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Cloud covered day 2009 10 31 poetry a cloud covered day / whispered quietly / the first snowflakes / not touching the ground / gazed at me … / translated by Tadas Klimas / CL… never thought this day would be this close This year I wanted to take a trip on the mother of pearl buttons that fix ink splashed fabric to my wrists. Instead I watched my sanity swi… On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. The Day Which Never Was 2008 11 01 Somehow I hear his voice, not from the lawn, not from sadness / from somewhere between the worlds of magic / I did not speak, but overspoak… I will love you the length of love’s imagination The Day My Heart Froze Perhaps I was sixteen or seventeen when my heart first went cold and my resolution stoic. It was the year my first child was born and my li… Anzac Day – A tribute in images and words. Anzac Day is very important to Australians, young and old. / To defend the Commonwealth our newly federated nation sacrificed almost an ent… Soul Substance The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way One day these poems One day / These poems will ring out like church bells / Gathering everyone around for the stories I want to tell / And it won’t mat… 50 things in a day in the life o puppies its a dugs life! / 1 sometime between dad goin tae bed an 6 am yin o us pees in the kitchen / 2 6.05 am hide under table when dad comes do… Sunilism : Valentines 6x Calenders 2014- Message … Message from Love Goddess Aphrodite and Saint Valentine – Lovers in Heaven : by Sunil Sharma . !* Every day will be as loving as a … THE DAY THE GREAT BIG RED BUBBLE BURST Swastikas and Hipster Hitlers / Baby wear for big brothers and little sisters? / And a Badly drawn grape / So what does that have anything … Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast Slow down / You’re moving too fast / seek God’s help defore you loose control mmm, perfect fit…a new day :) Today, I will wear Nothing…and that suits me just fine / I will undo the buttons that tease me / Throw off the garb that denies me / … glacier a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun… E Mail Of The Day Q: Which direction is North in Australia ? ( USA ) / A: Face south and then turn 180 degrees. Contact us when you get here and we’ll send t… 1. VICTORIAN Black Sat BUSHFIRES 2009 UPDATE 16-0… Today the world is supposed to get back to normal / But for 7500 of us it wont! A day in the life… The doorbell rings just as I’m feeding my hair, and for one teeny moment I forget, and open the door without putting on my glasses fi… Meet me at the break of the day Meet me at the break of the day / When everyone else is sleeping / When the streets are deserted / By the power of dreams. / Let us catch t… Dawn The power of night is fading / All is still as she waits day Seven I did not think it would be easy. I did think it would be darkest place I would spend lately in. I am not dreaming a briar bush is eating… ONLY HEAVEN KNOWS- MOTHERS DAY only heaven knows!! The day DIENA DIENOS ATRASTI NEGALI / The day cannot discover the day / LAIKAS ATEJES NEKLAUSES EINA / Time arrives and departs without asking l… I will colour me a bright new day and it will tas… The trueness of love is not a secret hidden amongst spirit. / Nor a lustre that derides pleasure squinting for fuss or favour. / More, a br… The day when my voice was a bit husky…R… Most of us can make ourselves understood in a foreign country with gestures and a few words, but I once found myself communicating in a ver… Day 15 of a new life… broken heart, family torn apart, motherly love, girl talk, woman hood, mothers, daughters The Day John Cowan Shot Me and Jacqueline Bisset … “Imagine I’m a beautiful woman and you love me!” he shouted, believing he was now transposed into some sort of great phot… Long deep throat The thunderstorm moves closer to my little house. To Spend A Day With You We’d watch the sun set, there’s no regret / Taking pictures so we won’t forget / Oh what a way, to spend a day with you Sleepy Maggie Loverless, at last, she could breathe again – no one to tie her thoughts into knots, no big-booted man-child stomping about the plac… Happy Valentines my love You teach me to be no longer wounded / by the scent of my past I never have anyone to call on Fathers Day I never have anyone to call on fathers day. Instead