50 things in a day in the life o puppies its a dugs life! / 1 sometime between dad goin tae bed an 6 am yin o us pees in the kitchen / 2 6.05 am hide under table when dad comes do… A day in the life… The doorbell rings just as I’m feeding my hair, and for one teeny moment I forget, and open the door without putting on my glasses fi… Day 15 of a new life… broken heart, family torn apart, motherly love, girl talk, woman hood, mothers, daughters A Day In My Life I woke up this morning / With monsters reading poetry / Of softly sung mayhem they wrote / To appease their lovers they had just eaten / Th… 9 June 2011 Hallelujah! Hip Hop Hooray! / Another year to celebrate exuberant life! / Dancing Latin beats red pleasure / Experiential knowledge secret… An ordinary day Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin… Wirte me a olve sogn (Arms) Arms….. / How long are your arms? A DOG DAY NIGHT I blew the fuse of reason long ago; / the fuse to confuse is the reason to self-abuse. my stupid heart and love comes / on the breeze / and love leaves / with the storm Sunday … 11.5.08 the car to wash, the homeworks to mark, the minutes to type, / the fence to paint, a trip to the shop, a family visit to make / and a promi… The OCD Schedule (A day in the life of an OCD suf… 6.30am – Get up at precisely 6:30, do not, I repeat, do not get up on an odd number!!! / 6.31am – Struggle to do 10 sit ups and 10 push ups… The day is singing… The day is singing / sounds of dappled light / move to the music / of the wind / painting stencils on my window / in leafy silhouettes̷… DIAGNOSIS DAY the knot in my stomach and the urge to vomit confirms The Dance In my dreams I saw her – mythical / A Goddess of wishful visions. / Satin locks, honey in the sun, / Skin soft, fair eyes a mirage o… … Without the turmoil’s of every day … My brain is running all over the place / so many thoughts and idea’s , / Inspiring to be brought to fruition, / Oh my, what am I goin… If I had one day to live If I was given one year to live / I would breathe with the earth changes..directions The choices we make…………. BUG IN A RUG…MADE MY DAY…SUCH A SPLEN… I just went through 3 days of battle with the STEALER. That’s what I will call it from now on…THE STEALER! And then, a surpris… On the Day Before You Came The day before you came / You sat Universe and had tea— / “Is there anything you need of me this time ‘round ?’, you asked. Wake Up You have been sleeping in the darkness too long Lest We Forget The footsteps of a silent procession / Marching through unlit streets / Making its way in the annual pilgrimage / To a place of importance … a day in the life of an artist The sun warms my chair / at three minutes past two / The palms wave their hands / in a sky of light blue / The clouds sit most gently / at … Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love … Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti… ~ On this new day ~ I stretch, / smiling / welcoming my spirit’s desire / to arise and live I Am Looking Toward The Day You Will Take Me Home I will be taken from the courtroom called my mortal life about a day like this – 19 June 2011 “how to climb a tree” Morpheo’s Gifts In Dreams / I know there’s / that one for everyone of us the last perfect day you think your life / is a hallmark card / everything smooth Thought for the day, 21 January 2009 Barrack Obama became President of the United States of America… / The stock markets plunged… / I went body surfing with my nine… Craving Your Daydream You stop time again. / You’re sweet, you’re sugar skin. / Wake me up; winter and cinnamon. / I’ve had it, Love, / just le… Just Another Day I’m a retired old man, IN THIS NEW DAY……… Yesterday is missing the new beat of time / Tomorrow will call me and forever be mine. / Missing the old days / chastising the waste One Day One day is future, / but already is past. / When you are young, / then life pasts fast. / Many days to live, / new places to be! / But don´… having a bad day ??? Fate they say is the precursor to living… My Last Request The efforts made of this dying man / Seem vein, at best, indeed / For still I thirst, I hunger more / I cannot stop, I bleed We live again new day / new dawn / new life / given ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE One day when the time is correct / When the Mood is right / And the Sun is Set / When the moon is up / And the Wind blows Huff / You and I … It’s a Sunny Day ..breath in life.. First Day for the new School Mum’s & Dad’s “First Day” is the most explosive – sad and exciting frightening and rewarding – for everyone involved! wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow )… hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / hi to all m… A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE MOHAWK MAN I NEED INTERACTION / AND STIMULATION / BEFORE I ATROPHY MY BRAIN No rhymes! another day no different from the previous, though the hope every new beginning or a new day for that fact brings, is amusing..! a Day full of Birds … “Sun sets, game draws to a close / feathers flop, feeders go silent / tiny bath ripples recede / Song departs, King is on his side… “My Day N Age” When is it that cause babies have babies / And can’t raise the babies, so babies have no homes Between the wings a new day sets in between the wings / a new day sets in; so / let us fly into the sun. / nameless streets lead us / where no man has been before - / no soul,… Without Coffee. NOTE: i think if i’m really honest i’d have to say most of the reason why i’m doing this is to experience pain, to know t… another day another dollar glass explodes out, from the heavens / refracting and reflecting light / then rains down, it looks like fractals / onto the mourning world … Waiting for you. When day’s gone by, / and night’s drawn in; / when most are / bound to sleep. / I’ll lay a while / remembering you; / saf… A day in the life