blue bird detective agency. Chapter 1 The doors to the bubbles first detective agency are thrown open. the first case – murder! art theft and the first picture added to re… My Man. This life can beat you down like an ex-wife on alimony day. Avery Strangewayes teaser(another Vampire Story!) Please I need you to forget the fact that I am a hundred and seventy year old Master Vampire so you can help me find your daughter. Scorpio Murder Case March 28,2008 / Detective Stevens was in charge of investigating a series of murders that have been occurring at the capital city of Guyana… Psychic Detective chapter one I am dedicating this synopsis to dear Saleire, my most avid fan. I hope she enjoys it. / We start with Emilia back in England, now please d… Hiding ‘No-where to go this time, Anna’ / Anna’s eyes flick to the doors, can she be bothered outrunning him again? Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Part 1 ( First of all, this is faction, a bit of fact, a bit of fiction, so please do not ask me to solve any of your mysteries. It is a large tom… Rendez Vous a Paris As the sun rose over the city of Paris, casting long shadows over the Arc de Triumphe, the best detective in Northern France, Linda Noir, w… Psychic Detective Chapter 2 When I first moved into the cottage ‘Briar Rose’, with its thatched roof and eyebrow latticed windows, the Icy on the cottage w… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 2 It was whilst covering the ski jumping in Innsbruck that we finally realized that we were not just best of friends, but that we loved each … Elderberry Plays Host: A Short Private Dick Story Elderberry wondered about his ability to request that the dish be priced below the level of it’s most similar companion on the menu. … Inspector LeClerc Meets his Match The fitfully lit halls rang with the shrieks, howls and terrible laughter of the damned. I could not suppress a shudder. “Come sir,” Bonser… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 4 I quickly switched my mind off any thoughts off Nick,If he was alive and captive, were they hurting him> Were they starving him? The th… Psychic Detective Chapter 3 I was completely bemused, I had difficulty getting my head around what he had said. / ‘Inspector I am totally fascinated, no one coul… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 3 After a long period of time a trap door in what must have been the ceiling, opened and one of my captors came slowly down carrying somethin… Psychic Detective chapter 4 I went quickly to my computer and printed off the pages of my new book. / I felt I was now gaining my composure, I hadn’t done anythi… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 5 The ladies in their brightly coloured clothes, laughed a lot whilst performing their task of getting me clean. Not an easy task by anyone&#… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 9 Every day at dawn when the great horns- dungchen- were blown for the villagers to congregate for prayers in the Temple. I went too. I sat c… Psychic Detective Chapter 31 There was a shout from one of the policemen, and the Inspector turned in his direction. ‘Got something here sir,’ said the man … Psychic Detective chapter 5 I opened my eyes and was startled to see the Inspector’s face close to mine,he seemed most concerned, I jumped and he jumped back. &#… Psychic Detective Chapter 7 ‘Emilia, Emilia’ It was Nick calling my name. / I awoke with a start, my heart beating fast, sweat standing on my brow. Was Nic… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective chapter 6 The snow was thick and packed quite hard with the ice blowing on the mountains. the views were spectacular. All around were high snow cover… Psychic Detective Chapter 11 The Inspector and I were working on a new case, an actress had been murdered. I had ‘seen’ her fighting with a man, but his bac… Psychic Detective chapter 12 As he talked I slipped gently over the very edge of dreams. / I ‘saw’ the Temples and heard the Elephants as they roared and tr… Psychic Detective Chapter 16 The lights of the Globe came into view, and th brightly illuminated foyer displayed a billboard advertising the play we were about to see. … Psychic Detective Chapter 10 I opened my eyes in my livingroom. The Inspector was sitting in the chair looking at me. / ‘I found him ’ I cried excitedly … Psychic Detective chapter 9 I needed more information than that, Shortly other signs were passed which said Nottingham, I made a mental note of all the passing areas, … Psychic Detective Chapter 8 ‘Have you interviewed Mr.Morris, Johnnies father?’ I asked the Inspector / ‘’Well we did have a chat when I took Jo… Psychic Detective Chapter 6 ’I’m coming too’ I announced when half an hour later, with all the details sorted out, the Inspector said he was going to… Psychic Detective Chapter 19 Mark Owen was quite an ordinary chap by theatrical standards. About thirty, quite tall and very lean. His thick black hair licked back to h… Psychic Detective chapter 14 The moment I arrived home from the Colonels, I grabbed the phone and with Walter affectionately rubbing his body against my legs, telephone… Psychic Detective Chapter 13 It was ‘the’ ring. / I really did think I was going to faint. I could feel the blood draining from my face. Oh dear God donR… Emilia Soames Psychic Detective chapter 8 I quickly picked up the language and took over teaching the children of the village English, whilst they taught me Tibetan. / The children … Emilia Soames Psychic Detective Chapter 7 By late afternoon we had reached the settlement and people came running to greet the returning travellers. By this time I had managed to gl… Psychic Detective Chapter 30 We came to a pair of enormous and very ornate gates. Black wrought iron patterned with golden ivy leaves. Unicorns flanked the top of the g… Psychic Detective Chapter 29 Margot had actually been killed at the house of Geoffrey Fryer M.P. or at least in the grounds of the house. We were no nearer to knowing b… Psychic Detective Chapter 18 ’That’s the one. Are there many of this theatre group in that Society, do you now?’ asked the Inspector of Reggie. / R… Psychic Detective Chapter 17 Jeff duly arrived back with the drinks and almost simultaneously the bell went for the second half and for the returning to seats. / ‘… Psychic Detective chapter 15 I bathed and washed my hair, and fished around in my wardrobe for something suitable to wear. I had the same problem as all women when face… Psychic Detective chapter 25 The Pathologist spoke next. The girl known as Margot del Mar had died of severe injuries to the brain sustained when struck with a blunt, h… Across the Valleys and Streams the Prologue Tom lifted his nose and smelled the coming onslaught. The evil sweat of the burgeoning night dripped from the starless sky, sending more th… Psychic Detective Chapted 26 I was ‘back’ in the car with Jeff. I told him excitedly about what I had ‘seen’. I was sorry I told him that it was… Psychic Detective Chapter 23 Clarisse’s dressingroom was at the very end of the corridor, nearest the stage, and by far the largest yet. In fact it was sumptious.… Psychic Detective Chapter 24 I was ‘back’ with the Inspector and Clarisse. / ‘Someone said there had been almost a fight between yourself and Margot, … Psychic Detective Chapter 21 ‘Well old girl, ready for the next one’ Jeff asked me affectionately / ‘Ready when you are Jeff’ I answered / ̵… Psychic Detective chapter 22 The next dressingroom belonged to Archie Campbell. I had noticed his name on the programme and had thoroughly enjoyed his performance and p… Psychic Detective Chapter 28 Photographs. As I looked at them I gave a little gasp. / ‘This one Jeff, it’s the house I ‘saw’, the one leading to… Psychic Detective Chapter 27 When they had safely left the room and the door closed behind them. Jeff said he wondered what Callaghan had really looking for. He started… Psychic Detective Chapter 20 When Jeff and I left the theatre, he turned to me and said ‘Cool customer that, I have seen his type before, needs watching.’ /… Beautiful Island — a detective novella Chapters 1 – 3 / Beautiful Island / Beautiful Island lies across a strait along the southern curve of the vast belly of Old Country. … Just like a head of lettuce (short story) It was like scrunching the leaves off a head of lettuce and piercing open those small milk cartons with my thumbs, all in one go. It was a… Telmazio, the Italian Assassin is a great place to discuss important stuff – the people around you are too drunk to remember anything, and no one cares about the ric… Kasia from Honey Street Her hands, those big hands, had pleaded with him. He remembered her hands and her beautiful blue eyes. He remembered those things about h… The Rouge Fedora He screams out a single name. Johnny spills a little more red before I am convinced. He twitches in his chair, and lifts his swollen eyes t… Flash fiction challange She flipped to an fro in time with the rocking of the ship An Inside Joke (Prologue. Subject to Change) Brandt opened his mouth to tell her, then he heard Kayleigh: his wife, and the kid she’d brought home from inside the room. Together.

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