Lilith. My Favourite Demon Queen – The Bible Vers…

Lilith is a very famous Demon Queen, she is often mentioned in TV shows, books and arts of a demonic nature.

To the known ends we are (WARNING! Deep Poem)

Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! / Lest the poor wake to think …


[Video] / Howlin’ wind, oh howlin’ wind! / Surely you are Demon spawn! / No earthly power can compare. / You batter, blast and tear! / You …

Beyond Flesh

I will burn eternally / if I live my life in sin!

jaw bones

Snap. / A word falls from a large bleak jaw bone and it rolls and rolls around.

Nightmare’s Prophet

Nightmare’s Prophet came to me in liquid, lies ,and entropy / His backwards whispers of blue skinned whores / belching blood on a che…

Use Your Brain Now

it tore apart whatever it could find. / Shock an awe were never in the scheme / Our family faces demons / This steals away humanity but doe…

Meet the devil at a crossroads

A little box contains my heart, / I bury it amongst the long dead grass, / Hurried movements, this isn’t art / I fell silly, nervous, I fee…


Love may be forgotten but it never dies / but a broken heart will tell you lies.

Inner Demon



The demon stood in front of him, robed in black; licking his lips greedily at the thought of the punishment he was about to mete out to his…

Dexterity Tapes Origins: 3rd Runner

This is the 3rd part to the popular series here on redbubble called Dexterity Tapes Origins

Heart of Fire

Heart of fire, child of the volcano / born from flame and unbridled passion

The rift from a demon…..

Today I sit and ponder, / Upon all things said and done, / The challenges we have faced, / As they have come along, / Today I sit and ponde…

Meet My Demon


Glass Feathers

I found a feather as I walked. / So white and clear and pale and cold, / … / --- / … / A line of feathers lay forsaken, / Snow …

To the known ends we are (Same poem In First Per…

Excited as Doom giving a toast –“To inevitable pain! Lest / The poor wake to think …”

God’s Demon

I bare my all skinless to the bone, / Or to the soul I wish I had, / God just rip these wings,

Symbol Serpentine

Receded and Receiving / The Serpentine and Bleeding / Patterns of tunneled decay / sustaining shattered lanterns / in the unfrozen flowing …

Esophagus Knot

I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares…


Drifting into sleep …

i am Walking in the valley of the demon-possessed

I am walking in the valley of the demon-possessed / to have stayed with Jesus in the tabernacle with Elijah and Moses / the strangulation, …


How do you see me?


Jezebel, / Eater of Hearts, / Demon goddess

Notes from Chelton Hills

Crematory Dust floats / in it’s Vacuum Universe / then is breathed in, / latching to lungs the combined remains, / leftovers of th…


Watch the Western Dvina with a sharp eye / And beware the Rusulka’s lullaby

Indeterminacy 236 (The Demoness)

I told her of all the things we could do together, how I’d take her to church, and read the Bible to her, and the late nights watchin…

A demon at my door

I stumble to the barrier between this visitor who had never visited before. A single deep umber eye looks through the peephole of my soul.

“Darkness Within” First Installement

A shapeless bulk of immense proportion, horrifying and preternatural.

Abbá – Babbo

Through the stream of time we strive / Wrapped in Thy love I am finding my way / Guarding me through every life / Aeons ago as well as today

Our innermost demon

Under the lace, the bright eyes of an optimist / We all share this heart ache little one / Inner screams repeating the chant in tandem

Desiring Demon

In the depth of your eye awaits. The reflection of my wish. And you have no idea about it. / [ just in a minute I will let you to palpate t…

Innominata #1

Piebald Palindrome / Serpents Cross the Anome / A splintered Shell / The shattered bell / Sounds of nothing in backwards hell / Drones alon…

“Darkness Within” Prologue First Inst…

But it wasn’t a miracle. It was a travesty. An atrocity. And the child—whether her pastors wanted to believe it or not—was pure and unadult…

Demon Inside

I’ve got a demon in my soul / And he’s itching to get out / I try to keep him swallowed down / But I can hear him shout / Turni…

Despair of a Demon

My carpet and sheets / Are stained a crimson red

“Darkness Within” Prologue Second Ins…

But she could feel him inside her, his seed burning her like frigid ice.

In the glass garden

In the glass garden / of perforated night / embulated the seeping reeds my roaming vines / eyes crystallized / only now is the mating / of …


It happens to all of us. You wake up one night and in the pitch dark you are terrified.


Howlin’ wind, oh howlin’ wind! / Surely you are Demon spawn! / No earthly power can compare. / You batter, blast and tear! / You blow again…

Young Ladies- “Beware.”

A serpent lies coiled in the lees of that cup………..

Agapita Plays Hide N Seek in Her Pretty Dress

Agapita plays hide n seek / in her pretty dress / her hair an ungodly mess / nose springing a leak / finger put in place to hold back the d…

The Demon

Your rage / escalates to a frenzy, and I / can’t keep up. I try and I try, / No longer walking, bumping into walls / as the terror st…

Demon on the Other Side

a real familiar sound / that pitter pat of feet / slamming through this haunted house / i’m quiet as a mouse, and i / sit in this cha…

Life Eternal

Inhabiting an internal dark Hell devoid of light / Self-inflicted and at times / Thought to be completely inescapable / But on long-waited …


I wrote this12 months ago just before we moved into our new flat. / The Demon Dustbin / The warmth of the duvet was gently lulling me to sl…


Mistaken for an angel / or a creature of darkness / by those / who whisper their truth / not mine

The Song of my Soul

I am soothing sun / and raging fire / I am warmest smile / and burning desire / I am the tender touch / and the cruel sword / I am a loving…

Agent For The Overground

Just like us humble humans, God’s governmental defence force is broken down into a extensive range of departments, including ‘Personal Ange…

The Ebony Man

His smoky fingers pull at my insides / Loosening the threads of buried pain and grief

To my angels and demons

Thy grace / lits a light / guarding my way

“Art—A Pervasive Demon!”

