War Between The Worlds

The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside.

last waltz

i trip the not-so-light-fantastic often / waltzing with my daemon lover / whose bones rattle and shake

This is not my Day

I’m going through somethings / Or should I say / Somethings are going through me / Like accidental baseballs / Collapsing through n…

Bring It On

Born to be abandoned, / the shameful secret that may nor may not / have scarred the soul of some young girl

love among chaos

like a tree uprooted i topple sideways, / crashing to the reality of unforgiving earth.


Determination the strongest 13 letter words / The word that me makes you feel courageous / The word that makes you set goals to be archiev…

Farewell, Old Year

Enwrapped in ebon robe I found myself a quiet place; / with concentration marvellous I painted on a face, / outlining lips, outlining eyes …


Is it written in our scars?


Lo, i walk with this fire through the / caverns of uncertainty, / and prepare for a battle which i have chosen to win

population determination

this new community of me

Self-Determination Happens…

… there are no accidents. / (“Co-incidents” perhaps.) / :)

The Eyes of Self Determination…

… you know ’em / when you see ’em.

The 600km Waltz

Romance and distance don’t make a good mix / but let’s not just dismiss this insatiable bliss, / it’s a bitch but I think that the risks ar…

Baby Steps

The air feels heavy. The smell of the musty carpet mixed with cheap cologne and body odor remind me of a crowded Vegas lounge.


This world of photography / I am determined to learn / To add life to my writing / And make ones heart yearn

“Run for one planet” a truly selfless…

I recently had the most wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time with the " Run for one planet" team. Wow!! I am still blown …

Time creeps

Time creeps slowly / for a wounded heart / distraction’s promise of solace / a mirage of better days / Shuffling inexorably forward /…

Letter from Limbo

I will not be fodder for relentless gears that crush romance, / deny the soul, / mock that which should be, if not is.

The Only Key

There is only silence / (My voice is thunder)

The Knot

I’d tried to keep it useful


I’m a man that learns. Flip a finger at the wrong turns. You know exactly where I come from. Looking at you makes my body numb.

Blank Canvas

And then there is a void… / The path is narrow, / while the road is wide / There’s a gate up ahead / and although it is idle, / the sque…

Why can they not see?

We’re far less different than we like to think…lol! (musings about FORUMS)

‘Devil, The’

Benched in the mid-morning sun, ‘neath the evergreens; back amidst the evenin’ storm, howling fierce and dark as pitch, torrent…


Imagine / call forth that memory / it is yours to have / to hold / it will serve you well / through anguished moments / as they seem to st…


My whole life is flashing / Red and black before my eyes. / I am done with sad goodbyes, / Fabrications and glossy lies.

Self Determination…

Self-determination, yes: / Two good words.

Hold The Dream

… and sometimes, a little detour is in fact a very necessary life lesson designed to make your navigation through life exact.

Walking Down the Road, Wearing the Armor of God

…I know the road will be long, / Filled with many twists and turns. / That fact has not escaped me Lord, / But I refuse to be deterre…

tribute to morning

bended knees on a family of sitting rocks / and debate the virtue of bravery with Virgil / as autumn oaks look on with curiosity and / whi…

What Is It?

What is it? / That makes us a team / Of grit / Of determination / Of skill / Of synergy

All I Have Been Doing is Sailing My Love

All I have been doing is sailing my love / The waves have not been my friends / Crashing and destroying / All these on to me / Somehow thou…

Last Will and Tess Dementia.

Often I wonder why the nuclear family is the abiding model for society. / Generations do not get on, mothers and daughters scream, / Father…



Miss You

never knew that in your eyes was the heaviness and pain of bondage, / Was your ache for heaven so high, that you wanted to touch the sky?

I Will Not Be Destroyed

These compound walls with / Their barbed wire and concrete / Have laid waste to braver men, / But they will not destroy me. / NO THEY WILL …


Hell only knows I have felt far too much, but it seems that I’ve not seen enough. The hardest thing I’ve ever learned; was that…


Soft wind strikes my face / brown leaves drift through my shadow / I praise the morning


A strange day spent, churning through the layers of my captivity; emergent into an evening of like. / This life and its’ setting, eve…


Pursuant to our transit West, the Sun advanced relentless. / Advocating the return of rumoured en’my fire. Contemplating my unlikely …


A motivational series geared to encourage one to succeed. Time is passing by quickly, why not accomplish what you will.


