SPRING AGAIN! by Dayonda My Little Town by Dayonda ANDREISKY! by Dayonda CERES in BLUE by Dayonda shirt: Egyptianesque 01 by Dayonda *THE KITE* by Dayonda DECEMBER in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE by Dayonda WHAT GOLDEN YEARS? by Dayonda IittyBitty Kitty sez: "It's Doubtful" by Dayonda The Whiskered Baby Dolls After a few hours, Gran began to . . . ‘smell a rat’ . . . and decided to see what had been keeping her two little granddaugh… Bandit by Dayonda A RITE OF PASSAGE A mother crow and two youngsters perched on my birdbath. . . Tommy Asleep by Dayonda A Portrait of Molly by Dayonda Hidee and the Case of the Laughing Wounded We made five or six circuits of the bathroom: countertop to toilet to bathtub to towel bar to countertop to toilet to bathtub to towel bar.… Cat Eyes by Dayonda Savour the Sweetness of Life! by Dayonda A COUNTRY LANDSCAPE IN FALL Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow. KOI Tree Chirstmas Card  by Dayonda At the Edge! by Dayonda Oh Baby, Oh Baby! by Dayonda The Ding-blasted, Reluctant New Stove So, I just shrugged, you know? What can you do? Both of them know me well enough to laugh at me, and not hurt my feelings… 18 years & counting, and an inner ear infection by Dayonda A Balanced Life by Dayonda HOT FLASH! by Dayonda Nevada, 1993-2011 by Dayonda Watery Sunset by Dayonda ONE DARK NIGHT ON THE ROAD (As told by Bill from … It was about halfway to town and I-don’t-know-what-time-o’clock when I felt like somebody or something was staring at my back. … Double Window by Dayonda Is this a lovely reflection of trees in a mountain river?  Or is it . . . by Dayonda CRANIUM 01 by Dayonda 'Nother banner- by Dayonda to trust Iwas trust and send my page all link for she write poem and promote to Dayonda…thank you Dayonda!!! / I’m sorry my english v… Original Flame for WORLDWIDE by Dayonda shirt: FADED FLOWERS by Dayonda SAILING IN TIME AND SPACE Sailing in Time and Space / Would you be able to erase / The fears of the past / Then would the feeling last / Dancing through the air / Go… RIBBONS OF COLOR, SWIRLS OF WHITE Ribbons of Color / Swirls of White / She wore them in her hair / Only at night / Once the evening / Would appear / Ribbons of Color, Swirls… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! by Dayonda Windows at Sunset by Dayonda Theban Green 01 card by Dayonda Oh, SANTA! by Dayonda 2 REDS and BLACK by Dayonda OUR WORLD She’s still lovely. / Can we yet / learn to love her? Don't Worry-- Be Happy by Dayonda Barn on the Run! 02 by Dayonda CHRIS WHITNEY by Dayonda Wotcher Doin' In There? by Dayonda TULIPS, DAFFS. . . and WEEDS by Dayonda PROUD GRAMPA! by Dayonda Anza-Borego Desert by Dayonda FEATURED ARTIST: DIKO by Dayonda WINTER IN THE FOREST Skiing to visit with fam’ly, / ‘Shoeing* to feed-up the stock. / In Wintertime all of the fam’ly, / Take up to bed a hot … FEATURED CONGRATS 4 FPA by Dayonda Madness & Mayhem... by Dayonda LOVERS by Dayonda THANKS DAYONDA VERY THANKS FOR FEATURED ME AND WRİTTEN RELATED MY Shadow by Dayonda AKK TINY 1st Prize Banner example (NOT TO ME) by Dayonda ANGELS SURROUND THEE by Dayonda On the Light Side by Dayonda SUNDIAL by Dayonda With respect... I'm just ignoring you! by KaleiderArt Sabrina's Eyes by Dayonda CATZ by Dayonda BREATHLESSLY LOST IN THE MUSIC ! by Dayonda I'M WITH HIM by Dayonda MESS SixPix FEATURE banner by Dayonda Oregon Grape by Dayonda A KALEIDOSCOPE KRAZE (Not My Award!) by Dayonda Tommy ... by Dayonda HE'S WITH ME (01) by Dayonda EMO MONO by Dayonda The Kinkajou … add lines by you! Some said I’d like a kangaroo / but I don’t think that that is true. / Helpful pets are rare and few, / … Ryan, Christmas by Dayonda Keyboard Rhapsody by Dayonda Pearl by Dayonda The COLOURING-IN BOOK is NOW open! by Dayonda Cousin Opal cares for little Bandit Bear by Dayonda Magic Carpet Kitten by Dayonda The Humble Opera Star  by Dayonda Think Happy Thoughts by Dayonda HEALING AND PRAYER— and NOT HEALING The results weren’t 100% but they came up from only a few couples when there was no prayer going on for them to over 60% with the int… The Kinkajou … add lines by you! Some said I’d like a kangaroo / but I don’t think that that is true. / Helpful pets are rare and few, / … Mottings by Dayonda Feature Banner for new COULORING-IN BOOK  by Dayonda Tropical Sunset 01 by KaleiderArt It's Raining Pearls and Opals! by Dayonda second 9 winner square by Dayonda Islands of the World FEATURE banner by Dayonda WOMAN by KaleiderArt Dammit, Wooly! You CAN'T Help!! by Dayonda Framed by KaleiderArt SKY BLUE LATTICE: Kaleider pattern 02 by Dayonda Laundry Tub Babes by Dayonda Kaleider Greeting Card 01 by KaleiderArt Madras Plaid (Remember the 60s?) by KaleiderArt
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