I sit quietly and reflect on the beautiful father I had for the first eight years of my… What do you reckon Dad? I know I shed a tear or two / When father slipped the coil / The day he died and also when / They covered him with soil Just Another Day Awakening moments / Dreams still intact / Drifting onward to a new day / Meds to be taken / Coffee to be made / Getting dressed is so hard … A day in the Vortex Late last night, / after seeing a play with my girl (Alanna) on fire / after drinks with the ensemble and a talk about what I love with a m… Alone On Parent Observation Day My heart breaks for little ones / Who have / No / One… / On parent observation day / He was alone / But danced / Anyway… / He … One More Day of Waiting She felt small – a wish in a well, a dust mote in a sunbeam. She knew she flared, but her size made the flash go unseen. People passe… 1. VICTORIAN BUSHFIRE UPDATE 11-02-09 Day 5 Hi Guys / Day 5 of these and the weather has stopped being nice / it may be cool but not cool enough [only 20s] and now the winds are pick… The world needs lots of super heroes Running around the house in my red cape / pretending I could leap and bound / my mother laughing at the absurd sight / of her wee boy frol… John Jay – Quote of the Day! “Providence has given our people the choice of their rulers, / and it is the duty, as well as privilege and interest, / of a Christia… The Photographer In a magical moment between night and day, / there is a special place and time. / The time between seconds, / when light and dark both … One Day A Drive But Always a Lifetime I want you to know, through it all, every argument, every fight, every unkind word or action we ever took toward one another, when it came … A Poem – The Perfect Day This morning I heard the voice of an angel. / A voice so sweet as to make rainbows dull. / Today I heard the laughter of a flower. / A l… A laugh a day keeps the doctor away and keeps you young. I had this sent to me and just had to share. love and hugsxxx / Women will understand, Men are going to learn somethin… A day at the Beach Her smile expanded, a welcome to her admirers, an invitation to stay – a taut, blood red mouth. Her eyes glistened, the crows feet enhanced… New day Rays of warm morning sun / Softly touch and rest on my face / Like the caresses of a lover / Awakening me to a new day Manic Day God, I feel so MANIC today! / the hyper feeling just won’t go away, / It starts with energy and free flow of thoughts, / but by the e… HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS’ DAY RANT! [Video] / watch the vid! / .NO NEED FOR ME TO SAY ANY MORE….THE CAT IS WHINGING AND WHINING ..I’M HAVING A WONDERFUL SAINT̷… this day today was a glorious sigh Cynical? (another angle) For love makes all men fools Valentine’s Kiss Down the path my love was led…. As Romantic As A Lettuce I’m single and have been for about 9 months now. Fortunately for my sex life, my place of employment is rather lax with monitoring their AA… I Long For The Day I long for the day when it was quite right to hate you because youre Irish, German, Spanish, a Jew. I long for the day when I didnt have to… Leap Day Alas for opportunity blessed with the smile / of approbation – cannot be done. / I’ll wait until I molder ere I / rend my heart and reach f… Father’s Day Tomorrow is father’s day so I thought I would write about my father. / I believe that our parents so shape how we perceive or experience lo… A Day In My Life I woke up this morning / With monsters reading poetry / Of softly sung mayhem they wrote / To appease their lovers they had just eaten / Th… Night Orchestra The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th… From Night to Day It was brutal and visceral / Painstaking / When allowed to breath / Consume / the metered tempo / Pages of subtleties noted… / horse … Happy St Patrick’s Day – XXX Limericks A priest has sadly confessed, / That shagging young boys is the best, / If they’re in the choir, it makes them sing higher / I am tel… EVERY DAY I SAY YOUR NAME, DANIEL Daniel my wonderful child / Stood for only a short while / Little chubby face / So filled with the Lord’s grace / Little fingers gra… In the presence of love When daylight dims, moves aside for veil of night and sleepless ghosts of old and fear and loneliness all drift in faceless visions; it’s t… winters day heavy is the sky / slow moving drifts / in