Things are not / Always what they seem / And people you meet / They can come and go / The road of life winds on / Up hill, down dale, crest… Mom’s Laundry Day Hanging up the clothes was always a work of art. I truly mean this; no mother could compare her clothesline to my mother’s. If This Were My Last Day on Earth… If this were my last day on earth, / I would not hesitate to tell you how I feel. / If the world was coming to an end today, / I would hold… the end of days (poem) until we go into that last embrace / there is no knowing what it will feel like / until we show up at the gates / there’s no knowing … in the throe of things one day / two day / three day / four / one more day and il be on the floor… A Day in the Life Slowly the shadows lengthen, cacti reaching their long, groping fingers out over the cracked earth… Endless Day the celebration of life and folly’s challenge My Demeanor The writings on the wall, wrote in bold black print, / Will you rise up to the call? NO, you’ll roll backwards, / According to the la… The Day I Met Saint Peter Vance is an bitter and jealous man that wants even what he cannot have. The Other Day The other day / I got those tingles / Through my limbs / When I saw her Night & Day. Arachnid fingers crawling across the keyboard One day! here the fight is harder, punches in my stomach I have to rub it in and try harder…… The First Day of the End of My Life The foundations of my identity and perspective have been shook to their core and as the dust of its destruction clears I can see nothing bu… The Day Sitting there anticipating, wondering what was ahead. Why was I so fearful? Dust of Yester-Year – Fertile Ground of Tom… … / Expectations of old but a shadow of a memory / Purpose dissolved , meaning undefined / Washed by the the tender rain of the nigh… Last Day to Live it was my last day to live / but somehow i survived / … Brand New Day Flirt with the unreal – but do not become it. Live in the front of the brain, and keep the back nice and tidy. The present is where… First Day Today first day rest of life! One Spring Day The sun comes and breaks the slumber of the trees new day : new plans : new thoughts… going through the scenarios in our heads and trying to play it out with a different ending. Ramblings of a Day and a Half Noise from a day. You Don’t Need You don’t need to say at all / It truly shows in all you do / Darling, it’s me who needs to say & show / Just how much that… I love you Toto’s Last Day The sun is busy throwing / A cherry-stained and glowing, / Farewell party as he plans to go away. / The extravagant buffoon / Throws on… Guardian Angel I wrote this poem on a warm summer day resting on my laurels with nature. Day, Once More as the evening sun turns to a glorious / sky full of pink hues / the days events come into a clear / focus of wonderment that for yet / ano… A Day Out In The Country. Putrid cow shit glorious smelling / Banging birds breading eggs / Farmer’s daughter dangl’y legs PUZZLE OF TODAY Do we look around EVER? / Do we see ANYTHING? / We notice? NOTICED? / Do we realize THE DAY? / Do we think ENOUGH? / Do we feel TO TOUCH? /… The Day My Life Shattered (Mature) Just Another Day Just another day / Did I do it right? Did I give it all to Jesus? Consider Him in everything or leave Him out? DAY WOMAN, NIGHT WOMAN AND BEAR Faint firelight burns again in the core of my mind, / a wild stream gurgles through my gut / and I smell some kind of honey in an emoti… A Day in the Life of a Traveler Indecisiveness. It’ll make or break you. There is just no room, or rather, no time to roll around options on this around the world trip. … The Change of Life or as my kids say the day the … Getting older is cruel and unusual punishment, everyday sees your face and body changing in some quite odd and frightening ways. Seeing you… Each Day i ponder life / as light kisses day / her fragility / her prices to pay / moments of darkness / creating thoughts of pause / wishing for a… A Day in the Life of an Old Wedding Dress Pressed in plastic, / drooping in the dampness, / mildewing seams, / once Alabaster / poised and billowing, / Now tawny… its one of those days Its one of those days / Where I feel / Small / Useless / Like a powder keg ready to explode / Where the thought / Of / Yet / Another m… Pale Tuesday The time had come to “knuckle down” according to my parents. “Face up to the grind” they would say. Living nightmares Tiredness looms / Darkness hangs in daylight hours / Hell’s pain thumps dance floors It is…. A day is? What is a day? My day today Oh my…the sky is all awash with pinks and purples, blues and yellows. Quick, where’s my… The Day Life Changed The attack was sudden and ferocious, it came from nowhere. There where no hints given, no signs of trouble, just wham and it was on. The Darkness of the day If she could just remember what had happened when David had left, he had quietly opened the door and let himself out. He was barely 8 when … A New Day rush hour / hands seem to never move as angry rain / falls and molds the dirt / waiting for a new beginning words from the dark there are only shades of black / and not a hint of grey / a big velvet wave of it / crashing right above my head Day in the life of a woman. I’m a simple lady chasing all but a dream / Images form like on a carosel / Things are whimsical / Exuberant and challenging / Daring… Chickadee Now the chickadee he does not rest, / he jumps around from perch to nest, Making it up, day to day somehow it / will all / be forgotten. SOMETIMES THE ONE For I will always be near / To help you steer your way beyond adversity and opposition / And help you find the path that is clear / For you… A Day in the life of David Koch Driving to the Sydney studios of Channel Seven, David Koch reflects upon the vagaries of life. In his mind he remembers his childhood in s…
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