a place in the sun / but the time has a real chip on it’s shoulder / A pale wintry sun shone through the clouds / it seemed, that sun…


only heaven knows!!

The Photographer

In a magical moment between night and day, / there is a special place and time. / The time between seconds, / when light and dark both …

Night Orchestra

The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th…

From Night to Day

It was brutal and visceral / Painstaking / When allowed to breath / Consume / the metered tempo / Pages of subtleties noted… / horse …

In the presence of love

When daylight dims, moves aside for veil of night and sleepless ghosts of old and fear and loneliness all drift in faceless visions; it’s t…

Wirte me a olve sogn (Arms)

Arms….. / How long are your arms?


I blew the fuse of reason long ago; / the fuse to confuse is the reason to self-abuse.

the awakened, the dear departed

day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins


I asked,‘’ Why my heart in the shadow of darkness, why I feel fear’’ / God replied,‘’Cause i gave you l…

I wait…

I wait, as the morning mist hangs heavy over the dew laided dawn of day…

L’amour: Transcend The Longest Night

My love is a glance, my love is a look,

Helua – Goddess of Day and Night

Green Azure Blue Sound

Shrines a moon to ponder and wed.


It’s night, when one needs love like blood, / And a city is an iceberg of lights, / The air throbs, roars like a distant bear. / The finger…

day for night

i was a moonchild / cloistered deep away from sun


every time I step out / I’m stepping in

giving thanks

giving my thanks to my friends here on redbubble……….

Morpheo’s Gifts

In Dreams / I know there’s / that one for everyone of us

Child’s Hood

turned kitchen things, like empty bottles / and broken springs / to floating castles and fairy wings

night and day

a contradiction in the same sky

A Day in the Night

What wondrous worlds arrive in faded light / Where dreams come alive in the darkened night / Spirits take flight in the wooded meadows beyo…

A Day of Four Seasons



NATIVE SPIRIT SUN / Soul burning / You are the one / Heart yearning / Hot rays / Eyes clear / Hot days / Always near / Gives heat / Flashin…

one more day one more night you pay the price

what once was glorious incorruptibility…my youth / my beauty beyond words and alluring radiance / picture perfect my very being invincible……

Night and Day

I am the night whilst you are the day, / You are so grounded I am so fey. / We’re opposite sides of one mortal coin, / both faces uni…

It is what it is.

Callous is the day with the sun in the centre / And no shade to soften my reality bites / The shadows are short and the light is harsh / A…

Running away

It was that forbidden night / When all was eerie quiet, / Bright spotless moonlight / When we first tried it / We ran away fast / We ran aw…

At end of day…

twilight comes / daylight fades / slowly / creeping / across the landscape / in an ever flowing / unfolding wave


Slowly the night drips from Heaven’s leaky faucet / while the sun reflects off the full moon outside. / Light gives way to a spectac…


I’m waiting.


like a thief in the night

You are a pocketful of wonderful.

Driving down the freeway, / driving with the windows down. / Being so happy, / holding a smile without a frown. / Up in the daytime, / keep…

The night of day

Two make altogether more / For without the moon / Where would be your tides? / No sunshine / Where would be my light?

Mindwashed Shellshock

One, two, three, A.M. / Hours pass as I bite my lip and stare at nothing- / wishing for daylight / to crawl across the sky on my agony. / I…

My Last Request

The efforts made of this dying man / Seem vein, at best, indeed / For still I thirst, I hunger more / I cannot stop, I bleed

soul less bubble …densest dark mass !

none to talk none to hear / all lone them broken bear / dark and bright live alone / warm n storm bear alone !

cat woman

by day, an ordinary woman / with children and a husband / much pent up anger / at the world around her / when the full moon rises / she cha…

Snapshot Stash

Snapshots of the past, / each and every one, / selected with great care / for its rosy light and glow, / food for the soul, / honey for th…


the pallid sun, / washed out as an old / hanky,

The Ice Age Goddess of Night and Day

Her name is Hel – El – Helua – Holle – Halda – Alda – Al. / She is the Ice Age goddess who once created all things on Earth from her …

The Night Girl and the Golden Sun Boy

As the dawn wakes / The night girl holds out a hand / And pulls the golden sun boy

Sift the Stars

See the stars in all their glory / Splash the sky with solemn story / Sense and sing and split the atom / Pin the pain and word the anthem …

the chronicles.

your eyes would lift the morning up, like a heavy winged thing, like great birds who move the moon at night through an oil slick sky.

Dare to Believe

Everybody, Knows,you can’t be all things to all can’t do all things at once……..

At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me

Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / …

For Haiti

The children are silent / As tears dried the voice / They bed there in rubble / For them, there’s no choice

Allure Me

I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh…

“At dawn my Lover comes to me”

Drifting dim and bright on night’s black coffee curtain / All the crystal, sprinkle, sugar lights dissolving / The dreaming stars streamin…

If Love Be Blind

If love be blind then nothing be sweeter / Than blindness that shall open the senses / To wondrous visions unseen by thy eyes.

Waiting for you.

