Destructive Forces of Creation by David  Hibberd Destructive Squall Line #2 by Anthony Cornelius Destructive Hugs by beckadoodles Destructive Vomit Monster by Alex Earley Dalek Destructivism by ToneCartoons Cabbage White Butterfly - Pieris rapae; La Mirada, CA USA (1925 Views 9-20-2013) by leih2008 Little Miss Wrecking Ball by Jennifer Rhoades I am god by Kyle Davis This is why we can't have nice things by digerati Manifesto For Pain Management and Self Healing …It maybe useful to print this out for reference. There’s a lot of helpful stuff here. Self-destructive by Ashleigh Helen Thomson Destructive Squall Line #1 by Anthony Cornelius Proflie of a Kea! - Remarkables - Queenstown - New Zealand by AndreaEL Settling down I still oppose / the words / Settling down. / Aren’t we meant / to fly, to soar, / to leap, to roar, / rather than / settle down? / … destructive relationship by Loui  Jover Anorexic/ Failed Ouroborus by Andreea 's Beautifully Orchestrated Malice Like a conductor beautifully crafting her symphony; / Face scorned / My hatred for her ignites / Her poison soaked baton / Strikes down destructive and passionate feminine principle  by annamora Born In The U.S.A. by Julie Marks Pretty Blue Eyes by WildestArt Destructive Hailstorm approaches Kyogle by Michael Bath 366 submission - Destructive Vomit Monster by Alex Earley Mount St Helens  by Forget-me-not Destructive forest fires, Hermanus,SA by Johanna26 religious lies  by Kyle Davis Destructive Pholiota and Emmitt by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters And a bug tussle, a rose by Mike Oxley music by barone Self-destructive by Ashleigh Helen Thomson Even in destructive floods, beauty can be found by Clive . . . she probably thinks this poem is about her She was quick to anger, always / tearing down the things / within reach, pulling down / walls that took weeks, / months, even years to er… my destructive motion by vampvamp Personal Jabs This is the model for a sunny side up misanthrope: / too emapthetic to be apathetic / but mostly just too numb to care my destructive motion (P/G) Skeptical loyalty constant and abound, / Rage pulsating I hear the sound. my destructive side . . .  by evon ski Bird girl flew down the South Coast keeping away from destructive environments and unnerving airwaves..... by avalyn A Little Cyborg Called I Don't Care by augustinas Suppressed Self by Rob D Fisher Our World Today by Maria Dryfhout Bomb by Style-O-Mat HYDROPUFFER by NICK COBURN PHILLIPS Turnip Sawfly by Sue Robinson Sweeping Across by shazart ‘The Prayer’ The incense smoke rises from my soul, / for I am the flame that is burning. / The darkness and the light are fused in my spirit. / The ice … Crawling with Beetles by Paul Wolf Relatively destructive car accident by BenjFavrat darlings against destructive society standards by artemyths Destructive Beauty by saycheese Destructive Xylophone Masters I was thrown straight down and thrust back up / And made a mess somewhere in-between Who Done it?? by tuffcookie invert  by Kyle Davis i'm not going to stop by vampvamp invert nature  by Kyle Davis Wanton I am small, reckless, destructive, wanton everlasting love (Mature) Princess by Ross Baraga Self destructive self by lukeiam Self-destructive by Ashleigh Helen Thomson mechanic destructive comando (I) by Igor Vaganov 'Evil Wabbit' by Scott Bricker Destructive Behavior- Intaglio Print by Amanda Heigel destructive ambitions by originalsin Destructive Embrace by jwilsonholmes No You May Not Eat My Garden by Bellavista2 Destructive seas by Gordon Holmes Destructive Forces by wiscbackroadz devastation of loosing ones home cyclone yasi - Tully/Hull Heads, North Queensland, Australia by myhobby Destructive, Constructive The moon loomed just above where the Earth met the sky. / It shown the color of mermaid hair— / Shades of gold / From virgin to tarni… Carpenter Bee In Flight by Paul Wolf Humans Peak for here there is the constant whales of each tormented soul that roams it; angrily they scream YOU HAVE NO WORTH! YOU ARE PATHETIC! WHAT A… Destrucktiw by Benedikt Amrhein Empty Sound But the words mean nothing if you can’t remember / So instead tarnish my heart without permission from the sender / My mind continuously pr… Hysteria by Ani DaVinci Self destructive.. I’m self destructive, with a heart all too rusted, / spinning out of control, with nowhere to go.. / where will this dark road lead m… SMALL, PRETTY, & DESTRUCTIVE by Ekascam Fire Flame by Aurora Vaz destructive read by Miroslava Balazova Self-Destructive Dog-Nosed Snake by Tom Godfrey i wish i could just f*&# you up (ode to a des… No more tears left to cry / N im tryin really hard just to get by / But most of the time you make me wanna die Destructive fishing by izzif Great Green Bush-Cricket, Tettigonia viridissima by pogomcl destructive read by Miroslava Balazova destructive read by Miroslava Balazova Kill Your Boss! A 2lives tshirt by brainsherbet good ole 666 by Kyle Davis At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits by digerati gLiTcH DeStRuCtiVe CreAti0niSm (Black) by naesk happy house baby i like the way you remember / all my pretty lies / the way you pretend / you believe them for me The words of a self-destructive addict Pretty little scars are dancing on my wrists, / one by one marking their twists. / Pretty little scars frolicking on my skin, / day by day… Students Against Destructive Decisions by sammyd2 Monster by Kyle Davis Fenrir’s Moon The age of man, / Or the age of moon? / When Fenrir calls / The ape will fall. gLiTcH DeStRuCtiVe CreAti0niSm (White) by naesk Familiar Destructive Why do we allow the / events of our lives / mishape us / twist our logic / warp our reasoning / pick at our self esteem / chip by chip / Wo… Ego Ruina Angustus Circuitous by Laerrus Surrealism Is Destructive by Jasmine Heard
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