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Morning Dew Due Do… I captured you / In the morning dew / On my arm you chose to light / A Butterfly no less, what a beautiful sight / You spread your wings oh… Locked Up in Layers one day ill be a summer’s blossom / sweet sways of praise in the warm breeze / cotton-candy kisses toward the sky…Hallelujah! The fleece shades of dew and mint i can feel the carapace / cracking / slowly / like a hatching / my bruised wings search / seek / window sills and dust motes / my lids expl… Morning Dew Awake sweet princess of the morning dew / The sun has need of thy blossoming breath / Birds in their nests sing a welcoming song / As the n… A Glimpse of The Morning… My rested eyes awoke this morning to a grand and glorious sight, / A glimpse of the day in perfect array and my spirit then took flight. /… ~ Dance in the Fretternear Woods ~ Rise again the day is young / and we shall dance in the Fretternear Woods MY FLOWER In the garden / Way to the rear / Is a special flower / Which is so dear / It has dew-pearled droplets / On it’s petals / Dripping sl… Simple Things art by: budrfli / poetry by: vanesse By Morning’s Dew Many are the years waiting in hope / Longing for your warmth to give me rest / Dreams that reach out to draw you near / And bring to life w… Dew Unto Others… … “shower the people you Love with Love.” / ;D Daffodils – Haiku Gentle breeze heads nod - / Opening buds, dew drop kissed – / Majestic crowns lift. Dawn haiku Haiku The Dew Of Dear Tara I was blessed by the dew of dear Tara / And drank of her sacred delight, / Where the fox in the dark, / And the call of the lark, / Surroun… SWEET HUSH OF MORNING i walked in the sweet hush of morning / in the field of dreams and happiness / the sound of a mourning dove / the dew on the roses caress /… The Dew Of Dear Tara I’ll come back to the dew of dear Tara / To restore the strong magick of old. flowered dreams. Touch me, / With fingers laced with lily, / Palms caressed with liliac, / Lips pressed with rose. / Hold me, / With arms scented lavender, … Drips And Drops Drips And Drops for all to see / Dew on my bended leaves / Drips And Drops for me to keep / Falling from every leaf / Drips And Drops feel… What Happened? Every day / We can go / We can work / We can play hiding in the wilderness hiding in the wilderness / under the green twining leaves / climbing the rough tree trunks / edged with man’s forgotten images / i de… I Am a DewDrop… You know, how at dusk, / you can look at the tree… / and see the dew drops falling / from it’s leaves ? / I was one of those d… ALL-EE IN COME FREE A child, like once myself, at play with glee. The Foggy Dew All, the flowery vale, beckoned us. / And we came, joy, love, remembrance. Top 10 100% (Professional work only) Challenge OH WOW WOW WOW!!!! / My Photo ‘Blue Diamonds’ placed 5th in the 100% (Professional work only) challenge in the group 100%! / A big THANK YO… Morning Happenings The dew / Covers the earth / A blanket / For the fresh grass. / The sun / Awake / From a long night’s sleep / Breaks through / The night’s … Some days I think I’ve seen too much ‘There were times / when I was mad and nauseous / that the big barn door of my mind / swung open / so far, it nearly cracked it’… A Visual Fantasy ! Hubli has a population of about a million , a good education center with all ingredients i SPIRIT OF THE MORNING MIST She purses her lips / And she exhales the mist / The spirit of a soul so old / Strong and oh so bold / Many lives did she live / Always fai… Morning Dew Rinsing the residue of yesterday… dew come with me, and we’ll dampen our shoes / with the first tears of morning / me and you. / we’ll pick our way through the long … Dew Drops Falling Dew Drops Falling / Dew drops falling down from my window, / I wonder where they were a night ago. / They came to visit me while I was asle… Playing hide and seek Oh glorious sun arising / I see you are a shining / Giving out your warmest glow / Melting even keenest snow / Who knows wherest you’… Whispers of Love Every gentle breeze that brushes your cheek… / Every Songbird’s beautiful melody… NEW DAY dew drops glisten Sweet Dew Cuisine Sweet Dew Cuisine ensmoulders me, / Allowing fulfillment of this Taurine Dream. Morning Dew Awaken by sounds of eyelashes flickering in a morning shine, / I gazed at a sun’s rays of light emitting down in a straight line. / G… china bells of bone and shell and frosty dew a fo… he licks / her caressed warmed unearthed saltiness / growing breathless timidly slipping / secret desire eaten / her beggar’s heart … Networth Feeling I did it right, / was for me truly feeling. / Without anticipation of result, / I find my comfort in simply failing. / Sitting b… Haiku 64 morning dew / on curled lily blossom… / scent of fresh peach Where The Dew Still Rests In the morning where the dew still rests / The great wide open lies asleep / The field is white and ready to harvest DEW sometime plz / come and touch the tears of mine / u feel dew / but they can burn ur hands / ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh special dew oh, please do not be jealous / of all the jizz jazz I did before you / for you, my jism is new / please, be understanding, too / spew is me… * Dew Drops Of Expectation~*~ As your frame graces mine your gaze captivates me / within a heat haze of love / The tenderness in your strong hands romances my form / unt… Wish these had lasted! Rope swings and high school dares. / From all those summer days. / Wish these had lasted. Haiku 93 warm morning dew / makes you wet with a whisper… / my hand on your thigh FALLS Cascading down over the cold hard rocks the ice water hits fully, / drenching me completely, / tilting my head back my hairs pulled slick… The Perfect Morning Air With each new ray of sunlight the colors come to life / From gray into green the grass is revealed / Covered in dew reflecting the new day … Morning Dew Ah the morning dew, whispers softly on the blade of grass, I wish you a good day, and fare the well as you journey on, always mindful that … FEATURED PHOTO “Dew” I feel so honored to see my featured work “DEW” in ALL ABOUT FLOWERS GROUP today, April 29, 2009 It is always great to see my… dew drop Dew Drop …. morning dew morning dew Spring Dew drips off the newborn leaves / As the new season’s sun breaks the eastern line / The loveliest hour of the spring / Emancipates j…

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