There are times I sit / Furthest from my pen / As possible— / Not wanting to be owned by anything… / Not even art— / Close my ears / To the…

Waking Hell

Come on and tell me,


“Your not crazy”, the ghost whispered.

I Am Altaria

here i stated my meaning / standing here alone on earth / no one knows the true meaning of sorrow / but i do, sorrow is when no one cares /…


My eyes were wide with shock and my breathing grew faster. Then I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck and I gasped, I could feel the b…

Hero and Legend.

Our Hero grasps for nothing and some, / To gain respect from himself and none. / Traveling through lands of danger, / Dispelling lies and m…

the house


PART ONE: SHADOWFIRE Chapter One: Visitations 2

_He may just as well be standing still and letting Daniel Bravos punch him repeatedly in the face and stomach. _

Shades of Gray

He said “demon” and she said “go to hell.” Been there, done that, bit hot for me, thanks.


I staggered through the dark tunnel, grimacing over knowing what I was about to do. What I was about to do with the frosty handle that I gr…

before the garden

Mama Earth birthed a bouncing baby boy, / And Father God named him Humanity.

PART ONE: SHADOWFIRE Chapter One: Visitations

“What are you doing out this time of night, Joshua? Aren’t the guards out looking for you? What are you doing here disturbing my prayer?

Crimson Tears

Now it lives inside us both, / Because we share a soul. / A dark shadow looming above / Crying crimson tears

The Old Man and the Demon

The world had never before known a wrath like this.

Demon Weed.

It was a long smooth drag. It wafted down his throat and out through his nostrils. It felt like a bit of heaven, the rush of dizziness welc…

My Demon


Cloak of Misery

You wear that dated cloak of misery…pulled ever so tight across your human needing; / A shield of rusty armor , forged painfully in mistr…

Smokin’ (Images Project #7)


Gnats Do Figure 8’s As The World Quakes

I remember I belted out a loud growl as the moon slipped and the earth lifted and full moon bloomed like a demonic bell – around the …

The Inner Demon

The inner demon sits and hides, / waiting to tear you up from inside.

For Melo-Daemon

Corpuscled Cries / of ancient intelligence, / The hollowed eyes live in forever’s twilit mind. / Moved me in pieces, parts, and numbe…

Angelic Demon

Evil innocence draining my blood. Drain it all. I enjoy the buzz


For I will always be near / To help you steer your way beyond adversity and opposition / And help you find the path that is clear / For you…

The feelings of the deep

the sound of one bird singing that touches your soul, the hand that lays upon you, the shadows of the deep

Child’s Play

..She can feel something crawl onto her bed and its breath against her ear as it whispers..

Demon Love

…Tantalising my ears like static on silk….

The Dybbuk’s Tale

I can’t think of any juicy bits that, taken out of context, wouldn’t offend just about everybody. Let that be a warning to ya.

My Demon Is Here

My own personal drama has left center stage / and come full circle beconing to open the door. / I’ve bolted the many brass and copper…

My Lover Would Be A Demon

I would burn the heavens to be with him / And be sated in hell to have him near


Their faces are a deathly white, each one of them their heads bald. All I can see of their features are their eyes – liquid black like pool…

My Eyes Like Steel, Electric

My Eyes like steel electric, / The Spinal Towers Column Cast into sky / It’s cold serpent spiral stairways twist into earth


the demons inside stir / aching to break out / this prison of a body / see my attempt at flight / a show they call it. / dead bodies litter…

The Demon’s Riddle

“One’s intentions are known only to oneself, and only when one wills oneself to see.”

that demon fweed

i write so much better indeed / when i’ve been smoking weed / but all i can find is some fake / shit that makes me forsake / ever mak…

Of Fate and Destiny

Two crimson eyes, set back in sunken sockets, on a face of moldy grey skin balefully stare back into his.


Snarling at me violently / Glaring at me / Taunting me with his grin / Haunting me because of my simple sin / Tantalizing visions incessan…

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis / She sleeps, she sleeps, / I have found her. / But, lost, / A titan holds my chest. / Next to beauty / I meet a beast, / W…

Daemon Diaries – The Battle (pt3)

A brutal clash, / a dark storm of hate. / Two enraged combatants, / Fighting for fate. / Freedom from this plane, / To where they should b…


How is acceptable to not lend a hand? / How is we can say we are all good people / When we ignore those who need us most / We desert the fa…

The Princess and the Demon

frying lying and wondering why / here I am again my mind in hell my feet to the sky / taking a brain damaging toke of the magic smoke / tha…

Step Two

Remember your childhood / Feel something again / Or numb yourself / Rinse and repeat / You’re getting good at that / Innocence was un…


Kissed me softly, held me dear, / Pulled back with blood on your glorious lips


LEDA AND HER DEMON LOVER / By ROBERT DAVIDSON / Mirrors are living lies, Leda Angelopolos thought. They reflect only the outside. And not t…

Beautiful Demon

You handed me the food of the gods,and nectar of the devils / It was heavenly milk from the most beautiful breast

The Scarlet Iris

Through Limbs I’ve Felt and Forsaken: / Devious Twiddles of the Mind Tweaked / into Paranoias, Ripened in Envy.
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