monotoned gray / outcasts of heavenly gloom / weight the day / seal the tomb / the sepulchre ris… as the sun sets another crap filled day of ROBOT&… well..well..well / a normal / day of / nothingness / a few moments / of / second / guessing / one’s self / emotions raw / oops̷… Erotica – Slow Day at Work (Mature) I Wake each day The metal bars cut across the view,like those of a cage. / But although it’s hard / I am safe,I am cared for. / I’ll not let th… Today, sure feels like a good day to die… It sure feels cold in here today / alone, / hidden behind these disowned walls / forgotten… forgotten / always wishing, / hoping, s… Use Your Brain Now it tore apart whatever it could find. / Shock an awe were never in the scheme / Our family faces demons / This steals away humanity but doe… 9 June 2011 Hallelujah! Hip Hop Hooray! / Another year to celebrate exuberant life! / Dancing Latin beats red pleasure / Experiential knowledge secret… Happy mothers day to all fabulous mums for tomorr… mothers day I visited hell the other day ………… This place is hell on wheels. The red carpet and garish decor screams 666 at me….. “Our Hearts Are Broken But Our Will Is Stro… Eyes flow tears as my country floods. Yet these tears are never enough to express the compassion I feel for the devastation of my beautiful… An ordinary day Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin… this is the day when nothing hides i spent time / with the valley Queen’s / their will illuminated my temple wall / a soul / aching / for one white rose / or / at the ve… Wirte me a olve sogn (Arms) Arms….. / How long are your arms? The Day The Music Almost Died 48 hours before Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa, they, their bandmates and … The day 2008 06 23 The day met you / It said—thanks / When it embraced itself / It became bewildered / Diena save sutiko / aciu – pasake / pati save apk… A DOG DAY NIGHT I blew the fuse of reason long ago; / the fuse to confuse is the reason to self-abuse. “Dear Diary”..Day 1 June 4, 2013.. … Cover by "The Brit “: / Introduction of Dear Diary Open the book and enjoy” Please … For My Mother on Mother’s Day Thank you Into a new day your / intimate / infinity / intoxicates / me 1. VICTORIAN BUSHFIRE UPDATE 13-02-09 Day 7 Why we hate Arson!!! / Finished for now but keep checking; I may add more later !! lol the awakened, the dear departed day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins ’’NARRATION’’ I asked,‘’ Why my heart in the shadow of darkness, why I feel fear’’ / God replied,‘’Cause i gave you l… Each day I wake….. Each day I wake / I see a face in the mirror / A body… / A person… / I smile / Knowing / I am at one with myself / I don’t jud… happy A-day baby i flew into your waiting arms / and to your healing heart / you received me with all you are / and together we would start ☼ At the going down of the sun … For all of them and for the thousands with no one to mourn them we will remember them! Lest We Forget! I made a sale the other day. Thanks very much to the person who bought the card of “The King in my garden”. It’s been a while since I sold anything so… how cliché, these words, on this bleak day? i read, / along with the rest, / of the lonely, / it buries the pain, / of a world gone mad, / i write, / the insanity away, / hiding it, /… day dreamer … with my eyes closed tight / i dream of you / in the distant night / lying there in your slumber / while dreaming of your prince out yonder The Shield I am the feeling in your gut that warns/ / you of those you cannot trust. / I am the force of strength/ / that won’t let you let go. … I wait… I wait, as the morning mist hangs heavy over the dew laided dawn of day… It Has Not Been a Good Day This morning I couldn’t get up in time / Only to find out that the repairman / Couldn’t get over to replace my battery / Until … Blossom 08/02/24 How to capture that fragrance? / To turn around and touch it, inhale it? / Or to turn away after a long look / but with a hand outstretched… L’amour: Transcend The Longest Night My love is a glance, my love is a look, An Easy Day I only realised just how beautiful the day was once I emerged from the bushes onto the beach. I had finished work for the day and still car… Birth Day of Belle For you Belle – sorry I couldn’t make it to your celebrations this year! Enjoy ’em…
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