When day’s gone by, / and night’s drawn in; / when most are / bound to sleep. / I’ll lay a while / remembering you; / saf…

Day and Night

Darker days follow brighter nights; / weary eyes, / tiresome sights; / less to do but more to say, / i know what it is, / but you explain a…

‘ Transformation’

It is a dull, drizzly grey day. A slug sits slothfully on the stony path. Slowly it slithers in its slime across dirt and rocks to the gree…

T’wixt the Balance of Day and Night

Balanced and Bold a new voice arises… Sensitive and full of surprises…

In between

In between wakefulness and restful sleep, / In between thoughts and the infinite void, / In between past and future longing, / In between s…

Night & Day

Don’t open your eyes. / It’s ugly out here, / where I am standing. / But if you give me your hand / I’ll show you where …

Night & Day.

Arachnid fingers crawling across the keyboard

Night And Day

Marching over desert sands

Where Thought Meets Feeling

I think about a starry night, / A blackened sky with spots of white, / Ruled by the moon, a pearl bright / Amongst the which there is no fi…

Night & Day

When I was 19 I went into an old bookstore, / smelling of must and knowledge. / I bought a book, called Of Night and Day / it reminded me …

free writing Inspired by ms.LISA G

I said lets watch a movie in my lap top we both choose pink floyd’s THE WAll for some reason we began to watch

Stranger by day … Lover by night

Stranger by day / Lover by night / I open my eyes / My body takes flight / You take a taste / Of the forbidden fruit / Mmm, oh what a sight…

The Anthology

I gather my relics / And dutifully weep. / The disc moon of my evenings / Waters the hushed garden.

Last Day to Live

it was my last day to live / but somehow i survived / …

All is Not Day and All is Not Night

Ah! The spring! / That thing of being new / And flowery; / Freely the scent / So fresh, really mindless / Of perfumes, / And liberating col…


Sit and wait for morning light, see the dark give way to the rays of the Sun. / Burning away what once was without light. / Giving way to …

Days and Nights

The earth turns to face the sun / And turns her back to the lonely moon / While my clock ticks away the days and nights / That pass into et…

A certain romance

I / You wriggle and turn / You bubble and fizz / Because you finally / See / You, / Without the distractions of the day / You see / You. / …

Dreams Crossing

My dreams are smoky and yet light / I fall asleep late at night / Not sure of where my dreams end / Day and night seem to blend / Dreams of…

You Don’t Need

You don’t need to say at all / It truly shows in all you do / Darling, it’s me who needs to say & show / Just how much that… I love you

Strangers at Day, Enemies at Night

if it’s not halloween, then why is everyone wearing a mask? / two-faced and no soul / greed swallows me whole / lust for a pretty fac…

24 hours..

Velvet chattering shroud on day,s memory.


My eyes have closed for the day, / as I have gone astray..

Unknown and Unleashed

hallowed be thy name / thy will be done / i offer my hands / that clench sands / of ashes of my hero who has died / and wonder what’s…


Faint firelight burns again in the core of my mind, / a wild stream gurgles through my gut / and I smell some kind of honey in an emoti…

Day and Night

The morning greets me shallow / Long and mournful is the night / The divide of time is hallowed / As it streams from dark to light / Why qu…

Night and day – A child’s dilemma

Some nights I hardly sleep at all / Thinking why day breaks but it doesn’t fall / And I ask myself as I lay awake / how come nights f…

Living nightmares

Tiredness looms / Darkness hangs in daylight hours / Hell’s pain thumps dance floors

day, night and what’s inbetween

to watch the moon / slowly / drain the innocent blush / from her eager cheeks, / transforming her / before my eyes / into a raven-haired be…

Day and Night

You’re touch warms me / Even the sound of your voices excites me / You are always on my mind / Day and night / Your smile causes my h…

The Storm I Loved

With anguished heart and aching head, / I drag my wearied soul to bed. / I bid adieu this tearful night, / And rise to curse the morning li…

Smoke Ring Cloudy Day

Traces of the sky are seen / On smoke ring cloudy days. / Foggy nights engulf you. / Footprints pressed through the haze.


As day drifts into silent slumber / The sun, itself, tucks away

“Reflective Sunset”

Reflective sunset / Rippling sea / Wispy clouds / Stunning to see

Hard Day at the Office

The fog swirled mysteriously as the craft eased down to house level. An opening appeared and a platform jutted out from the craft. Four gra…

My Tears Don’t Dry

My eyes, they run, my heart, it shows / My fragile being has no reply / Other than, to cry alone, so often, too / To feel so sorry and wish…

One Night or day

She came as black in the night / I asked her “What is your name” / She replied the same as yours / I said, that cannot be as they made only…


And so, of opposites that together attract, / and contemporaries that are together drawn. / It is so then you, my eternal bond, / That I’ll…

as day is to night

as day is to night / a star shining bright / a moon beam glows / do you know? / open your eyes / to the door of your soul / feel your trut…

night lingers forward

descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our…

Business Man: 2

Night comes, and adult mastery fades into the intuition of children: the world is big, and our existence is luxury.

Night And Day

Castles in the air / have no place in the / sharp light of day.

Thanksgiving through…

A red, orange, brown fuss / in autumn once more / as fog comes upon us / Halloween ghouls to the door / The trees turning yellows / rains …

Day and Night-Night and Day

Old and new. / Black and White. / Night and Day. / Day and Night. / Contradiction / Personified.

One day or was it night

One day or was it night / She came as black in the night / I asked her “What is your name” / She replied the same as yours / I said, that c…

My Butterfly

I’ve kept my vigil over you / day and night.
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