LUST tell me something / I don’t know / is it better? / damn I miss you Our web site Trapped She was swallowed up and trapped in her lion hair and no amount of coaxing would get her to leave her harem of waves. 8 bullets I have a gun with 8 bullets / I could kill a man with each one / People say I’m crazy / and that this cannot be done / But I beg to d… Deadly Sin – Lust (For Power) I want to rule the world / I want to have power over all / I want everyone to think like me / I want my enemies to fall / Gas up…. Sinful pride – Look into my eyes Look into my eyes, / What do you see? / or are you too busy / eyeing the rest of me! 7 deadly sins…. share yours now!!! Lust / Gluttony / Greed / Sloth / Wrath / Envy / Pride / i would like you to share with me your recent examples of the above, just for fun!… Yaddles in Deadly Dodgem Cars BIG & DEADLY Dodgem Cars! / We have to be serious about our youth driving / so that they understand the seriousness of driving / and ar… The Seven Deadly Sins The desire runs like fire / Swimming through my veins / The inhale takes me higher / A pleasure I can’t contain The “Entrepreneur” and the Ladies. (N… And the lady doing the mayor was especially prideful, being able to do things for a high city official that his wife would never think of d… Lust Obsession drives the dance / against the ripping tides / while possession / luring / to an almost inevitability - / swimming / toward lu… Deadly Beauty She was darkly beautiful / Even if you were a dedicated monk / You saw her if you looked / She never smiled / Her beauty was traumatic / It… I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Pride I was born and implanted with a very prominent case of Narcissism. I may have been an ugly and over weight child, but where my looks lacked… Deadly Silence The cold words you grasp around my neck / The Voice that once led to tears of sadness / Now enrage and birth fierce anger inside me / You a… Angaru Angaru grab the drone pipe, pass it through your lungs, out your mouth, rattlesnake on the teeth. The Deadly Archer the darkened plague slung on the shoulders, our wrath to exhume full potential Project I’m going to be uploading pictures to do with the seven deadly sins, i hope people like them. If anyone has any ideas of what i could… I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Greed there are a few peppered instances in my life that can only be a hint that I will, later in life, be a very bad influence, or at least a ve… Expensive Gloves Caress Deadly Expensive gloves / Caress deadly / With commandments” Puppet Dance” / in this defilement that pierces bones / And creates silent lips / He … my own Sonnet 147 As I lie to sleep, I shall never wake, / Of our hatred and loving which we make. I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Gluttony Anytime I went into a convenience store or gas station I’d pay for that soda. But I wouldn’t pay for the pack of skittles tucke… Deadly Virus!!! Beware. There is a dangerous virus being passed around electronically I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Sloth That was the day I started my trend of taking the wrong lessons from situations where I should learn from other people’s mistakes. I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Lust I do not enjoy the idea of cherishing one person for a long time. I want to have whatever I can get, and I want it quickly. Say The Words Don’t hold on to them / they might slip away / only to recalled when you least expect them / knocking the wind out of your sails / ox… I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Wrath As I assume, you’ve begun to notice that I house quite a bit of wrath, or hatred, toward most of the people I’ve come across in… The female of the specise are more deadly than th… The female of the specise are more deadly than the male / THE HOLLYWOOD REEL / THE AO VERSION I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Envy Anyone knows that you cannot be the best at something, but I was hellbent on proving that wrong. DEADLY DROPS OF RAIN INFIDELITY HURTS ALL The Story of the Deadly Croissant A person died today… The 8th Deadly Sin One, Pride. / Two, Envy. / Three, ANGER. / Four, Sloth. / Five, Greed. / Six, Gluttony. / Seven, Lust. / But that can’t be all … Light is Coming I’ve travelled the Earth, / Far and wide, / Through fields barren, / And moutains high… shreded emotions im on the edge of breaking down, / im slowly slowly dying. / my sister wont leave me alone, / and my parents caught me lying. / so here i a… “A Deadly Proposition” My idea was simply this: using man’s own definitions of evil, in my opinion, to an objective observer—perhaps a being from another planet—a… Crossing Deadly Waters The room was cold and dark; the fire, although it was burning fiercely, did little to abate the gloom. A low keening split the cool night a… Deadly Dart Deadly Dart / You might not get anything out of this but I’m going to stab at it hard because everyone has been visited / By this intruder… Loaded(The 8th Deadly Sin) Meaninglessness A Deadly Warmth You would throw things and swear Deadly Silence You say I am not you. I Must Confess Confessions of a young husband on his deathbed. Vodka is deadly A liquid playing mind tricks / A switch that got shut off / All my common sense was gone / all thought process was lost / Its clear but its… Make your choice “As I watched a mushroom grow.” Seven Deadly Grins Entropy Safety… Can be Deadly I stopped her from leaving… / I stopped her heart beating. Deadly embrace Once thou loved me so much – I was longing for thy touch! / Thy touches made me feel vivid and so alive … / But then it turned … A Deadly Performance – Written in the Scars Plethora of promise / As the curtain rises on this tragic play / The audience gripped / Underneath a jewelled moon / Murder is spoken in hu… Expressly Temporary (A Deadly Hypothetical) It’s why I need you here / and aint it clear / that it’ll always be you and me? / Sweating like scared high school kids / in th… Deadly Affection Her skin paled, / that waning light, as darkness crept / like dusk into night. FUCK! the robots and posting / post-it notes of remorse / about eating / your tasty bits

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