love was the answer / to all…

my diamond heart

it was a gift / from a lover / unknown to everyone / but me / he handed me a small / black velvet bag / in it…was a diamond heart / a…


Have you found a good woman?

slow diamond

under compression / my limbs and skin fused / into one, / forced into a tiny space / i became a crumb. / pushed further in, / left nothing …

Blood Diamond: The Story Behind the Painting

My work “Blood Diamond” was inspired by the movie Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo di Caprio and Jennifer Conelly. In 1999, in …

the diamond field

deceit like smoke / hovering hiding above a sea of faith / vast in its hopefulness / awaiting a redemption / that never comes~

Shining Toad

…shining toad, / under diamond sky..

Diamonds from coal

take with me, / let’s redeem – our souls, / diamonds come from the coal..

“Sweet Caroline”……Neil Di…


The Diamond Rule

Do you know the diamond rule? / It’s much more costly than the golden, / it means that I am wrong / and you are right / always. / It …


A sparkling diamond, / a blood stained mirror.

The Ocean Diamond

…To those in fine houses, / it provides peril. / For others less fortunate, / it causes disaster….

Heart of Diamond (Daydream #1)

I looked at the man in front of me / His eyes glaring, barrel pointed towards me / But I saw no killer. / Rather I beheld a man / Whose sup…


Rosebuds / Rose bud thrown through the window, / yellow edged petals holding firm / yet to reveal beauty it guards / fragrance held in, nub…


A lifetime of love within your kiss / A cherished memory that will always be missed / A bond made eternally destined to last / With reflect…

I’m a Diamond in the Rough

I am a Diamond in the rough, / And it’s really tough, / Knowing I’m not good enough, / I ain’t trying to bluff, / I know …


Wrap it in bubble wrap / Build a brick wall / Encase it in diamond / And Never let anyone in.

Within a diamond

On the outside i am strong / My very skin shines with many pearls / I feel trapped in my self though / not able to escape, caged up in conf…


I shall turn it / into diamonds / I prides I prides

the Quest for the Rare Blue Diamond chapter 1

Chapter 1 / Nadia Quest / It was a typical summer day in Ithaca. The sun was shining and there was a breeze in the air. It all seemed norm…

The Diamond miner, a search for love

She cant be found because she’s lost in the crusade, all alone unaware of her beauty and statue, she’s a miner for the precious…

Beautiful Diamond

Your chosen purpose here / is a beautiful diamond set in the crown of your heart. / Glorious light radiates from within you, splashes of he…

Shine On You Crazy Diamond***

Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

Poem…Diamond by Dante

I can always spot a diamond in a box of zirconia, / cos I know I am a diamond too. / Keep it sparkling, forever bright and at the for……

Blades of Grass

Blades of Grass will no longer survive / The time has arrived for nations to fall. / Conviction has cried, destiny has called. / Tremble wi…

A Diamond

A Diamond in disguise, lurking for it’s demise. / Blindly tainting the soul of love, like a fallen dove. / Surrounded with barriers t…

Road Trippin’

. . . road trips are not the time to bring up marital issues. This is not the forum to complain about how he folds the bathroom towels, or …

A Diamond Heart

My heart shines for joy. For laughter is the best medicine. My heart shines for peace. Where tranquility finds it’s way into my inner beaut…

Anti Valentines Day Poem

Wake up wondering “What the blunt!” / conjuring crazy thoughts up / like “I’m paranoid / are clowns with mack 10s s…

White Diamond.

This poem is about how I look at my inner being from within me. It shows how valuable I am to God and to myself.

Freedom Stone

…it was years before any kind of serious move was made to stop the torture and abuse of helpless innocents in the name of procuring p…

Somewhere Between Europe And Marriage

strolling through enough mist to leave me soak n’ wet or hit by a moving vehicle who’s driver didn’t see me

Shining Like a Diamond.

“You don’t need me. Go find your life there. I have no direction in life and you’ve got your path paved even before you w…

A diamond beyond the glare

You are reading the Diamond Sutra on Desolation Peak / I have to strain my neck to see you there / Just looking at you causes me to unlear…

Diamond of the gold mine

Be diamond of the gold mine either mud pit

My Soul a Dusty Diamond

My soul a dusty diamond / an overworked horse with splintered shoes

My tongue in the Sea like a Diamond

To dress and through sun / Still, Need, Fall. / Death weak spring rose. / Vision, See, Whisper like life. / The dream by essential storm. /…


quillwork was developed into geometric patterns and other artistic elements before European traders brought glass beads into the Americas

Your Diamond Eyes

Your diamond eyes spy love from my lips as i sip at the wine of our future and gesture care with the soft brush of my hand against your che…

The diamond, The heart, The club, The spade.

The diamond, The heart, The club, The spade. / None of these promises should have ever been made.

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