Come / Save me from myself / The chaos I feel / Tucked down, quiet, stealth / Loneliness drips from each vain / Crimson red / Driving me…

A personal take..

my description?

The Beast of Might

He stood before me, the Beast of might. It stood strong in my path as I meandered through the winding crevice of thought.

‘What Silence Told Me’

Like rehearsing your own eulogy; / it’s a morbid practice that’s completely unnecessary. / These self-depreciations will not av…


She spent four years living on ladders. / Got a deep-set window trauma. / Likes sitting outside in the dead of night. / Scares the hell out…

Figure Eight

Trapped inside the figure eight of my mind I traverse and travel the lines of time.


I found myself on a distant shore. / In the most isolated of cities; / the angel awakened me. / I could not have seen her coming / for all …

This Path

Take all that has come / Embrace all that will be / What is done is done / The rest has yet to be seen

Write my way home (Lyrics)

Don’t reuse my word’s / they only come together / when their flowing / out my hand.

Dad’s shed

Rooks fly to the naked oaks, while a spider, hung from the brass arm, / lingers.

Our personal best

Bringing out the best within / and defeating discouragement / when something is difficult / It is in making mistakes / yet returning to pr…

‘Lust and Sound’

All my favourite sins it seems I am yet to commit, there’s a fierce desire that I would love to inflict; it turns out I’ve not …

Your Decisions are Forever.

You were naive. You were amazed by how they longed to have your stupid ability. They envied you. But what was the significance of being abl…

Emotions/Soul Determination and the yang emotion …


Chiara, One last night in Rome.

“Ciao Papa!” she said, casually embracing him, afraid of the torrent of feelings that might let loose if her hug was too strong or lasted t…

The Idea

The idea is a grand one / The obstacles are real / Can you hurdle a mountain / If you are determined enough / Or is it just too much / To e…

‘The Rise of Ever After’

What became of happily ever after? / I feel so ill-equipped to deal with such brutal loss, with the colossal intensity and vast implication…


It’s the end of the start / And I know it by heart / ‘Cause I’ve been on this journey before / So I start a new phase / And I blink through…


A light shown / A tender voice called / I marched on / A harsh voice stated he’s broken, / to many times he’s felled / Such a remark prov…

Race Face

There once was a girl named Claud / Whose thinking was quite flawed / She bought a bike to ride / On dirt, she really tried. / For years on…


A sword through my shield-arm, a round through my left shoulder. A nagging diatribe, a reminder of all I need leave behind. / Confronted by…


I’ve forged lives and too walked from them, with a seeming frequency I freely admit renders me surprised; though I swore to take the …

Never Mind

What if / I became an astronaut? / (I’m claustrophobic, never mind.) / What if / I became the first female president? / (I despise p…


Am become, unconcerned, with their concept of the world; how I could ever have fit into it. / Fixated on securing the next contract. / Star…

And the clay moves forward in time

fire and flame and water can not alter my strength and determination to survive


If I am to run I will feel nothing. / But If I walk that murderous, demonic stalk of the one who seems though he were closing the space bet…



He asked if I felt guilty and I said / I’m not sure we both had recent ex’s / that we said we’d love forever more. / He s…


I drink the dust that’s left where should be ammunition, I know my addictions are simply stagnating me. I’m a willing prisoner of my own ap…


I met old man Time again; in Greater-Oxford-Prime. / I’d worn these sunset hues; under brunette sky. / I can see the sapphire; you an…


Felipe had a hard time seeing the lights on the car directly in front of him, no more than a foot ahead. The road itself seemed like an ill…

The First Fleet

Spend some time with those least fortunate / walk the streets / play in the park / look at all that is beautiful around you.

‘Sway’ by Tommy Dean LoMaglio

Somewhere deep, in dark abyss / amidst the cold and emptiness / pressed against the belly of this earth

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