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phantasmagoria the wind blew through gaps at the top and bottom of the door / the life dragged on interminably / a bone of contention between heart and mi… The room with the broken heart Once upon at time a darling love dreamt here / He would kiss and count all her smiley freckles / One two three four five ten, laugh and sta… Venus Goes Retrograde It never quite goes back to the way it was. / What was once healthy and taut has been pulled / and stretched and ripped, pushing the limits… Love From a Leper It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba… ivy, ivy Spitting out leaves. Mistake of the Wild Hunt The bats arrive and are funny and gray / We have to reorder the bats When Your Heartstrings Finally Break When your heartstrings finally break, there will be no noise, no twang, no sigh of release. The sound will be felt, not heard. It will rend… Cottonwood Camp and I picture myself / before the age of cell phones and laptops / and colonoscopies. physics disorder is the order of the day / the universe expanding ever faster falls away / chaotic as it flies into unstoppable decay Uranium Daughter Despise me, deny me, repaint me, / I am always with you. scent of decay crush of leaves underfoot / soft mound of brown where a tree once lay / warm, woody scent of decay / of life and death entwined / all alon… inside of you (Mature) Orange Sky, Rotting Wraith My arms became lithe again / I felt no urge to write / strange symbols in the sand / cryptic poetry that only the wind would read / it felt… The Decay of Love How quickly the blossom of love dies Mortality – A Tale of Two Structures Though made of the same elements, one houses a life, and living, while, the other now rising, when finished, will house a few living… Wampum hits Have you noticed the thrill of the hype, / Like orgasmic lines and pipe? I KNOW A MAN (Mature) Bastard years While around you blooms death and decay. Old Velvet Street Four empty rooms, / two up, / two down It All Falls Down Building is the dream, / saving is the safeguard, / living is the journey, / but Time is always stronger / and eventually it all falls down. Garden of Delights (Mature) Shadows on the Fog There are ghosts all around us, / Our deeds and words they log, / Spectres of our darker sins, / The shadows on the fog. Sentimental Decay Fate is the taste of dirt, / and rocks will grind their way in, / to replace the scarlet diamond killers / crawling under your skin. / You … The Cycle Hate grew inside him like the trunk of an old tree, rough in texture and strong in nature, the canopy spread firmly overhead. the clock (Mature) Spilling Verses Befall me ; hope / for my hands / had not planned / to lose their grip / on your heart. / recall me grace / for my soul / wishes to behol… Crankwood Chapter 19 The Disposal Memories remaining of an equally foul but justified deed. Old Hemlock Log I have become a shadow of my former self, / But even in my fallen state, / Beauty and life are able to thrive, / New dreams are born where … Unending I know my life is but a short rotation away from death. / Without air I shall surely turn to stone. / Will this suffocation be my decay? Fictitious decay It’s like being in the sea, this feeling, being rocked by the lifeless noise. A worthless feeling. This fictitious falling that consumes al… “SCIENCE IN DECAY” WILSON … / A hepatolenticular degeneration / Is housed in his body / And microgyria in hid head Inevitable decay Are society’s bands too / Tight for you? Do you / Feel / Constrained? / Restricted? / If they were / Undone would / Parts of you / Tear… beautiful day to a blind man the sun never shows on an island of storms / the creatures of the night come in swarms state of urban decay i’’m tired, i’m cold – - – and i feel alone dreaming in the daylight dreaming / of sun-washed fields and windswept grasses / lonely open expanses and summer-brown pastures / grazing cattle on a far hillside /… The Modern Moral Decay the grass is beaten down / the path was started by someone else / even as sprigs & twigs & sticks abound / the way has been previou… Change And yet when change occurs we feel put out. / Why cannot things stay the same? Trajectory Earth Is there any bloody hope left, / For the mighty race of man, / I think it not too likely, / I think we’ve failed this plan, Her Disappearing Act Drinking black coffee, kicked back in her chair, it occurred to her that one might disappear if one tried hard enough. This Old House I have a quiet fascination with old houses / That has inspired me to buy several / Fortunately only one at a time / My enthusiasm for livin… Conker Worm Conker Worm? She wracks her brain’s store of Disney creepy crawlies, but nothing comes to mind. “Conker Worm? Who’s he? H… My decay Everything descends / Looses tone / Shudders / Deepens / Everything merges / Beats and wants the same / Corrupts / Circulates / Everythin… DARKHEATH CITY Darkheath City, at least from the North, had an appearance at once creepy yet beckoning Decay The only refuge you feel anymore is the weekend club where everyone goes to drink, dance and perform in rituals of mutual masturbation. with nothing comes the death of risk if anything is real it can be faked and any miracle can be explained. hope is something that everyone assumes will come to them even consid… A Gathering of the Foul In doorway huddled, / bare forearm showing, / cord roughly tightened, / needle jabbing, / body slumping, / needle falling… The Lovers of Decay long after the paint / has divorced itself / from the walls / and the dust has eloped with the air The calm. Clouds remain. / The colourless blues. / There’s nothing / else I can do / it’s no use… Recompose Exhaustion roots.. Sunsets are Overrated The wind howls like a tortured soul, while the rain pours from purple clouds in a yellow sundown sky. sweet decay falling through in sweet decay, / from destruction and constant pain, / to bliss and eternal peace, / one little thing changes everything. … Twilight The humans do their own thing, / Never to obey, / They rape, pillage and plunder, / All of life away, MY MIND IN SOME HALF CUT DECAY I RUB THE ACID FROM MY TIRED EYES / DRAW MY PORTRAIT WITH DARKENED CHALK rhyming Exercise no 54 Both of us startled by sudden protrusion / Our bodies are sure but our hearts feel confusion / Too old to suffer from love’s last illusion … decay trying to fight off my demons; / more ways than one. / this coat of armor, / melted by acid rain. / this false facade, / broken to bits. / … In garden light it is a home / without a glory / yet it never fades - / it keeps on working / securing ‘home’ / for blooms unknown / come sprin… Bubble I need the place where there’s no pain / to live and breathe again / I can’t stay and hold your hand Now, please My heart / needs love The Self-Same Me Whose temple am I, whom condensed dust / fences, and yet not dead, does decay? / Bitterness embalms me not, but must / by some miserly need… Current decay As I start to move slow / Wondering where did all my strength go? / As the agony of pain shoots every where / Everything is happening at on… where the stains still show / the butcher of spri… buried there / in the garden / are pretty faces / rotten with / silvery decay a goodnight and spasms of joy sleep dreamer / you are no longer / awake / a vision / a ghost / lingering lost / in this shared / good night that meaningful sin take cover, my lover / this book is bleeding / it’s the raping season

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